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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Joseph Guillaume Hebert & Helene Desportes

686. Joseph Guillaume Hebert & 687. Helene Desportes

1604, Joseph born and christened in Paris, Seine, France; s/o 1372. Louis Hebert & 1373. Marie Rollet.
7/7/1620, Helene born and christened in Québec, Canada; d/o 1374. Pierre Desportes & 1375. Francoise Langlois.
~1622 in Paris, Joseph married Marguerite Meunier.
Joseph traveled to New France.
10/1/1634 Joseph married Helene in Notre-Dame-de-Québec, Canada; the priest Jesuite Charles Lallemant. Robert Giffard, surgeon, attended the ceremony.
1/16/1635 in Quebec, Helene godmother to her nephew Guillaume Couillard, s/o Guillemette Hebert1372ii.
12/1635, Helene left 300 livres in the will of Champlain.
11/3/1636, son Joseph baptized; godmother his grandmother Marie Rolet.
11/16/1637, Joseph attended the wedding of Etienne Racine and Marguerite Martin.
12/9/1637 in Quebec, Guillaume godfather to Simone Cotte, d/o Ann Martin, d/o Marguerite Langlois2750i.
1/23/1638, daughter Francoise baptized; godmother her aunt Guillemette Hebert1372ii.
8/2/1639, daughter Angelique baptized; godmother her grandaunt Marguerite Langlois2750i.
9/23/1639 Joseph died in Notre-Dame-de-Montréal, Québec, Canada.
10/21/1639, Helene renounced her right to the estate of Joseph. Her minor children were put under the guardianship of Etienne Racine. Guillamette, sister of deceased Joseph, became the tutor for his 3 children.
12/18/1639 in Quebec, Helene godmother to Adrien Sedillot; s/o Louis.
12/27/1639, Noel Morin signed his marriage contract with Helene before notary Martial Piraube in Quebec City. Noel born 1616 in St Etienne, Compte Robert, Brie, France, a region of the Paris Basin; s/o Claude Morin & Jeanne Moreau. He was recruited by Robert Giffard to travel to New France in 1636. Those attending included Robert Giffard, and Guillaume and Louis Couillard. Noel gave his bride a dowry of 200 livres guaranteed by “a house located at Brie-Comte-Robert where hangs a sign with the blue horse in the parish of St. Etienne on rue des fontaines near the gate of the town which the said groom received from the succession of his mother”. Helen’s 1st husband Guillaume Hebert is listed as deceased. Both sets of parents are named.
1/9/1640 in Québec, Helene married 2nd Noel Morin, a wheelwright. The Jesuit, Nicolas Adam blessed this union, in the presence of the witnesses Nicolas Pivert and Robert Giffard, surgeon and seigneur in New France. [Her descendants by the Fourniers and the Morins are considerable in number.]
1/13/1640 in Quebec, Helen godmother to an Indian girl Helene Oukipitchiouanoukoueou.
1640, Noel and Helene live in the upper city of Quebec; the previous property of Joseph Hebert; a house, 24 by 18 feet, located near the church of Notre-Dame; 2 arpents of land near Mont-Carmel; and a garden measuring 40 perches located north of the storehouse of the One-Hundred Associates, in the upper town.
1/21/1641 in Quebec, daughter Agnes baptized; godmother Marie Giffart. Her father “Charron de L’habitation” – wheelright of the settlement.
9/25/1641 in Quebec, Noel attended the wedding of Francois Rene Messere.
1/15/1642 in Quebec, son Germain baptized; godfather Germain Legardeur.
4/27/1643 in Quebec, daughter Louise baptized; godmother Marguerite Couillard, d/o Guillemette Hebert1372ii.
4/26/1644 in Quebec, son Nicolas baptized. The priest wrote “ne recemment” – born recently.
5/25/1645 in Quebec, son Jean Baptiste baptized ; godmother Marie Langlois, wife of Jean Bourdon.
1645, Noel is granted 50 arpents of ground on la côte Sainte-Geneviève for 90 livres, and they settle there for 20 years.
9/29/1646, daughter Marguerite baptized; godmother her cousin Marguerite Martin, d/o Marguerite Langlois2750i.
10/17/1646, they buried their infant daughter Marguerite.
9/30/1647 in Quebec, daughter Helene baptized; godmother her cousin Helen Martin, d/o Marguerite Langlois2750i.
Bef. 9/9/1648 they moved into what would become “three frame dwellings, two of which had a heated room each, cellar and attic, the third serving as a shop and attic above, with a barn and two and a half arpents enclosed with stakes and serving as a yard.” On this date Jean Guyon and Michel Leneuf examined the first Morin house and its lot, located on the tip of Cap-aux-Diamants, whch later the Fabrique de Quebec would purchase for 800 livres.
12/6/1648 in Quebec, Helene the godmother of Agnes Duquet, d/o Denis.
3/19/1649 in Quebec, daughter Marie baptized; godmother Marie Madeleine Legardeur.
