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Monday, May 10, 2010

G18: 184642 Harrington-Dacre

184642. Sir Thomas Harrington & 184643. Elizabeth Dacre {Bell}

1400, Thomas born in Hornby, Lancanshire, England, s/o 369284. Sir William Harrington & 369285. Margaret Neville.

1405, Elizabeth born in England, d/o 369286. Thomas Dacre.

3/13/1420, IPM of Thomas de Dacre: Elizabeth, the wife of Thomas, son of Sir William Harrington, of Hornby, chivaler, was his daughter and heir, then aged fifteen years and upwards.

1427, Thomas seneschal of the Hornby Court.

1430, Thomas attended the King on a trip to France.

1432, 1437, 1442, Thomas M.P. Lancashire.

1433 in Aldingham, Lincolnshire, Thomas married Elizabeth bringing Heysham manor.

1436, Thomas led 130 men to the relief of Calais and Crotoy.

6/15/1437, Roger Tempest of Broghton, …, bound in £400 to Sir Thomas Haryngton (of Hornby).

5/2/1438, Grant, for life, to Humphrey, earl of Stafford, … Thomas Haryngton, esquire, pay to the king … manor of Wiresdale, co. Lancaster, … (S) CPRs.

1440, Thomas of Brierley, age 40, succeeded his father; holding Horneby by 1 knight’s fee.

7/8/1441, Commission to Henry, earl of Northumberland, Thomas Percy, knight, Thomas Haryngton, … to arrest Thomas Malhom of Calton … (S) CPRs.

10/22/1444, Whereas Henry Percy, earl of Northumberland, … Thomas Haryngton, esquire, … were enfeoffed by Thomas Clyfford … of the castle and lordship of Skipton in Creaven, co. York … without licence … pardoned … (S) CPRs.

8/15/1444, Thomas Haryngton esquire, son of sir William Haryngton the surviving trustee of the Boteler estates, granted to Peter Gerrard esquire, … the manor of Crophill-Boteler … which sir William Haryngton and his feoffees had received by the gifts of sir John Boteler deceased.

11/3/1444, “Thomas Haryngton, esqwier” named as an overseer of the will of his aunt, Agnes Harrington, wife of Richard Sherborne.

4/1445, Thomas traveled to France to escourt Margaret of Anjou back to England.

3/19/1446, Between Thomas Haryngton, of Horneby, knight, Richard Molyneux, knight, …, plaintiffs, and Isabella Shagh and Joan Shagh, daughters and heirs of John Shagh, deforciants of the manor of Elleston … (S) Final Concords for Lancashire, Part 3, 1905.

1448, Thomas, High Sheriff of Yorkshire.

1448, Thomas taken prisoner by the Scots.

10/30/1449, Thomas Haryngton, knight, Cumberland, on a commission of peace. (S) CPRs.

1/1/1454, Sir Thomas one of 4 knights summoned to a Great Council.

1454, Thomas, High Sheriff of Yorkshire.

5/22/1455, Thomas fought with the Yorkists at the 1st battle of St. Albans, considered the 1st battle of the War of the Roses against an army of King Henry VI [who was captured].

1455, Sir Thomas witnessed the Foundation Deed of the Bosvile Chantry, primarily of Thomas Lord Clifford of Westmorland, and Isabella wife of Henry Langton, Esq.. (S) A History of Cawthorne, Platt, 1882, P140.

11/23/1458, soon after All-Saints day, Thomas traveled to castle Middleham to meet with the Earl of Salisbury and other powerful men. They agreed to support the Duke of York’s claim to the throne. On his return to Hornby, Thomas conveyed his estates to the Archbishop of York and other influential men; all of the house of Lancaster. [To prevent the loss of his lands if he was attained.] (S) Journal of the Architectural, … Historical Society, 1857, P83.

9/14/1459, Thomas wrote his will. (S) See Testamenta Eboracensia, P249 [in Latin].

9/24/1459, Sir Thomas and Sir John Neville, pursuing Lancastrians, were captured at the bridge of Acton, Cheshire, by John Done of Utkinton.

12/21/1460, Richard of York was joined at the castle of Sandal by Thomas Harrington, Thomas Parre and James Pickering. A faithful Edward Fitzwilliam, held nearby Conisbrough Castle.

12/30/1460, Thomas was on the losing side at the battle of Wakefield. Thomas was wounded and his heir John was slain. Thomas died the following day. “Amongst the Yorkist leaders who died was the duke himself, his nephew Thomas Neville, James Pickering and Thomas Harrington. Tradition has it the earl of Rutland was killed at Wakefield Bridge by Lord Clifford.” [The Duke of York’s son became King Edward IV.]

Lady Elizabeth Dacre withdrew to her daughter-in-law, married to Thomas; her daughter-in-law Matilda Clifford, d/o Thomas, 8th Lord Clifford and wife of son John [also killed], remained to administer the estates.

4/8/1485, Elizabeth died.

(S) Hunter’s South Yorkshire, ii, P402. (S) Testamenta Eboracensia Or Wills Registered at York, Raine, 1855, P250. (S) Townships: Hornby, A History of the County of Lancaster: V8, 1914. (S) Annales Caermoelenses, or Annals of Cartmel, Stockdale, 1872, P484.

Family notes:
• Robert, 3rd son, attained after the battle of Bosworth.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth:

ii. James Harrington, born ? in England. [2nd son]
James, a Yorkist, fought at the battle of Towton; taking King Henry VI prisoner at Waddington Hall. He received many estates from King Edward IV.
1485, James attained by King Henry VII as a supporter of Richard III.
James died from poisoning.

iii. Jane Harrington (92321), born 1441 in England.