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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mo: 2 Mounger-Robertson

2. William Malcolm Mounger & 3. Louise Veronica Robertson

10/8/1901, William born in Collins, Covington Co., MS, s/o 4. Milton U Mounger & 5. Alma McKenzie.
8/30/1903, Veronica born in MS, d/o 6. James A Robertson & 7. Rosa ?.
Wm received a degree in Civil Engineering from MS State Univ.
9/4/1923, Wm married Veronica in Collins.
Wm became a clerk of the Collins Bank in Jackson.
(S) 1930 Census, MS, Hinds Co., Jackson.
William joined the old Merchant’s Bank and Trust Co., and advanced to a position of Trust Officer.
1933, the Merchant’s Bank closed. William became a Trust Officer for Deposit Guaranty Bank & Trust Co.
1934, William elected to the Board of Deposit Guaranty.
1935, William and family live in Jackson, MS. (S) 1940 Census.
1939, William reported earnings of more than $5000. (S) 1940 Census.
4/3/1940, W. M. Mounger, wife Veronica, daughter Marjorie Lynn, son William D., daughter Libby R. and son Henry H. lives at 1816 St. Ann St., Jackson, MS. They own their home valued at $9000. William completed 3 years of college, Veronica 4 years. William is a vice-president in banking.
1941, William elected President of Deposit Guaranty.
1/1957, William elected Vice-Chairman of the Board and CEO of Deposit Guaranty.
10/26/1957,William died in Jackson, MS; buried in Greenwood Cem.
12/16/1969, Veronica died in Jackson, MS; buried in Greenwood Cem.

(S) Mounger–Monger and Allied Families, Louise F Wilcox, 1991, privately printed.
Family notes:
• William studied law at night and passed the bar exam. He served as Treasurer, President and Director of the MS Banker’s Assoc.

Children of William and Veronica:

i. Majorie Lynn Mounger, born 9/7/1924.
Majorie married ? Nevels.
10/24/1988, Majorie died; buried in Greenwood Cem. with her parents.

[Living Mounger children.]