6/4/1649, at La Rochelle, Pierre Paillereau, a laborer from Villedoux, Canton of Marans, was hired by Noel Belanger to work for Noel Morin, resident of Quebec.
2/6/1650, Antoine Rouillard and Thomas Toucher promised to build, on Noel Morin’s land, the framework of a house “which will be thirty feet long and twenty feet wide ... six feet under beams”. Noel paid 250 livres for this work, in addition to 20 minots of peas, to be given to the two carpenters.
8/17/1650 in Quebec, Helene the godmother of Henri Larchevesque.
12/13/1650, Alphonse baptized; godparents Guillaume Odoart dit St. Germain and Marguerite Besnar.
11/20/1651, they celebrated the marriage of Helen’s daughter Francoise.
11/28/1651 in Quebec, Noel attended the wedding of Jeanne Leroy, d/o Pierre & Jeanne Godefroy.
1652, Marie d’Abancourt, the widow of Jean Jolliet, called on Noel’s services to appraise the cartwright tools left at the home of Jean Bourdon.
10/12/1652 in Quebec, son Noel baptized. [The name of the godfather was not listed.]
2/9/1653 in Quebec, Helene the godmother of Nicolas Bonhomme.
11/17/1653, they celebrated the marriage of their daughter Agnes.
8/30/1654 in Quebec, son Charles baptized; godfather Charles Dailleboust Demusseaux.
5/5/1655 in Quebec, Helen godmother to her granddaughter Marie Fournier342ii.
5/17/1655, Noel and Helene were granted a pew by the Fabrique of Quebec. It was located on the north side, in the nave near that of Charles Sevestre. In return, the Fabrique were to receive 2 arpents of land which the Morins owned, the land today on which we find the citadel of Quebec.
7/4/1655, Noel signed the contract for the 2 arpents of land which also provided the tuition for their son Germain to attend seminary.
1656, Helene on list of Benefactors, “Since all Saints day. Madame Morin, a scarf of cotton checkered with yellow, for St-Anne’s chapel”.
12/29/1656 in Quebec, daughter Marie Madeleine baptized by priest Joseph Poncet.
7/8/1657 in Quebec, Helene godmother to Marie Marguerite Pouppin.
12/12/1657 in Quebec, Helene godmother to Jean Francois Gendron.
3/24/1658 in Quebec, Helene godmother to Andre Maufet.
6/5/1658, Louis Sedillot and Noel Morin agreed to each build their half of a boundary fence between their property at Sainte-Genevieve. [Sedillot delayed carrying out his promise for more than 4 years.]
4/20/1659, they celebrated the marriage of their daughter Louise.
8/10/1659, at Quebec, Msgr. de Laval administered the sacrament of Confirmation to Marie Halle 18; Helene Desports 38, Noel Morin 48 …., sons Germain 18, Nicolas 15, Jean Baptiste 14, … They are counted among the first to receive this sacrament from the hands of the Bishop of Quebec, who had debarked the preceding June 16th.
9/10/1659 in Quebec, Helene present at the baptism of Jean Halay.
6/24/1660 in Quebec, Helene baptized Jean Baptiste Duval; recorded as “Ondoye par Helene Desportes” which means Helene actually baptized the child because no priest was available and the child was in danger of dying.
10/12/1660 in Quebec, they were present at the marriage of her son Joseph. Their son Germain also attended.
5/10/1661, they buried their daughter Helen. The priest wrote « le pere est un ancien habitant de ce pays » – the father has lived in the area a long time.
10/16/1661, Noel the godfather to Helen’s grandson Joseph Hebert, s/o Joseph.
3/6/1662 in Quebec, Helen godmother of Joseph Lemire, s/o Jean.
5/11/1662 in Quebec, Helen godmother of Jean Amyot, s/o Mathieu.
6/24/1662 in Quebec, Helene baptized Marguerite Carreau; godfather Pierre Norman, h/o Catherine Normand.
7/31/1662 in Quebec, Helene baptized Francois Grouard, s/o Richard.
12/19/1662, Noel, Jacques Rate h/o Anne Martin d/o Marguerite Langlois2750i, and Abraham Martin Anne’s father, attended the wedding of Pierre Biron.
9/12/1663, Notary Audouart drew up an act forgiving the payment in the amount of 1000 livres by Guillaume Fournier342 to Noel Morin, step-father of Francoise, as compensation for the ten years during which he had fed and sheltered his step-daughter.
11/15/1663, Jean de Lauzon, the Governor of New France, ceded to Noel Morin, a quarter-league of frontal property, by a league deep, beginning an arpent below the La Caille River and going up the Saint-Lawrence towards the south side. The Ile-aux-Oies were included in this concession. Therefore, Seigneur Morin became the owner of a portion of the Seigneurie of la Riviere-du-Sud, today, part of the town of Montmagny. This acquisition, as a fief, entailed rights and duties. The new recipient must render faith and homage to the West Indies Company. Noel named his domain Saint-Luc and thereafter bore the title of Sieur de Saint-Luc. This property, which fell from the sky, would later be divided among the sons, the relatives and son-in-law, Guillaume Fournier342.
