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Friday, April 2, 2010

Col. John Catlett II & Elizabeth Underwood

538. Col. John Catlett II & 539. Elizabeth Underwood [Eng, VA]

1626, John born in Sittingbourne, Co. Kent, England the only s/o 1076. John Catlett I & 1077. Sarah Hawkins.
3/12/1626, John baptized in St. Peters, Caterbury, Co. Kent, England.
[John was born after his father died. The following September he became the stepson of Ludowich Rouzee of Ashford, Doctor of Physic. They lived in Ashford, Co. Kent, England.]
~1630, Elizabeth born d/o 1078. ? Underwood & 1079. Margaret ?.
~1646, John married 1st ? Lucas, d/o Thomas Lucas.
~1650, John immigrated to America with his Rouzee half-siblings.
~1651, Elizabeth married 1st Dr. James Taylor. (S) AP&P, 1956, P302. They legally separated.
5/23/1650, John & his half-brother Ralph Rouzee patented 400 acres on the south side of the Rappahannock river. John claimed his son Nicolas as a headright. Called “Green Hill”, between the Golden Vale and Cedar Creeks. This was his home place and long continued in his family.
1650, John Catlett and John Clayton of Gloucester Co., “were in the enjoyment of estates in Kent.” (S) Economic Hist. of VA in the 17th Century, 1896, Bruce, P246. [The estates in England were mentioned in his will to be used to pay for the education of his children.]
6/7/1652, John Catlett and Ralph Rouzee were granted 300 acres of land adjoining their first patent. Among their headrights were listed half-sibilings of John: Sarah Rouzee, Edward Rouzee & Martha Rouzee.
7/26/1652, John & Thomas Lucas patented 336 acres running up the back side of their land. (S) C&P, 1934, PB3, P261.
12/16/1652, Elizabeth, unmarried, mentioned in the will of her step-father.
By 1654, Elizabeth married 2nd Capt. Frances Slaughter. He named his mother-in-law as Margaret Upton.
3/26/1654, Elizabeth wrote a letter to the Gov. & Council to grant a separation from her husband Francis. (S) AP&P, 1956, P302.
5/1/1655, Elizabeth received one-third of the estated of her ex-husband James Taylor.
7/1/1655 “Catlett & Rowzey” [his half brother] patented 502 acres. (S) C&P, 1934, PB4, P420.
4/10/1657, Elizabeth deeded a mare to her son Francis Slaughter. Thomas Hawkins the witness. (S) Old Rappa. VA Recs., I:22.
1658, John witnessed the nuncupative will of Richard Lawson.
By 1658, Franics Slaughter had died, will proved.
By 10/1659, John married Elizabeth. (S) Old Rappahannock Co. Power of Attorney executed by John & Elizabeth granting permission to her kinsman Thomas Green to sell the land her previous husband Frances bought from his mother-in-law Margaret Upton. [Recorded 11/2/1664].
9/10/1660 John received a VA land grant of 792 acres. [5/7/1723 patent of Sarah’s husband Robert: “land formerly granted to JNo. Catlett Gent., the said patent bearing the date 10th day of September 1660; and by him given to his two daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth, …”.] This grant established Sittingbourne Parish, formed from Farnham Parish, and named after John’s family’s home in England.
1/1662, The following document was created by Ralph Rowzee’s half brother John where he turns over the deceased Ralph’s children’s property to Daniel Gaines, Ralph’s widow’s new husband: “Daniell Gaines requesteth that there be recorded for Sarah Rouzee Daughter of Ralph Rouzee deced six female cattel, four cows one heiffer and one Calf cropped of bothe ears and a hole in the further Ear And for Ralph Rouzee two female Cattle, one cow and one calf cropped of both ears and a hole in the left ear which the sd Catle are delivered unto Daniell Gaines by John Catlett who hath obliged him the sd Gaines to deliver the above menconed Catle & female Increase to the abovesaid Sarah and Ralph Rouzee when they come of age or day of Marriage to Sarah Rouzee which shall first happen the sd Catle being the half part of those formerly isn copartner-ship between John Catlett and Ralph Rouzee deceased.”
2/20/1662, John patented 1850 acres in Rappahannock Co. between the river & Occapason Cr. (S) C&P, 1934, PB4, P419.
