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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sir Edmund Knyvet & Eleanor Tyrell

92344. Sir Edmund Knyvet & 92345. Eleanor Tyrell    

1460, Eleanor born in Gipping, Suffolk, England, d/o 184690. Sir William Tyrell & 184691. Margaret Darcy.

2/22/1461, Eleanor’s father died.

6/28/1461, Edward IV crowned at Westminster, beginning the House of York.

1462, Edmund Knevet born in Norfolk, England, heir & s/o 184688. Sir William Knevit & 184689. Alice Grey.

4/4/1474, Edmund’s mother died.

11/20/1476, Release by Edmund Hungerford, knight, …, to John duke of Suffolk and Elizabeth duchess …, and William Knyvet, knights, Richard Fowler, Humphrey Forster, …, Edmund Knyvet, son of the said William Knyvet, …, of their right in the manors of Claxton and Helghton, co. Norfolk, and in the manors of Frostenden and Cretyng St. Olave, co. Suffolk, … (S) Ancient Deeds, V5, 1906, A.10956.

8/22/1485, Henry VII succeeded Richard III as King of England.

12/20/1494, “Appointment by William Knyvet of Edmund his son to receive seisin of same property from Godfrey Toppes and others Nevyll's attornies.” (S) UKNA, Norfolk Record Office.

1504, Edmund, Knt. of Buckenham, Norfolk, drowned at sea. [Died before his father.]


4/21/1509, Henry VIII succeeded Henry VII as King of England.

12/1512, Eleanor became the guardian of her grandchildren by her son Thomas, 3 sons and 2 daughters. Thomas had died in battle and Muriel in childbirth.

6/24/1513, Eleanor Knyvet, widow. Annuity of £10 for life. (S) L&Ps, F&D, Henry VIII, V1, 1920.

1514, Widow Eleanor named in the will of her father-in-law Sir William.            

7/1515, King’s book payments: Eleanor Knyvet, quarter's wages for the finding of Sir Th. Knyvett's children, £22 8s. 4d. (S) L&Ps, F&D, Henry VIII, V2, 1864.

3/20/1516, For Eleanor Knyvet, annuity of £10. (S) L&Ps, F&D, Henry VIII, V2, 1864.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P395. (S) Hist. of Norfolk, V1, 1805, Old-Bukenham.

Children of Edmund and Eleanor: [6 sons, 3 daughters]

i. Thomas Knyvet (46172), born ~1485 in Buckenham castle, Norfolk, England. [Heir]

ii. Anne Knyvet, born ? in England.

Anne married George Saint Leger.

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