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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mayor Thomas Knolles & Joan Herkstede

156266. Mayor Thomas Knolles & 156267. Joan Herkstede

~1365, Thomas Knollys born in England, s/o 312532. Sir Robert Knolles & 312533. Constance ?.

~1373, Joan born in England, d/o §§William Herkstede.

Bef. 12/10/1371, Thomas’ grandfather died.

7/16/1377, Richard II crowned king of England.

1387-88, Thomas the Warden of the Grocer’s Co. (S) Hist. of Parliament, Roskell, 1993.

7/2/1388, Guardianship of Johanna, daughter of the above William Herkstede, …, committed by Nicholas Extone, the Mayor, … Sureties, viz., Walter Neutone and Thomas Knolles, pepperers. (S) Letter-Books of London, 1907, Folio ccxxviii.

1389, Thomas named an executor of his father’s will. (S) Hist. of Parliament, Roskell, 1993.

9/24/1389, Richard Hatfeld, one of the sureties …, rendered account … before …, and Thomas Knolles, auditors appointed by Nicholas Twyford, Knt., the Mayor. (S) Letter-Books of London, 1907, Folio lxxiv.

1391, Beatrix Mountviron, widow of William Bakton, sold her 4th of the manor North Mimms, Hertford, to Thomas Knolles and Joan his wife for a 100 marks of silver. … [This Thomas Knolles, lord of all the manor of North Mimms, died in 1435–6, and left as his heir a son Thomas, who, like his father, is called citizen and grocer of London. He devised the manor to his son Robert, who came into possession in 1446, and in that year settled it on himself and his heirs, with remainder to his brother Richard, in tail male.] (S) Hist. of Hertford, V2, 1908, North Mimms.

5/29/1392, Writ to the Mayor, Sheriffs, and Aldermen [of London] to appear before the King and his Council at Notyngham … [return list of those attending] … John Hende, Mayor … Thomas Knolles … (S) Letter-Books of London, 1907, Folio cclxx.

9/21/1393, Thomas Knolles one of those present at the election of the sheriffs of London. Thomas chosen as an auditor of accounts. (S) Memorials of London, Letter-Book H. fol. cclxxxiii.

3/6/1394, Thomas Knolles an alderman of London for Dougate. (S) Letter-Books of London, 1909, Folio ccxci.

9/21/1394, Thomas Knolles elected Sheriff of London by the ‘Commonalty’. (S) Letter-Books of London, 1909, Folio ccxcvi b.

1397, Petitioners: Thomas Knolles, citizen of London; ... Odyham; Geoffrey Broke, citizen of London; Walter Neuton (Newton), citizen of London. Letter requesting that the king present Bromley to the chantry chapel established by Bole in the parish church of St Antholin vacant on the resignation of Pykon. (S) UKNA.

10/1/1398, Presentation to R. bishop of Lond, of Philip Cook, chaplain, nominated this turn by Thomas Knollys, … citizens of London, parishionher of the better sort, … (S) CPRs.

1399, Thomas, Mayor of London, a member of the Grocers company in London. (S) UKNA.

9/29/1399, Imprisoned Richard II resigned as king of England.

1399, Thomas, as mayor, is presented with 33 articles of charges against Richard II including ordering the murder of the Duke of Gloucester in the castle of Calais. (S) Chronicles of London Bridge, Thomson, 1862, P153.

10/13/1399, Henry IV crowned king of England.

10/30/1399, Thomas Knolles, mayor of London and escheator. (S) CFRs.

11/1399, Presentation to a Chantry in the Hermitage of Cripulgate. John de Rither was admitted to the Chantry aforesaid, by Thomas Knolles, Mayor of London. (S) Memorials of London, Riley, 1868.

1400, Thomas, Mayor of London, directed the rebuilding of the Guildhall. (S) UKNA, C 241/189/83.

1402-03, Grantor: St. Helen's Priory, London (Joan Parles, prioress). Grantee: Thomas Knolles and Robert Fitz Robert, citizens and grocers of London. Place or subject: Quit-claim of two tenements in the parish of St. Mary Aldermary and a shop in the parish of St. Antholin. County: London. (S) UKNA, LR 14/278.

