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Monday, April 12, 2010

Cox 8224 & 8225

8224. Edward Baugh & 8225. Margaret Stratford {Cox}

~1520, Edward [and a brother Robert] born in Pensham, England, s/o 16448. Edward Baugh.
~1530, Margaret born in Farmcote, Gloucestershire, England, d/o 16450. John Stratford & 16451. Margarett Christian Howell. [Pensham is a few miles south of Worcester, between it and Gloucester, which are ~30 miles apart.]
Edward “of Twining in com. Gloster”. [Twining is half way between Worcester and Gloucester.]
10/2/1544, “Patent for life, with bond of 1000 marks, the sureties being Moulton himself, William Freeman of Batsford and Edward Baugh of Twyning, Glos.” (S) Acts of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, 1543-1609, P17.
8/25/1569 Edward wrote his will – he names wife Margaret; sons Rowland, Thomas, Robert and William; son-in-law Raffe Persons and his two daughters Mary and Joyes Persons; son-in-law John Stevens and Anne his wife, and his daughter Katherine Stevens; his daughter Anne; and Rowland, youngest son of his son Robert Baugh.
1569, Edward died in England.
1/19/1571 Edward’s will probated in Gloucestershire, England.
11/11/1574, Baugh Arms & Crest granted by Cook.
5/15/1589, Margaret wrote her will – names son Rowland and his wife Mary and their eldest son Edward as well as Mary and Alice his daughters; Helenor, daughter of son Robert (deceased); sister Dingley; son Thomas Baugh; son-in-law Raffe Persons.
1589, Margaret died in England.
9/26/1589 Margaret’s will probated in Gloucestershire, England.
(S) 1623 Visitation of Gloucester by Henry Chitty, 1885, P11. (S) Shakespeareana Genealogica, P1, P394. (S) 1682 Visitation of Worchester

Children of Edward and Margaret:

i. Rowland Baugh (4112), born ~1550 in Twining, England.

ii. Thomas Baugh, born ~1550 in England.
(S) The Visitation of Worchestshire, 1634; listed as a child of Edward Baugh.
Thomas married Elizabeth Reinsford of Faring, d/o Thomas.
They lived in Pensham in Pershore.
8/25/1569 Thomas named in his father Edward’s will.
5/15/1589 Thomas named in his mother Margaret’s will.
Edward Baugh.
He married Mary Jeffries of Earls Croom, d/o Leonard.
1642-3, he was conveyed the manors of Pershore by George French.
Mary Baugh.
She married ? Ainsworth.
Dorothy Baugh.
She married ? Stock.
Elizabeth Baugh.
She married ? Hayward.
Margaret Baugh.
She married ? Stock.
Thomas Baugh, born in Pershore.
He married Ann Atwood of Pershore, d/o Richard.
1647, he wrote his will in Pershore, Worcestershire.
Jane Baugh.
She married ? Pitt.

iii. Robert Baugh, born ~1550 in England.
8/25/1569 Robert named in his father Edward’s will.
Bef. 5/1589 Robert died. Identified as deceased in his mother’s will.
Rowland Baugh, named in his grandfather Edward’s will as the youngest s/o Robert.
Helenor Baugh, named in Robert’s mother’s will.

iv. William Baugh, born ~1550 in England.
8/25/1569 William named in his father Edward’s will.
Bef. 1589 he died – not named in his mother’s will.

v. ? Baugh, born ~1550 in England.
? married Raffe Persons, 8/25/1569 named in his father-in-law Edward’s will.
She died before 1569.
Mary Persons, named in her grandfather Edward’s will.
Joyes Persons, named in her grandfather Edward’s will.

vi. Anne Baugh, born ~1550 in England.
8/25/1569 Anne named in her father Edward’s will.
Anne married John Stephens of Faring, named in Edward’s will.
Katherine Stephens, named in her grandfather Edward’s will.

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