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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bond 118836 Champernowne-Carew

118836. Sir Philip Champernowne & 118837. Katherine Carew {Bond}

~1479, Philip born in England, d/o 237672. Sir John Champernowne & 237673. Margaret Courtenay.

Bef. 1500, Catherine born at Mohun's Ottery, Devonshire, England, d/o 237674. Sir Edmund Carew & 237675. Catherine Huddesfield.

1503, Philip age 24.

8/2/1545, Philip died at Modbury, co. Devon.

(S) John Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, P455. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P273. (S) A Gen. and Heraldic … Commoners, Burke, 1835, P271.

Children of Philip and Catherine: [2 sons, 6 daughters]

i. Katherine Champernon, born ~1522 in England.
7/1536, Katherine appointed a waiting gentlewoman to Lady Elizabeth, age 3.
1537, Katherine appointed governess to Lady Elizabeth.
1545, Katherine married Sir John Ashley, a cousin of Anne Boleyn.
5/1554, Katherine, Governess to Princess Elizabeth, was arrested and imprisoned in the Fleet. Katherine was arrested for her involvement in the scandal of Elizabeth’s courtship with Sir Thomas Seymour.
1558-1568, Katherine chief gentlewoman of the privy chamber to Queen Elizabeth I.
Katherine married 2nd Otho Gilbert of Compton. [3 sons.]
Katherine married 3rd Walter Raleigh.
Sir Walter Raleigh, born ~1552 in England.
1584, Walter knighted by Queen Elizabeth I. Elizabeth treated Ralegh exclusively as a court favorite, to be enriched by monopolies and grants at the expense of her subjects, but she never gave him any great office, nor did she admit him to the council.
1585-89, Walter famous for explorations under his authority in the territory of Virginia.
7/19/1603, under new King James I, Walter committed to the Tower for conspiracy. He spent his time writing many treatises and the “History of the World”.
3/17/1617, Walter sailed for Guiiana after being released on a promise of finding a gold mine. His son was killed on this expedition which had little success. He returned to England.
10/29/1618, Sir Walter executed.

ii. Arthur Champernon (59418), born 1524 in England.