1663, John appointed one of three Commissioners to settle a boundary line dispute between VA and MD. John and other men explored west to the Blue Ridge mountains. (S) See Family notes.
8/3/1663, JNo. Cattlett, Gent., patented 500 acres on the north side of the river, Parish of Sittingborne. (S) C&P, 1934, PB5, P528.
9/16/1663, John appointed by his mother-in-law to witness a deed of gift to her “Booth” grandchildren.
John served as Sheriff & an Officer in the Milita.
1664, John in a letter to “most esteemed friend & Kinsman Mr. Tho: Catlett at Hollingvorne In Kent”. John writes to his cousin about status of a personal debt, about the poor crop yields (including tobacco) and about problems with neighboring Indians: the Potomac Indians have killed some Englishmen and blamed other Indians. Actual murderers were captured but were set free at their trial by Governor Berkeley. John has decided not to seek the “west sea” at this time. He has written an almanac and given copies to Berkeley and Secretary Thomas Ludwell. Included is a cipher to say that he has been made “President of the Court.” John concludes with family news [that his youngest son had died when 3 months old], and comments on the state of the Church in England. John advises that letters be sent only in certain ships that go directly to the Rappahannock River.
1665, John a Presiding Justice.
9/11/1665 John witnessed a deed of his son Nicholas.
6/2/1666, Col. John Catlett patented 2000 acres on the north side of the Rappahannock River, “about 3 mi. below the lowest fall … included within the bounds allocated by the Grand Assembly to the Nanzattico Indians.” (S) C&P, 1934, PB5, P557.
9/5/1666, “Richard White … and Andria his wife for £20 sterling in goode goods, three English Servts and one able mare sold to Robert Taliaferro of the County of Gloster … gent … 1500 acres … in the County of Rappahannock part adjoining Mr Charles Grimes … [witnesses] John Catlett …”. (S) Records of Colonial Gloucester Co., VA, Mason, 1946.
9/1667, John Catlett, 1850 acres in Rappahannock Co.
3/28/1668, John witnessed a deed of sale of 285 acres by his son Nicholas and his wife Susannah.
1669, John and his son Nicholas witnessed a deed in Essex Co.
10/14/1669, John named in the will of his father-in-law [really the stepfather of his wife Elizabeth] Thomas Lucas.
6/17/1670, John a JOP for Rappa. Co. (S) Old Rappa Vol. 1, 1672-1676.
4/9/1671, John witnessed a deed.
1671, John killed while defending the [Caroline Co.] Port Royal fort against Indians. (S) Pedigree drawn by his great-great-grandson, 4th President James Madison. [See No. 132].
5/1672, Elizabeth signed a 3rd marriage agreement with Rev. Amory Butler.
1/6/1673, Elizabeth Catlett witnessed the will of Elias Blake. (S) Rappahannock Co. Wills, 1664–1673.
1673, Elizabeth wrote her will; probated 3/7/1673. (S) Old Rappahannock Co., D&WB1, PP136-43. [Elizabeth Butler]. (S) See Family notes.
2/1674, Amory, who was the guardian of the children, quickly relieved himself of his responsibilities to Elizabeth’s estate. (S) Rappahannock Deeds, WB5, PP229-30.
1678, Amory died. The will is very specific that William Underwood was the “brother” of Amory Butler, and that John Underwood was his nephew. [The will would appear to refer to William Underwood, Sr., son of Col. Wm. and Mary Underwood. He is most certainly not referring to the Col. Wm. Underwood who had been deceased for over 20 years, and who does not have a son named John. The eldest son of William Underwood Sr. was named John. Confusion has arisen in the past due to the Rev. Butler’s late wife, Elizabeth, also having been an Underwood, and the sister of the Colonel. This will appears to document that Mary, wife of William Underwood, Sr., was the Rev. Butler’s sister.]
Bef. 10/2/1684, Daniel Gaines died: “It is my will the Children of Colnll John Catlett remaine with my Wife til they come of age.” (S) Old Rappahannock OB, 1683-1686, P45. [This is not unusual since his wife was the widow of John’s half-brother and partner Ralph Rouzee.]
(S) VA Gen., V43, #3, 1999, PP163-172. (S) Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, V1, Publ. 1915.

