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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sir John Walshe & Jane ?

118834. Sir John Walshe & 118835. Jane ?   

Bef. 1517, John Walsshe born in Cathanger, Somerset, England, s/o 237668. John Walsh.

~1520, Jane born in England.

12/5/1536, Charter of John Walshe of Cathanger, Co. Somerset, Cleric, granting to Edward Karne, Doctor of Laws, all his land and tenements undermentioned … (S) UKNA.

5/17/1555, … indenture between said James and John Walshe of London, Esq, … 2 parcels of meadow called Stowye Mede and arable in Stowye Feldes … in tenure of Cicilia Clawse, Widow, and of Thomas Welshe, all in Cathanger and Stowye in Fyffett, Co. Somerset and parcel of inheritance of John Walshe, Esq, Father of said John Walshe of London, which said James bought to John Walshe, the Father. (S) UKNA, Devon Record Office.

11/5/1555, John, Reader in the Middle Temple bench. (S) A catalogue of notable Middle Templars, Hutchinson, 2003, P254.

1557, John, Member of Parliament for Somerset.

2/10/1558, John constituted a Justice of the Common Pleas.

1559, John Walsh, Sarjant at Lawe, owner of the manor house of Cathanger.

1563-72, John Walsh, esq., a Justice  of the Common Pleas. (S) UKNA, multiple records.

By 1464, Jane died. [Release of Cathanger to his son.]


6/3/1564, Release by John Walshe of Stowey, Co. Somerset, Esq. to John Walshe, one of the Justices of Queen's Bench, his Son, and Heir Apparent ?. (filio meo apparen) of all his claim in the mansion house of Cathanger in Manor of Cathanger, Co. Somerset, with app. in Cathanger, Stowey, and in Parish of Fyffett, Co. Somerset. (S) UKNA, Devon Record Office.

1565, John’s daughter Mary died.

6/5/1568, Indenture between John Walshe an Edmond Ploden of Shiplake, co. Berks, Esq. (S) UKNA.

1570-71, John’s father died.

2/3/1572, John wrote his will: To Sir Hugh Pawlet, Knt, one ring of gold,… to my son-in-law Lord Edward Seymour, “my long gilt cuppe called my sack cuppe”. My sister Broughton, … My cousin Buller’s wife … To Edward Seymour, my little boy, … not to disturb my half-brother Thomas Walsh … nephew Spelman … To Cuthbert Walsh … to Thomas Walshe his brother … To Thomasin Billinghone … nephew Henry Salisbury … Edward Salisbury (son of Geo. Salisbury) … Jone Salisbury, daughter of same … My sister Edwaie’s house … John Edwaye, under 10 … To Susan Walshe … (S) Abstracts of Somersetshire wills, etc., Volume 4, Crisp & Brown, 1889, P8.

2/10/1572, Indenture … between John Walshe, one of the Queenes Majestys of Comen plees … default, to the use of Edward Seamor Esq, (son of Edward Seamor Knt and Dame Mary his late wife, daughter of the said John Walshe and Jane his wife late by deceased) Thomas Walshe, halfbrother of said John Walshe, Lucy Browghton, now wife of Thomas Browghton Esq, one of the sisters of John Walshe, George Salysburye, son of Anne Salysburye, decd, one other of the sisters of said John, and Anne Spylman, now wife of Thomas Spylman Esq, in tail male successively, … (S) UKNA, Devon Record Office.

2/12/1572, John died; buried at Fivehead parish church. John had property at Fivehead, Curry Malet, Wrantage and Stowey. [His property held by Knight service to the Queen – see 6/12/1577 record of his son-in-law Edward Seymour.]

6/5/1572, John’s nephew George Salisbury proved his will.

(S) Peerage of England, Collins, 1822. (S) The particular description of the county of Somerset, Gerard, 1900, P63.

Child of John and Jane:

i. Mary Walsh (59417), born ~1535 in Cathanger, Somerset, England.

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