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Friday, April 2, 2010

Cox 536 & 537

536. Robert Taliaferro Sr & 537. Sarah Grymes [Eng, VA]

11/11/1626 Robert born England, the son of 1072. Francis Taliaferro & 1073. Bennet Haie.
~1630, Sarah born in England; d/o 1074. Charles Grymes & 1075. Katherine Dedman.
8/21/1647, Robert, “The Immigrant”, left England before his 21st birthday. He boarded the ship Honor at the Stepney docks only two days after his father was buried . He left his older sister Anne to act as Administrator of their Father’s estate.
11/1/1647, Robert witnessed the will of Robert Meeke of York Co., VA.
1650, in Middlesex VA, Robert married Sarah.
2/12/1651, Robert granted 800 acres Glouchester Co. with Samuel Sallis.
3/26/1666, Robert “Talliafro” and Lawrence Smith patented 6300 acres in Rappahannock Co., VA. (S) C&P, 1934, PB5, P549.
9/5/1666, “Richard White … and Andria his wife for £20 sterling in goode goods, three English Servts and one able mare sold to Robert Taliaferro of the County of Gloster … gent … 1500 acres … in the County of Rappahannock part adjoining Mr Charles Grimes … [witnesses] John Catlett …”. (S) Records of Colonial Gloucester Co., VA, Mason, 1946.
3/17/1673, Robert patented 739 acres in Essex Co. (S) See 1711 & 1719 patents of son Robert.
By 9/28/1682 Robert died. (S) See son Francis this date.
(S) Compendium of American Genealogy,Vol VI, P808, by Virkus. (S) William and Mary College Quarterly, Vol II, No’s1&4; Vol IX, No1; Vol X, No4; Vol XX, No4; Vol V, No3; Vol VIII, No2; Vol X, No1; Vol XII, No’s1&2 ; Second Series, Vol I, No3.

Children of Robert and Sarah:

i. Francis Taliaferro, born 1652.
9/28/1682, “Francis Taliaferro of the County of Gloucester … heir apparent of Robert Taliaferro, late of the County of Rappahannock … my said deced. father jointly with Lawrence Smith … did take up and patent 6300 acres … in consideration of the mutual love and affection which I bear unto my dear Brother John … (he now Intended … to Marry with Sarah the daughter of said Lawrence Smith … assigns 1000 acres …”. [He also gave land to brothers Richard and Charles on the same day.] (S) Records of Colonial Gloucester Co., VA, Mason, 1946, P95.
1684, it is ordered that Elizabeth Catlett, having attained the age of 21 years by legacy from her mother shall receive one-fourth of money in hands of M. & J., London.
1685, Francis, “of the Mount”, married Elizabeth Catlett538iv, sister of Robert’s wife.
9/5/1687, a deed in Essex County, dated 1687, shows that Robert Taliaferro and Francis Taliaferro [his brother] and their wives Sarah and Elizabeth sold 300 acres, part of the land bequeathed to said Sarah and Elizabeth by John Catlett, their father.
1690–1700, Francis JOP of Essex Co.
1692, Francis and Henry Price land grant of 806 acres in Rappahannock Co. (S) VA Co. Rcds., IX, B8, P255.
2/10/1695, Francis Taliaferro, John Catlett, Samuel Salis … appointed to appraise the estate of John Buckner. (S) DB9, P6.
1701, Francis & Elizabeth sold 416 acres in Essex Co.
1710, Francis died.
8/31/1710, Elizabeth as administrator presented an estate inventory.
1716, Elizabeth died. (S) 3/20/1716 an account for settlement of her funeral charges was filed.
John Taliaferro, born ~1686.
He married Agathe Strother.
Zacharia Taliaferro, born ~1688.
Robert Taliaferro, born ~1690, “of Stafford Co.”
12/3/1725 he made his will in Essex Co.
William Taliaferro, born ~1692.
Elizabeth Taliaferro, born ~1694.
Richard Taliaferro, born ~1696.
Francis Taliaferro, born ~1698.

