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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sir James Pickering & Margaret Lascells

184696. Sir James Pickering & 184697. Margaret Lascells   

8/29/1413, James born in Yorkshire, England, heir & s/o 369392. John Pykering.

3/23/1420, John Pickeringe held at his death the manor of Killington with the hamlet of Frethbanke, worth 20 marks yearly, of Thomas Par by homage and the service of 12d. yearly, as of his manor of Kirkeby in Kendale. James Pickeringe, his son, aged six years at the Decollation of St. John the Baptist last, is his next heir; (S) CIsP, 8 Hen. V, n. 82. James Pikeryng is his son and nearest heir and he was aged six years on the feast of Beheading of St John Baptist last (29 Aug. 1419). (S) Excheq. Enrolment of Inquisitions, n. 491.

~1430, Margaret “Lasselles” born in Escryck [Askrigg], Yorkshire, England, d/o §§Sir Robert Lascels.

By 1441, James knighted.

1447, James M.P. for Yorkshire.

1449-50, James, Sheriff of Yorkshire. (S) The Paston Letter, Davis, P63.

2/18/1451, James on a commission to investigate an attack on a Dutch ship.

1453, Sir James denounced as a prominent rioter with Ralph Neville. (S) King and Country, Griffiths, 1991, P327.

By 1453, James married Margaret.

7/1453, James one of those who were ordered to keep the peace and obey Sir William Lucy.

12/20/1449, Commitment of the county of York and castle of York to James Pykeryng, ‘chivaler,’ … so that he answer at the Exchequer as sheriff and keeper. (S) CFRs.

4/2/1451, Commission to James Pykeryng, knight, … collector of subsidy tax in Yorkshire. (S) CFRs.

9/29/1454, James on a commission to arrest and imprison all persons guilty of congregations and unlawful gatherings in the East Riding.

5/22/1455, James fought with the Yorkists at the 1st battle of St. Albans, considered the 1st battle of the War of the Roses against an army of King Henry VI [who was captured].

3/12/1456, Commitment to James Pykering, knight, … of the keeping of the castle, manor or lordship of Wreshyll, co. York, … to hold from Easter for 10 years, … (S) CFRs.

1/14/1458, James pardoned.

9/23/1459, James at the Battle of Blore Heath in Shropshire. Lord Audley led 10,000 royalists as directed by Queen Margaret, and set up an ambush of 5,000 Yorkists led by the Earl of Salisbury. Lord Audley was killed and the Yorkist army won a decisive battle.

1459, James attained for his Yorkist support.

6/11/1460, Proclamation to be made by the sheriffs of Oxford, Berks, Southampton, and Wilts, …, shall be considered rebels. … Richard late Duke of York, Edward late Erle of March, …, John Clynton late Lord Clynton, …, James Pykering Knyght, … (S) Rymer’s Foedera with Syllabus, V11.

1460, Lancastrians offered 5m for the capture of James.

6/11/1460, If any man aide or comfort those attained … ‘Richard late duke of York, Edward late erle of March, Richard late erle of Warrewyk, Richard late erle of Salisbury, Edmond late erle of Rutlond, …, Thomas Haryngton, …, James Pykeryng, John Conyers, Thomas Parre knyghts, John Bourghchier squyer neveu of the seid duke,… upon payn of forfaiture of his goodes and his body to prison.’ (S) CCRs.

12/21/1460, Richard of York was joined at the castle of Sandal by Thomas Harrington, Thomas Parre and James Pickering. A faithful Edward Fitzwilliam, held nearby Conisbrough Castle.

12/30/1460, James died on the losing side at the battle of Wakefield [West Yorkshire]. “Amongst the Yorkist leaders who died was the duke himself, his nephew Thomas Neville, James Pickering and Thomas Harrington. Tradition has it the earl of Rutland was killed at Wakefield Bridge by Lord Clifford.”


Margaret married 2nd William Colyngbourn.

1465-1471, William Colyngbourn and Margaret his wife, late the wife of James Pikering, knight. v. Robert Botiller, citizen and goldsmith of London. … brought by the said Robert for money lent to the said James concerning which the said Margaret has been once acquitted by wager of law in an action of debt. (S) UKNA.

Margaret married 3rd Geoffrey Franke.

1481, Margaret and Geoffrey granted a papal dispensation to marry, being related in the 3rd degree.

8/22/1485, Henry VII succeeded Richard III as King of England.

11/17/1499, Margaret died.

11/29/1499, Writ for IPM of Margaret late the wife of Geoffrey Fraunke, esquire, formerly wife of [James] Pykeryng. She held, the day she died, together with the said Geoffrey her husband, who survives, the under-mentioned manors and lands, for the term of their lives in survivorship with reversion thereof expectant after his and her decease to one William Beverley, clerk, as by fine … She died 17 November last past. Christopher Pykeryng, esquire, aged 15 and more, is her cousin and next heir, viz. son and heir of James Pykeryng, esquire, her son and heir. York … (S) CIsPM.

(S) The Hist. and Antiquities of the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland, Nicolason, 1777, P263. (S) Visitation of Yorkshire, Fowler, 1881, P250.

Child of James and Margaret:

i. James Pickering (92348), born 3/15/1454 in Ellerton, East Riding, Yorkshire, England.

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