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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sheriff William Denny & Agnes ?

92340. Sheriff William Denny & 92341. Agnes ?    

~1430, William Dene born in England, s/o §§Henry Dene.

1452-54, Plaintiffs: William Denny and Agnes his wife. Defendants: John Troutbek, chamberlain of Chester,`cousin' of the said Agnes. Subject: Profits of lands, etc of the said Agnes in Chester, of which defendant was `overseer.'. Cheshire. (S) UKNA.

7/1/1456, William’s father died.

1480, William, High Sheriff of Hertfordshire.

Bef. 1519, William and Agnes died. (S) Will of son Edmund.

(S) The Church Hist. of Britain:, Fuller, 1845, P536. (S) Genealogy of the Denny family in England and America, Denny, 1886.

Family notes:

·         Agnes, by this record, could be d/o of John Troutbeck’s sister Elizabeth that married Robert Knolles of North Mimms. [His known daughters were Anne married to Henry Frowick, and Elizabeth married to James Stracheley. Agnes’ age does fit the timeline.]

·         7/1/1456, Henry Dene of Gloucester died. (S) CFRs.

·         Henry Denny s/o §§John de Dene.

·         John de Dene served Henry V (1413-1422) in France, slain in battle; buried with Thomas, his 2nd son, “amidst the Kings of France in the Cathedral of St. Denis”.

Children of William and Agnes:

i. Edmund Denny (46170), born ~1465 in England.

ii. John Denny, born ? in England.

1511-16, John died.

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