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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cox 532 & 533

532. Meindert Doodes & 533. Mary Gerrett [Netherlands, VA]

~1608, Meindert born in the Netherlands (Rotherdam), son of 1064. William Doodes.
~1640, Meindert married [possibly a widow] Mary Gerrett.
Meindert was a Dutch ship Captain.
Meindert settled in Middlesex Co., VA.
10/1673, VA Gen. Assembly naturalized Doodes and his son Doodes; whose names are given as “Minor Doodes” [a misspelling of Meindert] and “Doodes Minor” [son of Doodes]. Daughter Maria was also naturalized. (S) Henning’s Statutes at Large, V2, P308.
~1675, Meindert gave 200 acres to his son-in-law Peter Montague.
12/13/1677 in Urbanna, Middlesex Co., Meindert wrote his will; later proved in Lancaster Co. It was sealed with the wax impression of a ship. “Bequeathed all of his estate to his wife, Mary Doodes, but if she remarried, son Doodes Minor’s children were to have half of the Negroes and the other half to go to Peter Montague for the sole use of his wife and after her death to the sole use of her children”. [He was the ancestor of the Minor family of Spottsylvania Co.]
11/17/1678, Mary wrote her will. “Mary Doodes will named her sons Doodes Meindert and Peter Montague and daughter Marie Montague’s daughter Marye”. (S) AP&P, P451.
1/9/1687, Mary died.
(S) The Minor Family of Virginia, by John Barbie Minor, 1922.

Family notes:
• Some researchers believe that Mary Montague532i may have been the widow Mary Johnson, 2nd wife of Col. Joseph Ball. This particular fact is interesting because Joseph and Mary Ball’s daughter Mary was the mother of President George Washington. The evidence supporting a “Mary Bennett” as grandmother of George Washington is far more convincing.

Children of Doodes and Mary:

i. Mary Doodes, born ~1640 in the Netherlands.
Bef. 1664, Mary married Peter Montague III534viii, half-brother of Meindert’s wife.
~1675, Mary’s father Meindert gave 200 acres to his son-in-law Peter Montague.
Bef. 12/2/1695, Peter died.
Mary married 2nd Thomas Parker.
Mary Montague, born ~1665.
10/24/1682 in VA, she married Thomas Paine. (S) AP&P, P453.
William Montague, born ~1670.
He married Lettuce Weeks.
Peter Montague, born ~?.
12/2/1695, Peter “Mountecough” and William “Mountecough” petitioned the Middlesex court on behalf of themselves and their two sisters Elizabeth and Catherine for a division of five Negro slaves given by Mindret Dodes to the children of Peter Mountecough, deceased, after their mother’s death.
John Montague, baptized 5/21/1682. (S) Christ Church Parish Register, P10.
1733, John, single, died in Essex Co.
Elizabeth Montague, born ~?.
Catherine Montague, born ~?.

ii. Meindert Doodes Jr ( 266), born ~1641 in the Netherlands.

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