ii. Robert Taliaferro Jr ( 268), born 1654.

iii. Lt. John Taliaferro, born 1656.
(S) Seldens of VA & Allied fams., Mary S. Kennedy. NY, 1911, P103.
1682, John married Sarah Smith, d/o Major Lawrence Smith of Gloucester Co. who was a friend of John’s father. (S) See brother Francis this date.
John a Lt. of York Co. Rangers; Justice of Essex Co..
6/9/1692, John, of St. Mary’s Parish, sold 200 acres “the one half moiety of the land taken up by Charles Grymes, dec’d, November 22, 1661, and bequeathed by him to Mary Dedman.” (S) Essex Co. records, B-1, P40.
1693, John paid by the VA Gen Assembly: “To Lt Jno Taliaferro for 8 Months pay beginning the 15th of March & ending the 15th of 9br last … 03600.” (S) Leg. Journals of the Council of Col. VA, Waine, P1510.
1699, John a member of the House of Burgess.
4/10/1707, John in a deed with John Lomax. (S) Records of Colonial Gloucester Co., VA, Mason, 1946, P103.
6/1/1715 John wrote his.
~1720 John died. (S) Will proved 6/21/1720.
(S) Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, V1, Publ. 1915.
Lawrence Taliaferro, born ~1684.
Robert Taliaferro, born ~1686.
Elizabeth Taliaferro, born ~1688.
She married John Catlett, s/o John538iii.
John Taliaferro, born ~1690.
He married Mary Catlett, d/o John538iii.
2/15/1754-5, a lawsuit of Roger Madison against Robert134 and John Taliaferro on an obligatory note in Caroline Co.
Zacharia Taliaferro, born ~1692.
Sarah Taliaferro, born ~1694.
Richard Taliaferro, born ~1696.
Catherine Taliaferro, born ~1698.
Mary Taliaferro, born ~1700.
She married Francis Thornton Jr.
William Taliaferro, born ~1702.
Charles Taliaferro, born ~1704.

iv. Mary Taliaferro, born ~1658 in Richmond, VA.
1695 in Essex Co. Mary married Henry Johnson.
~1695 Mary died, probably in the birth of her first child.

v. Catherine Taliaferro, born ~1660.
Catherine married Col. John Battaile.
1682, Catherine died without having any children.

vi. Col. Richard Taliaferro, born ~1662.
(S) Marriages of Richmond Co., P203.
Richard was called “The Pirate”.
Richard 1st married Elizabeth Eggleston.
9/28/1682, Richard [not 21] granted land by his brother Francis.
1682, Richard 2nd married Sarah ?, d/o Madam Martha Wingfield who was very wealthy and wide interests. Sarah and her children were the only heirs of Martha.
1714 Richard died intestate. 1/4/1715 Thomas Turner was named estate administrator.
1718 Sarah died. Her will disposes of a large assets, and named her only son Richard residuary heir to all of the estate “be it here in Virginia, West Indies or New England”.
Martha Taliaferro, born bef. ~1696.
1714 she married Col Thomas Turner [administrator of her father’s will].
Richard Taliaferro, born 1700 in VA.
1721 he died in King George’s Co.
Catherine Taliaferro, born 1706.
She married Col. Rice Hooe.
1731 she died.
Sarah Taliaferro, born ~1710.
She married Col. Thomas Turner as his 2nd wife.

vii. Charles Taliaferro, born ~1664.
9/28/1682, Charles [not 21] granted land by his brother Francis.
Charles married Mary Carter.
4/10/1708, Deed of William Smith to Charles Taliaferro in Essex Co. (S) Records of Colonial Gloucester Co., VA, Mason, 1946, P103.
8/30/1729, Charles of St. Mary’s Par., Gent., to William Marshall of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., planter. 30 ster., 150 a. in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co. – part of the sd. Taliaferro’s Matt Run tract of land. (S) VA Co. Rcds., Spotsylvania Co., 1721-1800, V-I, Crozier.
1734, Charles died.

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