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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sir John Savile & Alice Gascoigne

184640. Sir John Savile & 184641. Alice Gascoigne    

~1410, John Sayvile born in England, s/o 369280. Thomas Savile.

8/31/1422, Henry VI (an infant) succeeded Henry V as King of England.

~1425, Alice born in England, d/o 369282. Sir William Gascoigne & 369283. Margaret Clarell.

~1439, John married Alice.

1440, “Inspeximus by John son of Sir Thomas Savile of charter of Sir John Savile of Eland to John Wytakers, lands in Golcar, Yorks.” (S) UKNA. [Recorded with the Quitclaim of 1421 of Sir Thomas.]

1440-41, Indenture: Settlement: Thomas Sayvell knight and John Sayvell his son and Thomas de Haryngton Esq, Thomas de Haryngton bound to Thomas Sayvell and John Sayvell in £2000 and Brian son of John Sayvell to take orders. (S) UKNA, DD/SR/209/111.

1441, John Savyle purchased 3 suits of armor: one for himself at £8.6s.6d.

By 5/1442, John knighted by the Duke of York.

1449, In the will of his father Thomas: “The residue I bequeath to my son and heir John, knight, whom I constitute my executor.”

Bef. 12/16/1449, John’s father died.

1449-50, “Appointment of attorneys: William Gascoigne knight, William Scargill Sen Esq and Thomas Dodworth appoint Henry Gascoigne and Richard Dodworth and John Smith to deliver to John Savile and Alice his wife seizin of manor of Thornhill.” (S) UKNA.

1450, John M.P. for Yorkshire.

10/1/1451, To Sir John Savile (steward), Thomas Willughbye (auditor) and John Vincent (receiver) to divide the Park of Ayringden and let it out for life or years after the custom of the manor. (S) UKNA. Wakefield Court Rolls of Duke of York's Commission.

11/4/1454, Commitment of the county of York and the castle of York to John Sayvyle, knight, during pleasure, so that he answer at the Exchequer as Sheriff and Keeper. (S) CFRs.

1455, John, High Sheriff of Yorkshire. “Reply of John Saville, Sheriff of Yorks.” (S) UKNA.

11/4/1455, John Sayvyle, knight, delivered the county and castle of York to Thomas Haryngton, knight. (S) CFRs.

5/22/1455, John fought with the Yorkists at the 1st battle of St. Albans, considered the 1st battle of the War of the Roses against an army of King Henry VI [who was captured]. The Duke of Somerset, the Earl of Northumberland, Lord Clifford, plus about 50 other notable Lancastrians, were killed in the fighting.

1456-57, “Yorkshire: Particulars of account for Manor of Thornhill, held by John Savile (Sayvell’).” (S) UKNA.

12/1459, Sir John Savile lost his office as Steward of Wakefield and Constable of Sandal Castle, replaced with a Lancanstrian.

Aft. 7/1460 and the battle of Northampton, a Yorkist victory, John’s offices were restored.

1461, John, High Sheriff of Yorkshire. “Reply of John Saville, Sheriff of Yorks.” (S) UKNA.

3/29/1461, Sir John Savile witnessed a deed along with John Lord of Montague.

6/28/1461, Edward IV crowned at Westminster, beginning the House of York.

1462, “Grant: Sir John Savile to John Lord of Montague, knight, Henry Soothill and others, Manor of Eland, Yorks”. “Letter of Attorney: Sir John Savile knight, attorns Richard Dodworth, Thomas and Henry Savile to deliver to Cecily Duchess of York and others. Manor of Eland and Tankersley.” (S) UKNA.

1467, John M.P. for Yorkshire.

3/26/1471, Exchange between John Northorp of Myrfelde and Thomas Stokks of the same, of lands in Mirfield. Witnesses, John Sayvile of Thornhill, Knight, John Hopton of Armelay, Esquire, Thomas Sayvile of Thornhill Esquire, … (S) UKNA.

2/20/1472, To the chief butler … in the port of Kingston on Hull …. Order to give Alice Sayvile a cask of wine annually for term of her life, …, which the king recently granted her by letters patent. (S) CCRs.

10/1472, Petition of Lady Alice Saville to Parliament. ‘Lady Alice Saville, the wife of Sir John Saville, knight, with regard to any grant [made] by the king our sovereign lord by his letters patent under his great seal of a tun of wine, to be taken and had each year at his port of Kingston upon Hull, and of a hart to be taken in season from his herd at Thorne, and 2 bucks in season, 1 from his park of Conisbrough and another to be taken from his park of Hatfield, for term of her life …’ (S) Parliament Rolls, 2005.

