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Monday, May 3, 2010

Lord James Pickering Esq. & Anne Moresby

92348. Lord James Pickering Esq. & 92349. Anne Moresby   

3/15/1454, James born in Yorkshire England, s/o 184696. Sir James Pickering & 184697. Margaret Laffels.

5/22/1455, 1st battle of St. Albans, considered the 1st battle of the 30-year War of the Roses.

7/10/1460, Battle of Northampton, a Yorkist victory. King Henry VI captured.

12/30/1460, James’ father died at the battle of Wakefield.

2/17/1461, 2nd battle of St. Albans, a Lancastrian victory. King Henry was rescued.

6/28/1461, Edward IV crowned at Westminster, beginning the House of York.

~1465, Anne born in Cumberland, England, d/o 184698. Christopher Moresby & 184699. Elizabeth Parr .

10/3/1470, Henry VI regained the throne of England.

5/11/1471, Edward IV regained the crown after the Battle of Tewkesbury.

1476, James Pykering, kinsman and heir of James, kt., proof of age, Yorks. (S) UKNA.

10/30/1476, To the escheator in York. Order to take fealty of James Pykering, kinsman of James Pykeryng knight; that is son of James son of Sir James Pykering, and to give him seisin of his grandfather's lands, taken into the king’s hand by reason of the grandson’s nonage, as the latter has now proved his age. (S) CCRs.

7/27/1482, “James Pykering, esquire, father of the said Christopher [assumed to be James’ brother], whose heir he is, long before his death was seised of his manors of Methop and Hoton, otherwise Aldehoton, lands and tenements in Hoton and a yearly rent issuing from divers lands and tenements in Bles, so seised he [this James] by his charter.”

8/22/1485, Henry VII succeeded Richard III as King of England.

5/23/1497, James enfeoffed Christopher Moresby, knt., …, Robert Moresby …, esquires, to the use of the said James Pykeryng, and to perform his will.

8/6/1497, James wrote his will. … “I James Pykerynge of Kyllyngton,’ co. Westmerland, esquire; to be buried as seems best to ‘Sir Cristofre Moresby my fadur in lawe and my wif,’ … wife to have 20 marks yearly out of such issues and profits during his mother’s life, and ‘when it shall fortune my modur to decesse,’ his heir to enfeoff his said wife of lands to that value instead; ‘unto ichon of my three sonns,’ James, Thomas and William, ‘duryng the nown age of Cristofre my son and heyre,’ 10l. yearly, ‘and if it fortune my said son Cristofre to disceas beyng within thage of xxj yers that than the xli. graunted to the next brother be devided to the two younger brothern duryng the noun age of the heyre and so from oon brother to the odir brother if they so fortune to decesse’; daughter Anne to have 300 marks to her marriage out of the said issues and profits; 500 marks thereout to be paid to his said ‘fadre in lawe,’ due to him ‘for the mariage of my wif his doughter and heyre’; to John, his brother, 100s. yearly during the nonage of his said heir, ‘upon his good beryng and dispocicion to my wif and my said cheldren’; ‘and all this my will fullfilled’ manors and lands to remain to his right heir; executors, his said wife and father-in-law; ‘and for the profe that this is my last will I have sett therto my seall at Kelyngton,’” … He died 2 May last. Christopher Pykeryng aged 13 and more, is his son and heir. (S) CIsPM.

5/2/1498, James died.

5/13/1498, Writ for IPM of James … He died 2 May last. Christopher Pykeryng aged 13 and more, is his son and heir. (S) CIsPM.


7/25/1499, Anne’s father died.

7/30/1499, Writ for IPM of Christopher Moresby, Knight. … seised of the under-mentioned manors of Moresby, Distyngton, &c. with the advowson of Moresby, in fee, … Elizabeth, his wife, who survives, … He died on the feast of St. James, the Apostle, last, … Anne Pykeryng, aged 30 and more, is his daughter and heir. (S) CIsPM.

Anne married 2nd Humfrey Conyngesby, knight, a King’s Justice.

1504-1508, Elizabeth, executrix and late the wife of Christopher Moresby, knight, and Humphrey Coningsby and Anne, his wife, daughter and heir of the said Christopher. v. Thomas Dacre, lord Dacre, Christopher, his brother, Mabel, lady Dacre, their mother, John Ratcliffe, and Robert Lamplewe, of Devyngley, and Isabel, his wife, late the wife of Thomas Ratcliff, esquire.: Bond given on behalf of Thomas Ratcliffe, grandfather of the said John, whose executors the said Christopher Dacre and Isabel are.: [Cumberland] (S) UKNA.

1504-1513, Plaintiffs: Elizabeth, executrix and late the wife of Christopher Moresby, knight, and Humphrey Conyngesby and Anne, his wife, daughter and heir of the said Christopher. Defendants: John, grandson of Thomas Ratcliff, esquire, Robert Lamplewe and Isabel, his wife, executrix and late the wife of the said Thomas, Thomas, lord Dacre, Christopher Dacre, his brother, and others. (S) UKNA, C 1/339/27.

1504-1513, Plaintiffs: Humphrey Conyngesby and Anne, his wife, daughter and heir of Christopher Moresby, knight. Defendants: Margaret and Cuthbert Musgrave. Subject: Detention of deeds relating to the castle and manor of Scaleby … (S) UKNA.

3/2/1508, “Humfrey Conyngesby, and Anne his wife, of the one part, and the said Christopher Pykering esq., son and heir of James and son and heir apparent of Anne, on the other part, …”.

4/21/1509, Henry VIII succeeded Henry VII as King of England.

1517, Will of son Christopher: … Appoints as exors. Humfrey Conyngisby and Anne his wife and …

8/27/1518, Inquest at Appulby … James Pykering, esquire, father of the said Christopher, whose heir he is … Anne his wife, daughter of Christopher Moresby, knight, … James died and Anne survived, and being solely seised, took to husband Humfrey Conyngesby knight, and so Humfrey and Anne were and still are seised.

10/5/1523, Anne died at Scaleby [her family home], her funeral conducted by her cousin, the Lord Dacre of the North. Her granddaughter Anne, d/o son Christopher who died in 1518, became her heir.

 (S) New Hutton, Records relating to the Barony of Kendale: V1, 1923. (S) The Hist. and Antiquities of the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland, Nicolason, 1777, P263.

Children of James and Anne: [2 daughters, 4 sons.]

ii. Christopher Pykering (46174), born 1485 in Cumberland, England.

v. James Pykering, born 1490 in England.

1510, Partition. Christopher, James and Elizabeth (wife of James) Pickering. Christopher Threlkeld and others. Estate of Sir Lancelot Threlkeld. (S) UKNA.

1515, Exemplification of judgement in the Court of King's Bench. Thomas Dudley and Grace his wife, James Pickering and Elizabeth his wife, William Pickering and [ ]fride, his wife. Sir Christopher Pickering. Lands in Oddendale, Crosby Ravensworth, Langdale etc. (S) UKNA.

8/27/1518, James age 28 at the inquest of his brother Christopher.

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