12/23/1663 in Quebec, Helene baptized Jacques Grouard, s/o Richard.
1664, Noel chosen guardian of Charles-Amador Martin, the son of Abraham.
2/26/1664 in Chateau-Richer, Helene the godmother to her granddaughter Marie Anne Cloustier, d/o Louise.
8/3/1664, Noel took part in the election of the Mayor Claude Charron.
1/19/1665 in Québec, Helen Desportes performed the provisional baptism of Guillaume Boucher, s/o Francois. Guillaume Forunier342 was the godfather.
2/17/1665 in Quebec, Noel attended the 2nd wedding of Marguerite Langlois2750i.
2/25/1665 in Quebec, Helene the godmother of Helene Jouyneau.
1666 Census of St. Jean, Quebec. Noel 57, Helene 46, 5 Morin children, and Marie Charlotte de Poitiers 25, widow of Helen’s son Joseph [Joseph Jr, born 1661, is not listed], 40 arpents, 12 cattle.
5/27/1666, Noel ceded 30 arpents of land to Jean Pannier for the price of 60 livres.
7/1/1666 in Sillery, Helene the midwife for the birth of Marie Anne Hamel.
8/2/1666, Noel sold 30 arpents to Jean Poitras.
12/8/1666 in Sillery, Helene the midwife for the birth of Maurice Reaume.
1667 Census of Quebec, Noel 58 a wheelright, Helene 48, Alphonse 17, Charles 13, Marie madeleine 10, apprentice Zacharie Jolly 17, domestic Jean Ballier 28.
10/18/1667, they celebrated the wedding of their son Jean Baptiste.
11/22/1667 in Quebec, Noel & Helene celebrated the wedding of their son Jean. Their son Germain performed the ceremony.
2/25/1668, Noel named his son Jean-Baptiste, Sieur de Rochebelle, his administrator.
5/23/1668 in Québec, Helene the godmother of Marguerite Angelique Lemelin.
4/16/1669, Noel gave a signed receipt to the Ursulines of Quebec for 240 livres, a portion of the inheritance of his protege Charles-Amador Martin, who would be ordained a priest on 3/14/1671.
12/8/1669 in Québec, Helene the godmother of Jacques Jobin, s/o Marie Madeleine Girard.
2/10/1670, they celebrated the marriage of their son Alphonse.
10/6/1670 in Quebec, Noel attended the wedding of Jean Baptiste Depioctiers.
12/3/1670, Helene the godmother to her grandson Francois Morin.
1/4/1671, Noel and Helene “wrote their will”. On the day of their death, all of their furniture and real estate would be divided between their sons, Charles and Alphonse, on the condition that until then they support their parents. Furthermore, the sons would give their young sister, Marie-Madeleine 300 livres when she married.
1/12/1671, they attended the 2nd wedding of their daughter Agnes. Their son Jean also attended.
10/4/1671, they buried their 17-year-old son Charles.
11/12/1671, Noel, the Sieur de Saint-Luc, rendered faith and homage to Louis Couillard, Sieur de L’Espinay.
2/11/1672 in Quebec, Helene baptized an unnamed Couillart child in peril of death. The godmother was Guillemette Hebert1372ii.
7/7/1672 in Quebec, Helene the godmother of Pierre Alphonse Blanchet, s/o Marie Fournier342ii.
5/29/1673, they celebrated the wedding of their daughter Marie Madeleine. Their son Jean Baptiste attended the wedding.
6/15/1673, Noel agreed to “make and perfect” 24 cannon mountings, and to furnish the necessary wood. “I am familiar”, he said, “with these cannons in the Upper and Lower Town.” Charles Legardeur, the first counsellor to the King and commandant of Chateau Saint-Louis, promised to pay for this special work by giving Noel 40 livres per mounting.
2/18/1674, Helene was present at the baptism & burial of a newborn Soulard child.
10/30/1674, Noel and Louis Bosse agreed to settle a suit amicably. Bosse had obtained a homestead at Montmagny. Bosse gave his land to his Seigneur, Noel, and even required a compensation of 60 livres. We know that, between 1672 & 1676, the fief of Saint-Luc was divided to the benefit of Guillaume Fournier342, Jean Prou, Alphonse Morin, Pierre Jolliet, Jean Baillie, Michel Isabel, David Corbin, Charles Bazire and Jean Rollandeau.
6/24/1675 Helene died in Québec, PQ, Canada.
10/30/1675, Son Jean-Baptiste agreed to supporting his elderly father, Noel, on condition that he pay him 1500 livres and half of the income from the fief of Saint-Luc.
10/31/1675, all of the members of the family agreed to sell Charles Bazire all of the property at Sainte-Genevieve for 3000 livres.
2/10/1680, Noel died in Riviere du Sud, Montmagny, Quebec. [He was probably visiting his son Alphonse.] His funeral was celebrated 5 days later at Quebec. His body was buried in a small crypt at Saint-Thomas. Alphonse, Jean-Baptiste and Gilles Rageot signed the registry of Notre-Dame.
(S) Rene Jette, 561, 562. (S) PRDH. (S) The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, 1897, P306.

