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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cox 684 & 685

684. Gilles Fournier & 685. Noelle Gagnon [Fra, Can] {&1644&1900, &1645&1901}

~ 1599, Gilles born in Coulmer, Argentan, Orne, France.
8/31/1601, Noelle born and christened in Tourouvre, Orne, Bass-Normandy, France; d/o 1370. Pierre Gagnon & 1371. Renee Roger/Royer.
11/20/1619, Gilles married Noelle in Coulmer, Normandy, France.
11/20/1651, Gilles and Noelle, living in France, named in the wedding of their son in Canada.
Gilles died in Coulmer, Alencon, Orne, France.
Noelle traveled to Canada following her son Guillame, and to be with her 3 brothers and sister that had traveled there starting in 1635.
10/29/1699 in St. Thomas, Montmagny, Noelle died.

Family notes:
• Noelle’s last name is sometimes given as “Gageut”.
• Coulmer was part of Normandy. This hamlet of about 100 people now is part of the Department of the Orne, just south of Gace, head town of the Canton, 50 kilometers from Lisieux and 175 from Paris. Not far away flows the Touques, which passes by Lisieux before emptying into the English Channel.

Child of Gilles and Noelle:

i. Guillaume Fournier ( 342), born 1630 in Normandy, France.
[His birthdate is calculated from his 1/9/1695 admission as a patient at Hotel-Dieu where he gave his age as 64 and his origin as Normandie.]

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