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Monday, May 3, 2010

Bell 92348 & 92349

92348. James Pickering & 92349. Anne Moresby {Bell}

~1455, James born in Cumberland, England, s/o 184696. Sir James Pickering & 184697. Margaret Laffels.

~1465, Anne bon in England, d/o 184698. Christopher Moresby.

7/27/1482, “James Pykering, esquire, father of the said Christopher, whose heir he is, long before his death was seised of his manors of Methop and Hoton, otherwise Aldehoton, lands and tenements in Hoton and a yearly rent issuing from divers lands and tenements in Bles, so seised he by his charter.”

5/23/1497, “James was also seised of the manors of Killington and Thurbank.”

8/6/1497, James wrote his will. (S) 1518 Inquest.

Anne married 2nd Humfrey Conyngesby, knight, a King’s Justice.

1499, Anne, age 30 and more, at the IPM of her father.

1504-1508, Elizabeth, executrix and late the wife of Christopher Moresby, knight, and Humphrey Coningsby and Anne, his wife, daughter and heir of the said Christopher. v. Thomas Dacre, lord Dacre, Christopher, his brother, Mabel, lady Dacre, their mother, John Ratcliffe, and Robert Lamplewe, of Devyngley, and Isabel, his wife, late the wife of Thomas Ratcliff, esquire.: Bond given on behalf of Thomas Ratcliffe, grandfather of the said John, whose executors the said Christopher Dacre and Isabel are.: [Cumberland] (S) UKNA.

3/2/1508, “Humfrey Conyngesby, and Anne his wife, of the one part, and the said Christopher Pykering esq., son and heir of James and son and heir apparent of Anne, on the other part, …”.

10/5/1523, Anne died at Scaleby [her family home], her funeral conducted by her cousin, the Lord Dacre of the North. Her granddaughter Anne, d/o son Christopher who died in 1518, became her heir.

(S) New Hutton, Records relating to the Barony of Kendale: V1, 1923. (S) The Hist. and Antiquities of the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland, Nicolason, 1777, P263.

Family notes:

• Will of James from 1518 inquest of his son Christopher: “Anne his wife (now wife of Sir Humfrey Conyngesby, knight, one of the present king's justices), should have from issues of his lands etc., during the life of Margaret, his mother, 20 marks, and after Margaret's death lands and tenements to the value of 20 marks yearly clear, that each of his 3 sons, namely James, Thomas and William, should have from the issues of his lands and tenements £10 yearly during the minority of the aforesaid Christopher Pykering his (James’) son and heir, and that Anne should have the governance of James, Thomas and William, his sons during their minority. He also willed that Anne his daughter, should have at her marriage £200 from the issues of his lands and tenements and that Christopher Moresby should have of the issues and revenues of his lands and tenements 500 marks, which James owed Christopher for the marriage of Anne to him (James), and that his executors from the issues of his lands and tenements should find a priest to celebrate mass and other services for his soul for 7 years after his death, as is shewn in the inquest in Chancery after the death of the said James Pykeryng.”

Children of James and Anne: [2 daughters, 4 sons.]

ii. Christopher Pykering (46174), born 1485 in England.

v. James Pykering, born 1490 in England.
8/27/1518, James age 28 at the inquest of his brother Christopher.

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