Family notes:
• Helene was involved in many more baptisms not listed in this history.

Child of Joseph and Marguerite:

i. Augustin Hebert dit Jolicoeur, born ~1625 in of St Barthelemi, Paris, France.
~1646 in La Rochelle, Augustin married Adrienne DuVivier, d/o Antoine.
5/2/1647, Augustin mentioned in a contract, Teuleron of La Rochelle, as a resident of Paris and a settler of Montreal.
7/19/1653, Adrienne, wife of Augustin, godmother to Madeleine Tessier, d/o Marie Archambault.
Bef. 10/30/1654, Augustin died in Montreal. [Adrienne remarried on this date; many years later on 10/20/1706, 86 years old she died in Montreal.]
Jeanne Marie Hebert, born ~1647 in France.
3/7/1660 in Montreal, she married Jacques Millot, s/o Gabriel.
3/25/1687 in Montreal, she died.
Pauline Hebert, born 1/15/1649 in Montreal.
1/28/1649 she died an infant.
Leger Hebert, born 4/19/1650 in Montreal.
11/17/1681 in Montreal, he married Marguerite Marie Gamelin.
4/28/1719 in St-Francois-du-Lac, he died.
Ignace Hebert, born 10/28/1652 in Montreal.
1/31/1679 in Boucherville, he married Jeanne StMichel.
7/25/1722 in Varennes, he died.

Children of Joseph and Helen:

ii. Françoise Hebert ( 343), born 1/23/1637 in Québec, PQ, Canada;

iii. Joseph Hebert, born 11/3/1636 in Québec, PQ, Canada.
8/10/1659 in Quebec, along with his mother, Joseph, age 24, was confirmed.
9/27/1660 in Quebec, Joseph present at the wedding of Joachim Girard & Marie Halay.
10/12/1660 in Québec, Joseph married Marie Charlotte de Poitiers.
6/1661 Joseph was captured and killed by the Oneida Iroquois. In 10/1662 several other of the prisoners with Joseph testified about his death. A letter from a fellow captive noted that Joseph had only been wounded in the arm and shoulder, but he was later tortured and stabbed to death by a drunken warrior.
7/13/1661 in Quebec, Charlotte was the godmother of Joseph Fournier342v.
2/16/1665 in Quebec, Charlotte was the godmother of Marie Anne Rate, d/o Anne Martin, d/o Marguerite Langlois1750i.
1/11/1667 Charlotte remarried to Simon Lefebvre.
Joseph Hebert, born 10/15/1661.
10/16/1661 he was baptized in Quebec; his godfather step-grandfather Noel Morin.
Bef. 1666 he died. [He is not listed with his mother in the 1666 census.]

iv. Angelique Hebert, born 8/2/1639.

