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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bond & Bell 184694 & 184695

184694. Sir Frederick Tilney & 184695. Elizabeth Cheney & 950662. Sir John Saye {Bond & Bell}

~1420, Frederick born in England, heir & s/o 369388. Philip Tilney & 369389. Isabel Thorp.

~1424, Elizabeth born in England, d/o 369390. Laurence Cheney & 369391. Elizabeth Cokayne.

1438, Frederick Sheriff of Boston, Lincolnshire.

1443-44, John Say, under the patronage of William de la Pole, Duke of Suffock.

2/10/1442, Frederick married Elizabeth.

2/16/1443, “Gift, Frederick son of Philip Tilney, clerk, and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Lawrence Cheyne esq. grant and warrant to Lawrence Cheyne, … the manor of Thetford, with all lands in Stretham, Ely, Lilelport and Berwey.” (S) UKNA.

2/19/1444, John paid and advance of £21 and 5s a day to accompany the embassy of Suffolk to negotiate the marriage of Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou in Harfleur.

10/6/1444, John, a king’s Sergeant, got a promise of a grant for life of the office of Coroner of the Marshalsea of Household when its holder died.

3/8/1445, John granted for life the keeping of the privy palace of Westminster.

11/4/1445, John appointed royal escheator in Cambridgshire and Huntingdonshire.

11/4/1446, John appointed royal escheator in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Frederick died; buried at Ashwellthorp, Norfolk.

By 12/1/1446, Elizabeth married 2nd Sir John Say; of Baas in Broxbourne, Little Berkhampstead, and Sawbridge, Herts.

2/3/1447, John a member of Parliament as a Burgess for Cambridge.

2/21/1447, by royal patent, John given wardship and marriage of his step-dughter Elizabeth.

2/25/1447, John give a grant for life of the manor of Lawford.

2/17/1448, John granted by the king a cup of silver and gilt from the jewel house.

1449, John, Speaker of the House of Commons, representing Cambridgeshire.

4/3/1449, John an Esquire to the Body of King Henry VI granted an annuity for life of 50 marks.

1450, John made Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

3/1450, John sat on commissions inquiring into treasons in London, Hampshire and Northants.

4/11/1451, “Indenture, marriage settlement. 1) John Bourgchier, kt. 2) John Say esqs. Laurence Cheyne esqs. Humfrey, s. of (1) to espouse Eliz., d. of Frederyk Tylney, esq., "that is to God passed", she being ward of J.S., before next All Saints. (1) to settle on them and heirs male premises worth £40 p.a. Until Michaelmas J.S. to take any profits of premises due to Eliz. by death of Dame Joan Clyfton, except any premises held from Wm. Hardolph. If Humfrey die before Eliz. 14 yrs., she is to marry next son, or in default to be returned unmarried with any property. (2) to pay (1) £500 as specified and are bound to (1) in 1000 marks.” (S) UKNA.

1453-56, 1463-65, 1467, 1472-75, 1578, John represented Hertfordshire in Parilament.

4/15/1454, John made a member of the Royal Council with a fee of £40 a year.

5/21/1455, John with the king at Kilburn the day before the battle at St Albans. [And likely at the battle.]

1455-56, John Under-Treasurer of the Exchequer.

1456-57, “…to John Say and Elizabeth his wife, Laurence Cheyne, John Leventhorp, John cheyne, and Ralph Grey, of land in westfeld in the parish of Brokesborne …”. (S) UKNA.

1461-64, John Under-Treasurer of the Exchequer.

1463-65, John, Speaker of the House of Commons.

5/23/1465, John knighted and created a Knight of the Bath [along with 49 other knights.]

5/26/1465, John a member of the entourage for Elizabeth Wydeville as she was crowned Queen at Westminster.

1466-67, “Thomas Mountgomery, knight, Henry Belknap, esquire, … to John Say, knight : …”. (S) UKNA.

1467, John, Speaker of the House of Commons. [John unique as being the Speaker in both Lancastrian and Yorkist parliaments.]

1472, John represented Tavistock, Devonshire in Parliament.

9/25/1473, Elizabeth died, buried at Boxbourne.

Bef. 10/9/1474, John married 2nd Agnes Danvers, widow of Thomas Baldington. [No children.]

4/29/1476, John, wife Agnes, late wife Elizabeth, and his children granted letters of confraternity by the Abbot and Convent of St Albans.

1475-78, John Under-Treasurer of the Exchequer.

4/10/1478, John wrote his will.

4/12/1478, John died; buried at Boxbourne with Elizabeth.

6/11/1478, Agnes wrote her will.

(S) Fifty Ancestors of Henry Lincoln Clapp, 1902, P73. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P190. (S) History and Antiquities of Boston, Thompson, 1856, P373. (S) Visitation of Norfolk. (S) Parliament and politics in medieval England, V2, Roskell, 1981, P153.

Family notes:
• John Say’s parentage is unknown, but it known that he was the brother of William Say, Archdeacon of Northamptonshire.

Children of Frederick and Elizabeth:

i. Elizabeth Tilney (92347), born ~1445 in England. [Heir] {Bond & Bell}

Children of John and Elizabeth: [3 sons, 4 daughters named in his will.]

i. Anne Saye (475331), born ~1460 in England. {Bond}

ii. Elizabeth Saye, born ? in England.
Elizabeth married Thomas Sampson.

iii. Katherine Saye, born ? in England.
Katherine married Thomas Bassingbourne of Hatfield Woodhall, Hertsfordshire.

iv. Mary Saye, born ? in England.
Mary married Sir Philip Calthorpe of Kerdiaton, Norfolk.
1521, Sir Philip, Chamberlain to Princess Mary.

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