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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bell 369356 & 369357

369356. Marquis John Beaufort & 369357. Margaret Holland {Bell}

2/1373, John born in Beaufort castle, France, illegitimate s/o 738712. John of Gaunt & 738713. Catherine Roet. [Born 1372-73, circumstantial evidence of rich clothes being provided for a baptism supports this date.]

1385-86, Margaret born in England, d/o 738714. Thomas de Holland & 738715. Alice FitzAlan.

1390, John at the Jousts of Saint Inglevert, near Calais, France.

1390, John joined the Barbary crusade of Louis II, Duke of Burbon, and was at the unsuccessful siege of el-Mahadia near Tunis. John led a contingent of 5 English knights.

10/1390, John returned to England.

12/1390, John granted the manors of Overston, Maxey, Eydon, and a half share of  Brampton Parva, Northamptonshire by his father.

4/1391, John met his half-brothers Henry of Derby [by his father], and Thomas Swynford [by his mother] at Hull as they returned from crusading.

9/1391, John on a crusade to Prussia with Henry, earl of Derby [Henry’s 2nd trip].

By 6/1392, John, age 21, appointed a King’s household knight with a salary of 100 marks annually.

1394, John in Lithuania in a crusade of the Teutonic knights.

10/1394, John sailed with his father from Plymouth for Guienne to look after his father’s interests in the duchy.

By 1395, John’s father had purchased for him the reversion of the manors of Currey Rivel, Langport and Martock in Somerset.

1/1396 at Lincoln Cathedral, having received dispensation by Pope Boniface, John’s parents were married.

1396, John appointed a Knight of the Garter.

9/1396, John, on crusade against the Turks in Hungary and Bulgaria, at the siege of Nicopolis. [The crusade itself failed with tremendous losses to the Christian army.]

2/6/1397, Richard II, by letters patent, legitimized John and Katherine’s children [a unique act in English history]; declaring them fully capable in law of inheriting dignities, honors, …

9/1/1397, John and his siblings legitimated by the Pope.

Bef. 9/28/1397, John married Margaret.

9/29/1397, John granted 11 of imprisoned Warwick’s manors.

11/20/1397, John appointed Constable of Wallingford castle for life.

2/10/1398, John, 1st Earl of Somerset and Marquis of Dorset [the 2nd English Marquis.]

8/1398, John appointed King’s Lieutenant in Aquitaine for 7 years.

2/3/1399, John left 24 plates, 24 saucers, 2 goblets of silver for wine, a silver chalice, 2 basins and 2 ewers of silver, and £1000 in the will of his father.

3/18/1399, Richard II extended Henry of Derby’s exile for life [John brother], declared the Lancastrian inheritiance forfeit, and distributed its lands among his favorites.

4/16/1399, John a witness to Richard II’s will.

4/1399, Margaret created a Lady of the Garter.

John began raising forces to take to Aquitaine as Richard II’s lieutenant.

7/1399, on the invasion of his brother Henry, John publically declared himself in support of the king, who was in Ireland. [But secretly sent Henry a message of support.]

8/19/1399, Richard II was captured at Conway and sent to the Tower as a prisoner.

10/13/1399, John’s half-brother became King Henry IV.

11/3/1399, John’s title of Marquess of Dorset revoked he had publically supported Richard II. [Still Earl of Dorset.]

11/7/1399, John named to the Privy Council and Chamberlain to the King.

1400, John accompanied King Henry IV on expeditions into Scotland and Wales.

11/1400, John granted the lands of rebel Owen Glendower.

1401, John appointed Captain of Calais, and escorted widow Isabela of Valois, widow of Richard II, back to France.

Aft. 1401, John commissioned the manuscript “Beaufort Hours” to honor his mother and associate her memory with Saint Katherine.

1402, John escorted Princess Blanche to Cologne for her marriage.

1403, John escorted Joan of Navarre [King Henry IV’s 2nd wife] from Brittany to England.

John Chamberlain of England & Captain of Calais.

1408, Margaret, given age 22, co-heir of her brother Edmund Holland, Earl of Kent.

1409, John represented the Knight of the Garter in a joust at Smithfield.

3/16/1410, John died at the Hospital of St Katherine-by-the-Tower, London; buried in Canterbury Cathedral, Kent.

1411, Margaret given age 26.

Margaret married Thomas, Duke of Clarence, s/o King Henry IV.

3/22/1420, Thomas slain at the Battle of Bauge in Anjou, France.

12/31/1439, Margaret died at St Saviour’s Abbey, Bermondsey, London; buried in Cantebury Cathedral, Kent with both of her husbands.

(S) The Royal Lineage of Our Noble and Gentle Families, 1883, Foster, P21. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P754. (S) Dictionary of English History, Low, 1910, P380. (S) Mistress of the Monarchy, Weir, 2007.

Children of John and Margaret:

i. Henry Beaufort, baptized 11/26/1401 in England.
Henry, 2nd Earl of Somerset, died unmarried 11/25/1418.

ii. John Beaufort, baptized 4/1404 in England.
1440, John created Knight of the Garter.
~1442, John married Margaret Beauchamp, widow of Oliver Saint John of Fonmon, Glamorgan [ggggd/o Walter de Beauchamp & Alice de Tony.]
8/28/1443, John Duke of Somerset & Earl of Kendal.
5/27/1444, John died; buried in Wimborne Minster, Dorset.
8/8/1482, Margaret died; buried in Wimborne Minster, Dorset.
(S) The King’s mother: Lady Margaret Beaufort, Underwood, 1993.
Margaret Beaufort, Born ~1442 in England.
She married Edmund Tudor, 13th Earl of Richmond; half-brother of King Henry VI.
Child: King Henry VII Tudor, King of England, born 1457, coronation 10/30/1485.

iv. Edmund Beaufort (184678), born 1406 in England.

v. Queen Joan Beaufort, born ? in England.
Joan married 1st King James I of Scotland.
Joan married 2nd James Stewart, “Black Knight of Lorn.”

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