Children of Noel and Helen:

v. Agnes Morin, born 1/21/1641 in Quebec.
11/17/1653, Agnes married Nicolas Gaudry dit Bourbonnière, s/o Jacques. Jacques Bernier, h/o Antoinette Grenier682ii, witnessed the wedding contract.
3/19/1665 in Quebec, Agnes the godmother to her nephew Jean Fournier, s/o her half-sister Françoise.
6/22/1669, Nicolas died.
1/12/1671 in Quebec, Agnes married 2nd Ignace Bonhomme dit Beaupré, s/o Nicolas. Her father Noel and her brother Jean Baptiste both attended.
8/30/1687 in Quebec, Agnes died.
Children of Nicolas:
Helene Gaudry, born 3/5/1656 in Quebec.
12/13/1671 in Quebec, she married Pierre Boucher dit Desroches.
11/22/1712 in St-Nicolas, she died.
Jacques Gaudry, born 4/24/1658 in Quebec.
2/1/1694 in Montreal, he married Jeanne Guillory.
2/12/1731 in Varennes, he died.
Marie Charlotte Christine Gaudry, born 6/16/1660 in Quebec.
2/16/1677 in Quebec, she married Jean Hamel.
9/17/1729 in Ste-Croix [Lotbiniere], she died.
Marie Francoise Gaudry, born 8/27/1662 in Quebec.
6/27/1678 in Quebec, she married Jean Pilotte.
Nicolas Gaudry, born 8/16/1664 in Quebec.
1/7/1678 in Montreal, he married Anne Marie Pigeon.
1/30/1735 in Montreal, he died.
Agnes Marguerite Gaudry, born 4/6/1666 in Quebec.
5/30/1666, an infant, she died.
Marie Agnes Gaudry, born 11/19/1667 in Quebec.
6/4/1686 in Quebec, she married Joseph Delorme.
6/9/1713 in Montreal, she died.
Joseph Alphonse Gaudry, born 2/14/1670 in Quebec.
Children of Ignace:
Marie Catherine Bonhomme, born 11/23/1671 in Quebec.
3/29/1693 in Quebec, she married Louis Moreau.
7/14/1747 in Quebec, she died.
Felicity Anne Marie Bonhomme, born 10/7/1673 in Quebec.
3/18/1697 in Quebec, she married Louis Lefebvre dit Angers.
2/8/1757 in Neuville, she died.
Anne Agnes Bonhomme, born 6/21/1675 in Quebec.
1/21/1697 in Quebec, she married Pierre Guyon.
8/27/1703 in L’Acienne-Lorette, she died.
Marie Catherine Bonhomme II, born 6/12/1677 in Quebec.
10/23/1695 in Quebec, she married Francois Prevost.
2/21/1745 in Repentigny, she died.
Ignace Bonhomme, born 10/17/1678 in Quebec.
11/9/1705 in Montreal, he married Marie Therese Goulet d/o Rene.
3/13/1755 in Terrebonne, he died.
Jean Bonhomme, born 10/26/1680 in Quebec.
12/26/1702 in Ste-Foy, age 22, he died.
Charles Ignace Bonhomme, born 9/28/1682 in Quebec.
Noel Bonhomme, born 11/13/1684 in Quebec.
5/2/1709 in L’Acienne-Lorette, he married Marie Anne Hamel.
5/28/1755 in L’Acienne-Lorette, he died.
Marie Madeleine Bonhomme, born 10/29/1685 in Quebec.
11/10/1710 in Ste-Foy, she married Pierre Joseph Morache.
3/13/1733 in Hotel Dieu, Quebec, she died.

vi. Germain Morin, born 1/14/1642 in Quebec.
10/12/1660 in Quebec, Germain attended the wedding of his brother Joseph Hebert.
5/3/1654 in Quebec, Germain present at the baptism of Suzanne Pages, d/o Raymond.
9/29/1665, Germain the first Canadian priest and a member of the seminary of Quebec.
1667 Census of Quebec, Germain 26, is a resident listed with the other Clerics and Priests.
Germain performed the baptism of multiple related family members. He is also involved in many abjurations, mostly of Calvinists converting to Catholicism. In the PRDH datatbase he appears over 300 times.
8/20/1702 Germain died in the Hotel Dieu, Quebec City; buried the same day. His burial record says: « Pretre, chanoine de la Cathedrale de Quebec ». “Priest, church dignitary of Quebec Cathedral”.

