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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sir John Savile & Joan Harrington

92320. Sir John Savile & 92321. Joan Harrington   

~1440, John Sayvile born in Elland, Yorkshire, England, s/o 184640. John Savile & 184641. Alice Gascoigne.

1441, Jane born in Thornhill, Yorkshire, England, d/o 184642. Thomas Harrington & 184643. Elizabeth Dacre.

9/23/1459, John Savile, esquire, a Yorkist, fought with the Earl of Salisbury at the battle of Blore Heath in western England. Lord Audley led 10,000 royalists as directed by Queen Margaret, and set up an ambush of 5,000 Yorkists led by the Earl of Salisbury. Lord Audley was killed and the Yorkist army won a decisive battle.

The Yorkists made an advance on Worcestor. They encountered a superior royalist force and withdrew to Ludford. King Henry sent an offer of pardon to York at Ludford, which did not include pardons for Slaisbury and his associates [including John.]

10/12/1459, During the night, many Yorkist forces deserted. York, Salisbury, Warwick and Marche, went into exile. [John may have gone with Salisbury.]

10/14/1459, A commission was issued for John’s arrest.

3/29/1461, The battle of Towton in Yorkshire, a Yorkist victory. This battle was the largest and bloodiest fought on British soil. As many as 28,000 died at the battle between Towton and Saxton in Yorkshire. Yorkist forces, with a wind at their back in a blinding snow storm giving their archers and spearmen a significant advantage. [King Henry and Queen Margaret fled to Scotland.]

6/28/1461, Edward IV crowned at Westminster, beginning the House of York.

1462, Elizabeth, widow of Sir Thomas Harrington, made a settlement of the manors of Tatham and Heysham; they were to descend to James Harrington, Robert his brother and Margaret, Joan, Anne, Katherine and Agnes, their sisters. (S) BHO, Parish of Tatham.

6/20/1463, Quitclaim: John Rodehous of Thornhill to John Savile, all right to lands in Eland, Yorks. (S) UKNA.

1474-75, “Indenture Grant: John Savile of Thornhill knight to John Savile of Northland son of John Savile of Copley 3 acres in Skircoates.” (S) UKNA.

1476, “Indenture: Grant: Sir John Savile to John Savile of Holynghege, 5 acres waste land in Eland, Yorks.” (S) UKNA.

1477, “Indenture: Settlement: Sir John Savile, Manor of Eland, Yorks.” (S) UKNA.

By 1479, John , Knt., of Thornhill, Elland, etc. died. [It is believed he died in the Duke of Gloucester’s campaign in Scotland.]

1479, “Bond; John Sayvyle late of Eland, York. esq. to Chas. Pylkyngton, esq., in 50 marks.” [Also] (S) A record of commission of 9/23/1481 is addressed to the father and “grandson”. If this John were alive, he would have been named rather than his son.

(S) Yorkshire Arch. Journal, V25, 1920, PP1-47.

Family notes:

·         Since “John Savile” [1420–1479] the father, this John [~1440-?], and John the son [~1460–1504, knighted 1481,] all have the same name and title; it is possible/probable that some records may refer to any one of them. John’s father John seems to have been very active until about 1468, making records before that time likey his.

Children of John and Jane:

i. John Sayville (46160), born ~1460 in Yorkshire, England.

ii. Alice Sayvile, born ~1463 in England.

Alice married Sir William Calverley, the elder.

3/30/1503, Alice named in the will of her brother John.

9/10/1522, Alice wrote her will asking to be buried in Calverley church near her husband. (S) Reg. Test., ix, 235; Thoresby Soc., ix, 174.

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