Family notes:
• See No. 268, 1687 marriage for documentation of Sarah being d/o John & Elizabeth.
• Notes by Charles H. Hamlin as gleaned from “An account of Virginia”, communicated to the Royal Society in 1676 by Mr. Thomas Glover, “an ingenious Chirugion that hath lived some years in that country”: The first party to explore and reach the summit of the Blue Ridge Mountains was led by Colonel John Catlett of Rappahannock County. Mr. Glover’s account states further that, Colonel Catlett was a good mathematician, who with some other gentlemen took a journey to make some further discoveries of the country to the westwards, and arriving at the foot of the mountains early in the morning they left their horses and endeavored to gain the tops of the mountains which they accomplished about four o’clock in the afternoon. Then looking further forward they discovered other mountains, whereof they took the altitude and judged them inaccessible; which discouraged them from any further attempts, their design being chiefly to discover whether there were any rivers that ran into the South-Ocean . . . etc.” (S) Blackwell’s Reprint, Oxford, 1904.
• Will of Elizabeth Butler of Parish of Sittingbourne in County of Rappahannock being in sound and perfect sence and memory… to my son Francis Slaughter all the furniture of my Chamber except a Chest of drawers which I give to my daughter, Sarah to have delivered to hir at hir age of Seventeen or day of Marriage which shall first happen and a close Stool to my Sonne John Catlett to be delivered to him when he goes to housekeeping … my Sonne Francis Slaughter all the goods money plate rings and Tobaco mentioned in an Account now in the hands of Mr. Daniel Gaines and one negro boy and equall share of the Sheep pewter brass and iron and also Great Chair and small Couch and Chest and such of the things in my house as my Mother gave me by Will the same to bee delivered into his possession when he comes to the age of Nineteen yeares… and not dispose or sell without consent of Exec till he comes to age of one & twenty years… daughter Elizabeth bed & furniture now is standing in the dining rooms and presse and cushion thereon the great Looking Glasse, Drawing Table and Turkey Carpet, and my Child bed linning blanketts and fine baskett and my wedding ring and my biggest diamond ring gilded bodkin and my necklace with the biggest pearle and one small Bible a Silver Sucking bottle and my small Cabinett… To daughter, Sarah, two of my biggest stone rings, a small pearl necklace, a silver bodkin, my new trunk, napkin presse, one small bible, small Testament & a dram cup, my Wedding ring and ovall table… to son, John, a small diamond ring the mapp in the dining roome, one rapier, and one great cutlash, a pair of Silver buttons, a pair of Silver buckles and the Antimonial cupp… to son, William one small cutlash, a ring with a stone in it enameled blew and a silver seal… to two daughters, all my wearing apparel, cloathes and linen… to sons, John and William all the bookes mentioned in the Inventory equally between them according to their Fathers Will… to my two sons, John and William Catlett and two daughters all of my plate except three spoons with their names on them to whom they belong equally devided between them… all my pewter, brass, linnen and other household stuff unto my two Sonnes John and William and my two Daughters (except what is before bequeathed to my Sonne Francis with a bed furnished to each of my two Sones and my Daughter Sarah (except two Suites of Damask which I give to my two Daughters) to bee equally devided between my two Sonnes and two Daughtes aforesd… to each of my three sons a Carbine… my gray mare and her increase to the four children of my deceased husband, John Catlett, two daughters shall have delivered to them their former legacies at their day of marriage or at the years of Seventeene and likewise that my two Sons John and William have theirs delivered when they come of age… to my cousin Wm. Underwood the elder, one Stoned colt which came of the Sorrell mare… to my cousin, Humphrey Booth, the chest with the goods in it which were my mothers… to cousin Catherine Booth one silver candle cup which was her grandmother’s and in case she dyes unto hir Bro. Humphrey… If my Son Francis dye before he comes to age that my Children Surviving enjoy the whole Estate both formerly and now bequeathed unto him… if my Executor hereafter mentioned shall brake up housekeeping that then all my