vii. Louise Morin, born 4/27/1643 in Quebec.
4/20/1659, Louise married Charles Cloutier, s/o [Maitlen] 3620. Zacharie Cloutier & 3621. Sainte Dupont.
4/28/1713, Louise died in Chateau Richer, Montmorency, Quebec.
Children :
Elisabeth Ursule Cloutier, born 7/28/1660 in Quebec.
11/9/1676 in Chateau-Richer, she married Nicolas Gamache.
10/23/1699 in Cap-St-Ignace, she died.
Marie Madeleine Cloutier, born 9/23/1662 in Chateau-Richer.
10/13/1681 in Chateau-Richer, she married Paul Tessier dit Lavigne.
2/10/1748 in Longue-Pointe, she died.
Marie Anne Cloutier, born 2/26/1664 in Chateau-Richer.
2/7/1684 in Chateau-Richer, she married Charles Gariepy.
11/19/1708 in Chateau-Richer, she died.
Jeanne Anne Cloutier, born ~1667 in Chateau-Richer.
2/4/1687 in Chateau-Richer, she married Claud Gravel dit Brindeliere.
4/6/1744 in Chateau-Richer, she died.
Marie Charlotte Cloutier, born 12/15/1670 in Chateau-Richer.
6/26/1687 in Quebec, 16 years old, she died.
Marie Louise Cloutier, born 2/12/1673 in Chateau-Richer.
1/26/1695 in Chateau-Richer, she married Nicolas Bonhomme dit Dulac.
Charles Cloutier, born 5/15/1674 in Chateau-Richer.
12/7/1692 in Chateau-Richer, 18 years old, he died.
Helene Cloutier, born ~1675 in Chateau-Richer.
2/28/1696 in Chateau-Richer, she married Pierre Gagnon.
4/29/1739 in Chateau-Richer, she died.
Marie Cloutier, born 3/9/1679 in Chateau-Richer.
1/26/1699 in Chateau-Richer, she married Joseph Gagnon.
4/3/1744 in Ste-Famille I.O., she died.
Jean Baptiste Cloutier, born 5/16/1681 in Chateau-Richer.
11/6/1702 in Ste-Famille I.O., he married Anne Jeanne Morisset.
9/20/1745 in Chateau-Richer, he died.
Zacharie Cloutier, born 8/2/1683 in Chateau-Richer.
5/23/1708 in Chateau-Richer, he married Jeanne Anne Bacon.
12/4/1732 in Chateau-Richer, he died.
Augustin Cloutier, born 1/13/1686 in Chateau-Richer.
4/19/1736 in Chateau-Richer, he died.

viii. Nicolas Morin, baptized 4/24/1644 in Quebec.
Through the intervention of his father, Nicolas obtained a concession from the Jesuits at Sillery.
12/27/1665, Nicolas godfather to Marie Barbe Girard.
1666 Census of St. Jean, Quebec, Nicolas 22 lives with his parents.
10/30/1667 in Quebec, Nicolas, a resident of Beauport, attended the wedding of Pierre Rivaut.
1668, Nicolas died leaving a debt of 75 livres.

ix. Jean Baptiste Morin dit Rochebelle, born 5/25/1645 in Quebec.
1667 Census, Jean in Cote St Michel de Québec.
10/18/1667, Jean contracted to marry Marie Anne Firman, d/o Francois. [Apparently did not marry].
11/22/1667 in Quebec, Jean married Catherine Decantigny dit Belleau. his brother Germain performed the ceremony.
2/25/1668, the Seigneurie of Sillery, 2 arpents of frontage by 25, first assigned to Nicolas, passed to Jean-Baptiste, Sieur de Rochebelle. Jean-Baptiste accepted this land for 375 livres.
10/28/1673, Catherine was the godmother to his nephew Germain Morin, s/o Alphonse.
4/4/1677, Jean Beaudet, “habitant of Champigny” declared truly owing Jean-Baptiste Morin, the Sieur de Rochebelle, 28 livres tournois for “a loan made to him and for balance of account”.
8/27/1677, Jean was the godfather to niece Catherine Morin, d/o Alphonse.
1/15/1679, Jean signed the registry of Notre-Dame at Saint-Thomas at his father’s funeral.
2/10/1670 at Quebec, Jean attended his brother Alphonse’s wedding.
2/15/1680, Jean attended the burial of his father in Quebec.
1681 Census of Quebec, Jean 36, Catherine 42, Marie 6.
12/11/1694, Jean died in the Hotel Dieu, Quebec City; buried the next day.
10/9/1695 in Quebec, Catherine contracted to remarry.
Children of Catherine:
Marie Morin, born 1/1/1672 in Quebec.
1/26/1672, an infant, she died.
Marie Anne Morin, born 7/31/1675 in Quebec.
1/8/1691 in Quebec, she married Jacques Pinguet dit Beaucour.
12/31/1702 in Quebec, she died.

x. Marguerite Morin, born 9/29/1646 in Quebec.
10/17/1646, living only a little over a week, Marguerite was buried.

