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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mounger 32 & 33

32. Edwin Mounger & 33. Frances Clark

1771, Edwin born in Brunswick Co., GA; s/o 64. Henry Mounger & 65. Elizabeth Harris.
1781, Frances born in ?, d/o 66. Gen. Elijah Clark & 67. Hannah Harrington.
Frances sent with her twin brother to Augusta, GA to the Richmond Academy.
1796, Frances returned home.
4/9/1795, Edwin appointed an administrator of his father’s estate.
10/19/1796, Edwin married Frances.
3/3/1799, Edwin named an executor of his father-in-law’s will and left 200 acres.
1799-1806, Edwin State Treasurer of GA.
2/27/1801 in Wilkes Co., Edwin testified in court that he wrote the will of Thomas Wingfield.
1802-1811, Edwin trustee of Univ. of GA.
1805, Edward listed a a person entitled to a “draw” in the GA land lottery.
1805, Edwin Secretary of State of GA.
5/9/1816, Edwin died in Clarksborough, Jefferson Co., GA. [According to his obit he lived many years in retirement and was in bad health for a long time.]
9/8/1840, “Fanny” died in Athens, Clarke Co., GA; buried at Woodburn, Lincoln Co., GA.

Child of Edwin and Frances:

i. Henry Mounger (No. 16) born 5/22/1805 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., GA.

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