household stuff aforesd bequeath to my Children shall be well packed and locked up & kept from use and that the linnnen and other things that are in the Cask & trunck be forthwith locked up till the time of their delivery and that all my Sonne Francis his household stuff be likewise reserved and kept by itself… to my sister Pierce, a mourning ring of 20 shillings… if my Executor hereafter mentioned shall voluntarily surrender up the estate that then Mr. Daniel Gaines if he hath the Children shall have the estate provided that he give good Security to keep the sd Estate entire and deliver the same in kind according to my Will and that this my Will bee by him in all respects performed... My executor to supply what Tobacco shall be required for my children’s education in England, according to my Husband’s Will and that he make sufficient provision when they shall come from Schoole for their accomodation and their bringing of them home to Virginia… all my wearing cloathes which last yeare I sent for as the profitt of my Tobaccoes bee upon the arrival locked in my Cask kept for & devided between my two daughters and the rest my Executor to have for his household use… what remains in the hands of Messrs. Jeffries and Manfords hands in London be disbursed by them for a bed & furniture for my son Francis, in lieu of one his Father in Law did owe him and two small Silver Tankards (if it so holds out) to be added to the rest of the plate for the children of my deceased husband… Childrens Estate be kept entire and not parted before their legacies given by me become due unto them and if the Court shall take my Childrens Estate out of my Executors hands that then my Children shall altogether be mained well educated & provided for by and with the profitt of their own estate and that my thirds and the profitts thereof shall remain in my Executors hands till they come of age… my Beloved husband, Amory Butler, Sole Executor and Guardian to my Children and my cousin, Captain Thos. Hawkins my brother, Edward Rowsee and Mr. Daniel Gaines, overseers of this my will… provided that if my Executor do not Educate & keep them well that then Mr. Daniel Gaines shall have Guardianship of my Children my sd Executor allowing him a sufficient maintenance for their well being and education according as my Overseers and Executor shll agree and if they do not what the Court shall determine for the same and if Mr. Gaines shall dye my desire is that my Cousin Hawkins do take the Children upon the same terms and if my Executor shall imbezill the estate or forsake the Country then my will is that my Overseers shall call him to account and finding him delinquent my Executor shall be either bound to make good the same out of his own Estate or else yield it up to Mr. Daniel Gaines the sd Gaines doing as before for the Security of the Estate… my sd Executor doe purchase as soon as he can a negro man for my Sonne Francis by or with the profitt of the Estate in lieu of one his Father in Law deceased did owe him… give and bequeath of the catle that were my Mothers and now in the keeping of Thomas Kirk two of the female to my Sister Peirce hir children with their increase for ever and also the other two of the female kind with their increase and eight steers to my Bro Booths children, the sd Steers and encrease… when they come of age and quality excepted… if the Estate of my Children be taken out of my Executors hand within halfe a year after my decease and if my Executor be compelled to make good of the sd Estate what sall be falling short my Executor sall make good the same out of the encrease of the negroes that have bin since the same have bin committed to him the sd increase to bee delivered to my children in kind when they come of age and if it shall not suffice then the same to bee made good out of my thirds or the portions thereof as my Executor shall think best for my Children… to beloved husband, Amory Butler, a bed, furniture, and a mourning ring of 22 Shillings price in England… when my Executor shall have paid all my legacies that then if there be remaining any of my thirds in his hands he shall surrender up the same unto my children the profitts thereof excepted. In witness whereof… hand & Seale the day & yeare above written. /s/ Elizabeth Butler {Seal}; Wits: Thomas Lucas Senr., John Dawson, Sworne before me James Kay by order of Court. Juratus est in Cu Co Rappahannock 7 die May 1673. Probtr Recordat 16 Jun 1673. (S) Old Rappa. D&W, 1665-1677:136-43.