xi. Helen Morin II, baptized 9/30/1647 in Quebec.
5/9/1661, 13-year-old Helen died in Quebec City; buried the next day.

xii. Marie Morin, baptized 3/19/1649 in Quebec.
8/1662, Marie novice nun at the Hotel Dieu of Montreal. At the age of 13, she was asked by the Bishop of Quebec to join the Nursing Sisters from La Fleche at Ville-Marie.
3/20/1664, Marie a professed nun.
10/27/1671, Marie took her solemn vows.
3/3/1693–7/3/1694, Marie the mother superior of her convent.
7/9/1708–7/9/1711, Marie the mother superior of her convent.
4/8/1730, Marie died in Montreal, Ile de Montreal.

xiii. Alphonse Morin dit Valcourt, born 12/12/1650 in Quebec.
11/22/1667 in Quebec, Alphonse attended the wedding of his brother Jean.
1669, Marie-Madeleine, a “fille du roi”, arrived carrying goods estimated worth 250 livres and a dowry from the Crown of 50 livres. (S) Liste alphabetique des Filles du roi, Lemeac, 1992.
11/25/1669, Alphonse signed his marriage contract before notary Duquet.
2/10/1670 in Quebec, Alphonse married Madeleine Normand [widow of Jean Baptiste Normand – same last name but not related]. Both sets of parents are named. His brother Jean attended.
2/15/1670 in Quebec, Alphonse the godfather to his nephew Joseph Alphonse Gaudry, s/o his sister Agnes. His brother Jean’s wife Catherine was the godmother.
2/17/1670 in Quebec, Alphonse attended the wedding of Marie Fournier342ii.
7/7/1672 in Quebec, Alphonse the godfather of Pierre Alphonse Blanchet, s/o Marie Fournier342ii.
2/15/1680 Alphonse, his brother Jean, and sister Marie Madeleine attended the burial of their father Noel1480.
1681 Census Berthier-en-Bas, Alphonse 30, Marie 30, Alphonse 11, Pierre 10, Joseph 7, Catherine 4, Jean 2.
7/31/1681 Confirmation in Montmagny : Jean Fournier342vi, 16; Pierre Fournier342ix, 12; Francoise Fournier171, 10; Louis Fournier342xi, 9; Alphonses’s sons Francois Alphonse Morin, 11; Pierre Noel Morin, 10.
4/27/1690 in St Thomas, Montmagny, Quebec, Madeleine died in childbirth of son Charles; buried the next day.
[In just over 4 months Alphonse had buried 4 members of his family.]
11/24/1692 at Cap-Saint-Ignace, Alphonse 2nd married Angelique Destroismaisons, widow of Jean Francois Langlois, d/o Philippe Destroismaisons dit Picard and Martine Crosnier. Guillaume Fournier342 and his son Jean attended the wedding.
10/24/1696, Alphonse, giving his age as 45, is admitted to the Hotel-Dieu hospital.
1/30/1697 in Montmagny, Alphonse the godfather of his granddaughter Marguerite, d/o Pierre Noel.
1698, Alphonse the godfather of his granddaughter Marie, d/o Pierre Noel.
7/13/1699 in Cap-St-Ignace, Alphonse attended the wedding of Charles Fournier342xiv.
6/22/1700 in Montmagny, Alphonse attended the wedding of Louise Prou, d/o Jacquette Fournier342iv.
5/16/1701 in Montmagny, Alphonse the godfather of Charles Fournier, s/o Charles342xiv.
10/27/1702, Alphonse the godfather to his grandson Joseph Morin, s/o Joseph.
2/25/1703 in Montmagny, Alphonse the godfather of Marie Anne Boule, d/o Martin Boulay340vii.
4/24/1703 in Montmagny, Alphonse the godfather of his grandaughter Francoise Boudin, d/o Catherine.
11/6/1704 in Montmagny, Alphonse the godfather of Philippe Fournier, s/o Charles342xiv.
11/12/1705 in Montmagny, Alphonse attended the wedding of Angelique Prou, d/o Jacquette Fournier342iv. The Seigneur Louis Couillard also attended.
8/26/1707 in Montmagny; Alphonse godfather to Angelique Fournier, d/o Pierre342ix.
8/29/1711, Alphonse, given age 60, died in St Thomas, Montmagny; buried on the 31st. The Seigneur Louis Couillard attended the burial.
(S) Laforest, V16, Chap17, P171. (S) PRDH.
Francois Morin, baptized 12/3/1670 in Quebec; godparents Pierre Normand, husband of Marie’s sister Catherine, and his grandmother Helen Desportes687.
11/11/1697 in St. Thomas, he married Catherine Chamaillard.
Pierre Noel Morin, baptized 2/28/1672.
Pierre married Marguerite Rousseau.
Germain Morin, baptized 10/28/1673; godparents notary Gilles Rageout, Catherine Belleau wife of Alphonse’s brother Jean Baptiste Morin.
Joseph Morin, baptized 6/9/1675; godfather Guillaume Fournier342.
11/17/1701 in Cap-St-Ignace, he married Agnes Bouchard, d/o Nicolas & Anne Roy. His father Alphonse was present.
4/10/1730 in Montmagny, he died; buried 2 days later by recollet Simon Foucault.
3/27/1758, Agnes, age 84 and widow of Joseph Valcour, died.
Catherine Morin, baptized 8/27/1677; godparents uncle Jean Baptiste Morin, and aunt Catherine Normand.
6/7/1699 in Montmagny, Catherine married Jacques Baudin. Pierre Blanchet, husband of Marie Anne Fournier342ii, and Simon Fournier342viii were present.
Nicolas Morin, baptized 3/25/1679 in Quebec; godmother Francoise Hebert343.
11/15/1706 in Montmagny, Nicolas married Madeleine Mercier, d/o Pierre & Andree Martin674vii.
Jean Morin, baptized 6/8/1680; godparents Jean Prou, Marie Fournier342ii. This is the 1st known use of « dit Valcourt ». Jean was baptized by his uncle Germain.
Marie Madeleine Morin, baptized 3/7/1682 in Montmagny; godmother Jacquette Fournier342iv.
9/4/1690 in Montmagny, she died.
Louis Morin, baptized 4/7/1686; godfather Louis Couillart.
6/30/1690 in Montmagny, he died.
Charles Morin, baptized 4/28/1690 in Montmagny, the day his mother was buried.
5/1/1690 he died at 5 days old.
Thomas Morin, baptized 9/27/1693 in Montmagny;
10/6/1693 he died.
Louis Morin II, baptized 5/20/1698; godmother Francoise Hebert343.
Marie Morin, baptized 9/4/1702; godmother Marie Coulliard.
11/6/1720 in Montmagny, Marie married Jacques Bilaudeau, s/o Jean. Her brother Françoise and her niece Elisabeth Agnes Morin attended the wedding, as did Charles Fournier342xiv.