1474, The Savile family were retained into the affinity of Richard, Duke of Gloucester: Witnesseth that the said John (Sir John Savile) is belest, withhold and retained with the said Duke for term of his life, his allegiance to the king’s highness except, so that he shall be ready at all times when he shall be required to await and attend upon him as well in times of peace as of war without any delay sufficiently horsed, harnessed and accompanied so that he may make in all fields as other journeys and places taking of the said Duke reasonable costs and expenses for the same provided. Over that in time of war if it fortune any man of worship or captain to be taken by the said John or any of his accompany, the said Duke to have him yielding a reasonable reward to the taker of the same. And also the said Duke shall have all the third of thirds, for the which retainder the said John shall have yearly 10 marks of fee … [John, chief steward of the manor of Wakefield, connected with which office was the custody of the castle of Sandal.]

1479-80, “Release and quitclaim by John Sayvell’ knight, as sole surviving grantee from John Abbay of Wakefield, to Alice Abbay, John's widow, of a tenement etc in Wakefield.” (S) UKNA. [Note: son likely on campaigns in France with grandson who was not yet knighted.]

9/23/1481, John and his grandson John were commissioned to enquire whether William Wowean of Wakefield was an idiot.

11/23/1481, John wrote his will, identifying his father: [Latin]  Johannes Savile, miles. … in eccl. St. Mich. de Thornhill. Margaretæ Savile, filiæ meæ, … Johanni Savile … Item Willelmo Savile, filio meo, xx marcas. Thomæ Savile, filio meo, xx marcas. Henrico Savile, filio meo, xls. Ricardo Savile, filio meo, xls. Nicholao Savile, filio meo, xls. [As to estates, in English.] Wife Alice, if she survives me, to have for her life the manor called Bothamhall and all those lands, etc., in Risshworth and Goulkery which Thos. Savile, knt., my father, by his deed gave to me and Alice my wife at our marriage. Wife to have also for life the capital messuage of Coldeby with the lands thereto belonging in the Isle of Axholme, and lands in Estrington and in Thurleston in the parish of Penyston, which the said Thos. Savile, knt., by his deed gave to us after our marriage. Wife to have also for life the manor of Thornhill and lands in Ovenden, Waddesworth and Skircoittes, which Wm. Gascoigne, knt., and others granted to me and Alice my wife by deed dated 1 July, 28 Hen. VI. …, to my son Henry an annual rent of £4 out of the manor of Hundesworth for his life. And like annuities to my sons Richard and Nicholas. And to my son, William Savile, a moiety of the manor of Hundesworth in tail male, with remainder to his brother Thomas. And to my son, Thomas Savile, the other moiety of the said manor in tail male, with remainder to his brother Wm. And after the death of the said Henry, Nicholas, and Richard, the said William and Thomas Savile to have the said manor free from the said annuities. … wife Alice and son William, extrix. and exor. Witnesses, John Cooke, vicar of Sandall, John Porter, rector of High Holand, and Robt. Chaloner, literate.

Bef. 6/21/1482, John, Knt., of Thornhill, Elland, died at the castle of Sandal; buried at Thornhill. (S) Reg.Test., v, 66; Halifax Wills, i, p. 21. Alice executrix.


7/3/1482, William, Bishop of Dromore, was commissioned to veil Alice, widow of Sir John Savile (S) Reg. Rotherham, 23b.

11/1485, Provided that … or any other act made or to be made in this present parliament, shall not extend or be prejudicial in any way to Dame Alice Saville, widow of Sir John Saville, knight, with regard to any grant or letters patent made to her by Edward IV, late king of England, of a tun of red wine, a red deer called a hart, 2 bucks and 2 does; … made or to be made in this present parliament. (S) Parliament Rolls, 2005.

Bef. 1/14/1493, Alice died.

(S) Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, V25, 1920, PP1-47.

Children of John and Alice:

i. John Savile (92320), born ~1440 in England.

iii. William Savile, born? In England.

William, exor. of his father, of Grays Inn, enlarged the choir of Thornhill church.

4/26/1497, Grant by William Savile son of Sir John Savile late of Thornhill' to Sir William Gascoigne, … of the manor of Hundesworth (Hunsworth, Yk). (S) UKNA.

vi. Thomas Savile, born? In England.

Thomas of Lupset.

vii. Elizabeth Savile, born? In England.

Elizabeth married Sir Robert Waterton of Walton.

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