Children of John and ?:

i. Nicholas Catlett, born ~1646 in England.
2/2/1665, Nicholas Catlett recorded his mark for his hogs in the Essex court, viz: two crops and a slit in each ear an an undercut in the right ear.
~1668 in Essex Co., VA, Nicolas married Susannah Meriwether.
1669, John and his son Nicholas witnessed a deed in Essex Co.
10/1670, Nicholas patents, with Wm. Moseley, 646 acres.
9/1672, Nicholas patents 1,750 acres, all on south side of Rapphannock river, the last adjoining Capt. Booth’s.
Bef. 1695, Nicholas died in Essex Co., VA.
Aft. 1715, Susannah died in Essex Co., VA.
David Catlett, born bef. 1669 in VA.
1690, David states that he is 21 in a court record.

ii. Thomas Catlett, born ~1648 in England.

Children of John and Elizabeth:

iii. John Catlett III, born 1658 in VA.
1673, John named in his mother’s will.
1682, John witnessed the will of his guardian Daniel Gaines.
~1680, John married Mary Gaines, d/o Daniel Gaines. (S) Will of Daniel, Old Rappahannock Co.
1692, John a Justice of the Peace.
1693, John elected to the VA House of Burgesses from Essex Co.
2/10/1695, Francis Taliaferro, John Catlett, Samuel Salis … appointed to appraise the estate of John Buckner. (S) DB9, P6.
1696, John elected to the VA House of Burgesses from Essex Co.
4/1697, John left books in his brother William’s will.
1700, John, Coroner and elected to the VA House of Burgesses from Essex Co.
5/22/1702, “a Peticon of Lievt Collonel John Cattlett”. (S) Leg. Journals of the Council of Col. VA, Waine, P337.
1702, John elected to the VA House of Burgesses from Essex Co.
6/16/1702, John gave power of attorney to John Mumford of London to “sell all my lands at Sittingbourne, in Kent co., Eng., and at Radwischeim”, which he inherited from his father.
Elizabeth died.
1705, John “President of the Court” & Sheriff of Essex Co.
Bef. 1706, John married 2nd Mary Smith, d/o Major Lawrence Smith.
1706 in Essex Co., Mary relinquished her right to land John inherited. (S) Essex Co., DB12, P257.
1707, John a trustee of the town of Tappahannock.
4/10/1707, John witnessed a deed of John Taliaferro536iii.
10/30/1719, deed of Nathaniel Burwell to John Catlett, Essex Co.
3/1/1721-2, John patented 2000 acres. (S) A Digest of Family Relationships, 1720-1750, P2.
1723, John died in Essex Co., VA.
1/19/1724, John’s will probated in Essex Co., VA.
Children: [all named in John’s will].
Margaret Catlett, born ~1682.
She was given the family plantation in the will of her father.
John Catlett IV, born ~1685.
He married 1st Elizabeth Taliaferro, d/o John536iii.
7/14/1722, Augustine Smith of Spts. Co., Gent., to JNo. Catlett, Junr., and Richard Buckner of Essex Co., 120 sterl., 4000 a. in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co.
10/20/1726 in Spotsylvania Co. he married Mary Grayson.
1/4/1730, John Catlett of Caroline Co., Gent., to his son, John Catlett, Junr., of same county, planter. “one moiety or half part of a tract of land purchased by him, the sd. JNo. Catlett and Richard Buckner, Gent., of Augustine Smith,” containing 4000 a. in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co. names his wife as “Mary”.
~1739 he died.
Thomas Catlett, born 1686.
4/1697 Thomas named in his uncle William’s will.
Thomas married Martha ?. (S) Appointed administratrix upon his death.
1707 Thomas witnessed a deed related to the town of Tappahannock.
1716 Thomas posted bond for the estate of his Aunt Elizabeth Taliaferro.
1717 Thomas was sheriff of Essex Co.
1739 Thomas died intestate. [Estate papers indicates he had 7 children].
Lawrence Catlett, born ~1687.
1724 he died; his will was probated the same day as his father’s.
Mary Catlett, born 1688.
She married John Taliaferro, s/o John536iii.
Elizabeth Catlett, born 1700.
4/1697 Elizabeth named in her uncle William’s will.
Rebecca Catlett, born 1702.
10/21/1717, she married 1st Francis Conway.
~1732 Francis died.
She married 2nd John Moore.
~1760 Rebecca died.
[Some of her children were left items in the will of her father.]
Child: Eleanor Rose Conway, born 1/9/1731. She was the mother of the 4th President, James Madison.

iv. Elizabeth Catlett, born 1663 in VA.
1673, Elizabeth named in her mother’s will.
Elizabeth married Francis Taliaferro536i, brother of Sarah’s husband.
[For additional info see Francis.]
1716, Elizabeth died.

v. William Catlett, born 1664 in VA.
1673, William named in his mother’s will.
William married Elizabeth Thomson.
4/11/1697 William wrote his will.
~1710 Elizabeth died.
Elizabeth Catlett, born after 4/1697. [She was born after her father died.]

vi. Sarah Catlett ( 269), born 1666 in VA.

Children of Elizabeth and Francis:

vii. Francis Slaughter, born 1657 in VA.
1673, Francis named in his mother’s will as a minor.
William Slaughter, born ?.
4/1697, William named in the will of his uncle William Catlett.

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