xiv. Noel Morin II, baptized 10/12/1652 in Quebec.
Bef. 1666 Noel died.

xv. Charles Morin, born 8/29/1654 in Quebec.
10/4/1671, 17-year-old Charles died in Quebec City; buried the same day.

xvi. Marie Madeleine Morin, born 12/28/1656 in Quebec.
5/29/1673, Marie married Clerk of the Provost of Quebec, Gilles Rageout/Rajotte.
6/9/1675, Marie was the godmother to Joseph Morin370.
1681 Census, they live in lower Quebec City.
1/3/1691 Gilles died in Quebec City.
10/16/1696, Michel Bouchard1484ii summoned to appear before the court. The widow of Gilles Rageot, Marie-Madeleine Morin, had him ordered to pay her 16 livres “for stolen wood”.
1716, Marie living in lower Quebec City, at the home of Pierre Rivet dit Cavelier.
7/21/1720, Marie died in Quebec City; buried the next day.
Charles Rajotte, born 8/11/1674 in Quebec.
5/23/1696 in Quebec, he married Genevieve Marie Anne Gauvreau.
12/18/1702 in Quebec, he died.
Nicolas Rajotte, born 8/20/1676 in Quebec.
3/31/1703 in Quebec, he died.
Philippe Rajotte, born 7/11/1678 in Quebec.
9/21/1711 in Kamouraska, he died.
Charles Francois Jean Baptiste Rajotte, born 6/11/1680 in Quebec.
2/26/1729 in Montreal, he died.
Francois Rajotte, born 3/3/1682 in Quebec.
11/24/1711 in Quebec, he married Genevieve Gauthier Larouche.
4/15/1754 in Montmagny, he died.
Denis Rajotte, born 1/18/1684 in Quebec.
Pierre Gilles Rajotte, born 3/15/1686 in Quebec.
10/8/1687 in Quebec, a child, he died.
Gilles Rajotte, born 11/24/1689 in Quebec.
2/23/1724 in Quebec, he married Elisabeth Douaire Bondy.
5/18/1754 in Quebec, he died.
Marie Madeleine Rajotte, born 2/14/1692 in Quebec.
11/28/1708 in Quebec, she married Pierre Rivet Cavelier.