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Friday, April 2, 2010

Cox 534 & 535

534. Peter Montague II & 535 Hannah ? [Eng, VA]

1/21/1602, Peter born in Boveney, Berkshire, England, s/o 1068. Peter Montague I & 1069. Eleanor Allen.
Peter married Hannah ? in England.
11/1621, Peter Montague arrived in Jamestown, VA on the ship “Charles”.
1624, Peter Montague, age 21, living at James City on Samuel Mathews’ plantation.
~1626, Peter married 2nd Cicely ?. When he married he apparently had 2 minor daughters. [Some propose Cicely “Mathews”, d/o Samuel. There is no evidence the Samuel even had a daughter named Cicley. Some propose Cicely Reynolds2067. There is no evidence supporting this – not even evidence that they ever lived near each other. There is evidence in the 1660 record that “Cicely” was not the mother of his children.]
1634, Peter documented as being in VA. (S) 1634 Visitation of the County of Buckingham.
For the next 10 years tradition says Peter was indentured to pay his passage to America.
11/3/1647, Peter granted 100 acres in Nansemond Co.
1652–1653, Peter represented Nansemond Co. in the House of Burgesses.
Peter & Cicely moved to the Northern Neck in Lancaster Co.
1/16/1658, Peter patented 200 acres in Lancaster Co.
1658, Peter the Commissioner & Sheriff of Lancaster Co.
5/25/1659 in Lancaster, VA, Peter died, age 56. (S) Family notes.
11/28/1659, an inventory of the estate of Hannah Montague was performed. It was delivered to Court 11/30/1659. [The timing of this right after Peter’s death seems to indicate she was related – and likely his 1st wife].
9/12/1660, “Cicely Montague, Widdow, & Peter Montague, her Sonne in Law, both Executors of the Last Will & Testamt. of Mr. Peter Montague, deced., peticoninge this Cort: that the Estate of the sd. Peter Montague may bee devided accordinge to the Will of the deced. It is ordered that Mr. Henry Corbyn, Mr. Geo: Marsh & Mr. Richd: Perrott doe make the devision of the sd: Estate accordinge to the sd: Will & make report thereof to this Cort.” (S) Lancaster Co., VA, Ct. Orders 1656-1666, P12.
(S) History and Genealogy of Peter Montague, of Nansemond and Lancaster Counties, Virginia, and His Descendants, 1621-1894.

Family notes:
• Boveney, the place of Peter’s birth, is a small hamlet on the river Thames, 23 miles above London, and 3 miles from Eton college, founded in 1440 by Henry VI. On the opposite side of the river in Berkshire is Windsor Castle, the residence of the Kings and Queens of England for the past 900 years.
• Will of Peter: In the name of God amen, I Peter Montague being weak in body and perfect memory do make this my last will and testament, this the 27th of March 1659 in name and form following. First I bequeath my soul into the hands of my redeemer Jesus Christ, and my body to be buried. Item, my debts being first paid I give to my loving wife Cicely one third part of all my real and personal estate according to law. Item, I give to my two sons Peter and Will. Mountague all my land lying on Rappahannock river to them and their heirs forever, and the land being divided it is my will, that the elder is to have the first choice, and in case of want of heirs of either, the survivor to enjoy all the land, and in case both of them shall depart this life without heirs, lawfully begotten, then my will is that the said land be sold by the commissioners of this county after public notice given either at an outcry, or by an inch of candle and the produce thereof to be equally divided between my three daughters, Ellen, Margaret and Elizabeth, and the child of Ann late wife of John Jadwin, and in case of any of these shall die without issue, then the produce of the said land to be divided between the survivors. Item, I give the other two thirds of my personal estate to my four children Peter, Will, Margaret, and Elizabeth to be equally divided among them. Item, I give to my daughter Ellen, the wife of Will Thompson, one thousand pounds of tobacco, and cask to be deducted, of a bill of thirteen hundred pounds of tobacco now due to me by the said Will Thompson. Lastly I ordain my loving wife Cicely and my son Peter jointly Executrix and Executor of this my last will and testament. In witness of the previous I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day end year above written 1659 interlined before the signing and sealing hereof. /s/ Peter Mountague. (S) History and Genealogy of Peter Montague, George William Montague, 1894, P57. [Sale by inch of candle is an auction in which persons are allowed to bid only until a small piece of candle burns out.]

Children of Peter and Hannah:

i. Ellen Montague, born ~1630 in Nansemond Co., VA.
Anne married William Thomason.

ii. Margaret Montague, born ~1630 in Nansemond Co., VA.
Margaret married William Cheney.

iii. Peter Montague III, born ~1635 in Nansemond Co., VA.
Peter married Maria Minor [Mary Doodes532i.], sister of Elizabeth’s husband.
1702, Peter died.
Mary Montague, born ~1664.

iv. William Montague, born ~1635 in Nansemond Co., VA.

v. Elizabeth Montague ( 267), born ~1640 in Nansemond Co., VA.

vi. Anne Montague, born ~1640 in Nansemond Co., VA.
Anne married John Jadwin.
Bef. 5/29/1659 Anne was buried in Talbot Co., MD.

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