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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lord William Marshall & Katherine Leeke

156216. Lord William Marshall & 156217. Katherine Leeke    

By 1384, William born in Carolton, Nottingham, England, s/o 312432. John Marshall & 312433. Ellen de Thorp.

~1390, Katherine born in Holme, Nottingham, England, d/o 312434. Thomas Leeke & 312435. Margaret ?.           

5/11/1427, “Between William Marshall of Southmuskham, …, John Marshall of Southmuskham, junior, plaintiffs, and Thomas de Leek of Holme, next Newerk, and Margaret his wife, defendants. Thomas and Margaret receive 100 marks for land in Southmuskham, …”

4/6/1428, Dominus Henry Pierpount, knt., … to deliver to William Marshall, of Southmuskham, …

1431, William Marsshall of Mushcam … touching a demand of £923 14s 5d. … before the mayor and constable of the staple of Calais … William Marsshall … came not.

1433, William one of the landed gentry of co. Lincoln.

3/16/1450, Father William, his brother Stephen, and William’s son John witnessed a land conveyance at Muskham.

3/26/1450, “Katherine Marshall of Muskham” given a bequest in the will of Katherine Foster of Newark.

6/2/1454, … William Marshall, John Marshall, Thomas Alestre, … merchants of the said society … the king has granted that thay may ship wools as above …

1455, Merchants of the Staple of Calais to the King: … two obligations of Stephen Marshall, of North Muskham, William Marshall of South Muskham, and John Berton, … and William Marshall, the younger, of Newerk, merchant, …

7/1455, … at the wish of the lords of the king's council, and at the request of the said mayor and merchants, has delivered to the said mayor and merchants certain obligations on the subsidy on wool and woolfells, in which various merchants of the said staple are bound to the king …  Also another obligation of Stephen Marshal of North Muskham, William Marshal of South Muskham, and John Berton of the same, merchants, bound to the king and the aforesaid collectors, for £53 13s. 8d. (S) Parliament Rolls, 2005.

1458, Stephen Marshall of North Muskham transferred property to his brother William Marshall of South Muskham.

7/31/1462 at Newark, Stephen Marshall, of Northmuskham, to William Marshall merchant his brother, his heirs and assigns. Charter with warranty of all his tenements in Newerk upon the 'Brigge, … (S) CCRs, 7/4/1464.

William Marshall of Carolton, Nottinghamshire & Somercotes, Lincolnshire died.

(S) The Gentleman’s Mag., 1864, P782.

Child of William  and Katherine:

i. John Marshall (78108), born ~1405 in Carlton, Nottingham, England.

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