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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bell 369358 & 369359

369358. Earl Richard Beauchamp & 369359. Elizabeth Berkeley {Bell}

2/1381, Richard born in Salwarpe, Worcester, England, heir & s/o 738716. Thomas Beauchamp & 738717. Margaret Ferrers.

~1386, Elizabeth born in England, heir & d/o 738718. Thomas Berkeley & 738719. Margaret Lisle.

Richard, Earl of Warwick, heredity Chamberlain of the Exchequer, heredity Sheriff of Worcester.

9/1392, Richard’s marriage covenant with Elizabeth, under age 7.

Bef. 10/5/1397, Richard married Elizabeth.

1402, Richard fought in Wales, defeating Owen Glendower and capturing his banner.

1403, Richard jousted at the coronation of Joan of Navarre, future Queen.

7/21/1403, Richard fought in the forces of King Henry IV against the Percy’s of Northumberland at the battle of Shrewsbury. Henry “Hotspur” Percy and his brother Thomas were killed.

1403, Richard appointed Knight of the Garter.
1408, Elizabeth had her father’s chaplain and secretary, John Walton, translate Boethius.

1408-1410, Richard traveled extensively overseas.

1414, Richard helped suppress the Lollard rebellion. [Sir John Oldcastle was plotting to overthrow the monarchy, seize or kill the king and his brothers, and introduce sweeping religious and social reforms according to his beliefs associated with the writings of John Wycliffe.]

1415, Elizabeth a legatee of her father’s will: his Daughter, the Countess of Warick, he thereby gave his best pair of Mattins, as also one gilt Cup with twenty pound contained therein.

1417, Richard a commander at the sieges in France.

7/1417, Elizabeth and her cousin James heirs to her father. [Leaving no male heirs, the inheritance would involve lawsuits for 2 centuries.] To Elizabeth went lands worth £725 a year, comprising the Lisle lands (£600 a year) and the manors of Awre and Bedminster with their hundreds (£125 a year). To nephew James went an estate worth £1,000 a year consisting of the lordship of Berkeley, and Portbury manor and hundred. (S) UKNA, Berkeley Castle Muniments.

1419, Richard created Earl of Aumale in France.

8/1422, Richard at the death of Henry V, and an exector of his will; and bequeathed the care of his infant son.

12/28/1422, Elizabeth died; buried at Kingswood abbey.

11/1423, Richard married Isabel le Despenser; widow of Richard Beauchamp, s/o William s/o 624678. Sir Thomas de Beauchamp & 624679. Katherine de Mortimer.

6/1/1428, Richard appointed the king’s Governor and Master, to instruct the king in maners, courtesy, letters and language, horsemanship, swordplay, and tilting. [Emperor Sigismund dubbed Richard “the Father of Courtesy.”]

11/6/1429, Richard took his ward Henry VI to his coronation.

1430, Richard argued against war with France; in opposition with the earl of Gloucester.

1431, Richard captured Poton de Xaintrailles near Beauvais in France.

11/12/1437, King Henry VI declared himself of age and released Richard as his governor. King Henry appointed Richard the King’s Lieutenant in France..

4/30/1439, Richard died at Rouen, Normandy, France; buried at St. Mary’s, Warwick.

(S) The Royal Lineage of Our Noble and Gentle Families, 1883, Foster, P21. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P58. (S) Warwick Castle and its Earls, Warwick, 1903. (S) The Wars of the Roses, Weir, 1995.

Children of Richard and Elizabeth:

i. Margaret Beauchamp, born ? in England.
Margaret married John Talbot.

ii. Eleanor Beauchamp (184679), born 9/1408 in Essex, England.

Children of Richard and Isabel:

i. Henry de Beauchamp, born ? in England.
1434, Henry married Cecily Neville, d/o 1901430. Earl Richard Neville & 1901431. Alice de Montagu.
1439, Henry made 14th Earl of Warwick on the death of his father.
4/14/1445, Henry created 1st Duke of Warwick.
6/11/1446, Henry died. [Only daughter Anne his hier died in 1449. Her heir was her aunt Anne.]

ii. Anne Beauchamp, born ? in England.
1434, Anne bethrothed to 1901430i. Earl Richard Neville, brother of Henry’s wife.

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