3/24/1404, Master John Oudeby, clerk, John Haddeley, Thomas Knolles and Richard Merlawe, treasurers of the wars, to receive all the moneys forthcoming in respect of the subsidy …, receiving in those offices, according to the form of the grant aforesaid, 100 marks a year each. (S) CFRs.

11/5/1404, Presentation, at the nomination of Thomas Knollys, … parishioners of the church of St. Antoninus, London, of William Gyles, chaplain … (S) CPRs.

7/31/1406, William Bramptone, and Thomas Knolles, Aldermen, and both Sheriffs. (S) Letter-Books of London, 1909, Folio lvi.

1408-09, Thomas Knolles, citizen and alderman of London. (S) UKNA.

1407, Robert’s father died, buried with military honors in Whitefriars, London. (S) North Mymms Hist. Project.

1409-10, Thomas, Mayor of London.

6/1/1409, Licence, for 20 marks … by Richard Berners, esquire, for him to enfeoff Richard Norton, … of the manor of Westhorsele, co. Surrey, with the advowson of the church of Westhorsele, held of the king, for these to grant the same to Thomas Knolles, citizen and alderman of London, … and for these to grant the same to the said Richard Berners and Philippa his wife for life. (S) CPRs.

1/29/1410, Thomas Knolles, the mayor, appointed to be Commissioner for gaol-delivery of Newgate. (S) Letter-Books of London, 1909.

5/29/1411, Inquisition held before Thomas Knolles, the Mayor and King's Escheator. (S) Letter-Books of London, 1909.

7/1/1411, Commission of oyer and terminer, to meet at the Tower of London, to Thomas Knolles, mayor of London, William Gascoigne, … touching certain treasons, … committed in the city and suburbs of London. (S) CPRs.

1/1412, The King issued letters patent appointing the Mayor, the Sheriffs, and 2 of the richest and most powerful Aldermen of the City—viz., Richard Whityngton and Thomas Knolles—to be Commissioners for ascertaining who were liable for a new tax. (S) Letter-Books of London, 1909, Introduction. [Thomas assessed at £37 14s. 6d.]

12/10/1412, Commission to William Walderne, mayor of London, … and Thomas Knolles, … to find out … which are the merchants of Spain and which of the king’s enemies … (S) CPRs.

4/9/1413, Henry V crowned king of England.

11/15/1413, Debtor: Peter Cassy of Worcs. Creditor: Hugh Mortimer, esquire, and John Hotoft of Leics., esquire. Amount: £26 13s. 4d. Before whom: Thomas Knollys, Mayor of London. (S) UKNA.

6/12/1414, William, son of John Drew, late grocer, an orphan. The guardianship of the above orphan and of his property committed by William Crowmer, the Mayor, and John Proffyt, the Chamberlain, to Thomas Knolles, junior, grocer Sureties, viz., Thomas Knolles, senior, and Robert Chichely, grocers. (S) Letter-Books of London, 1909, Folio cxxxiv.

5/20/1416, Licence … by John de Norton of the county of Southampton … to enfeoff Thomas Knolles of London, ‘grocer’, … of the manor of Estistede, co. Southampton … (S) CPRs.

10/1416, Thomas represented London in parliament. (S) Hist. of Parliament, Roskell, 1993.

6/22/1417, Thomas lord of Berkeley; and Walter Poole, Gilbert Deneys, knights, Thomas Knolles, citizen of London, Thomas Rugge, John Grevell, Robert Greyndour and Thomas Sergeant, esquires. … Thomas has granted to Walter and the others all the lands, holdings, reversions, services [etc.] which he has bought in Berkeley, Wotton, Gloucester … (S) UKNA.

1417-18, William Swanlond granted to Thomas Knolles a rent due to him from Matilda, Lady Scales, for a tenement in North Mimms. (S) Hist. of Hertford, V2, 1908, North Mimms.

3/1/1418, Indenture between the King and the following citizens, who had advanced money for the King's expedition abroad, viz., … Thomas Knolles (£200), … (S) Letter-Books, of London, 1909, Folio ccxviii b.

5/1421, Thomas loaned the king £267. (S) Hist. of Parliament, Roskell, 1993.

5/20/1422, John Lawneye citizen and grocer of London to Thomas Knolles citizen and grocer of London the elder, … Quitclaim of 7 messuages, a garden and a 'kaye' in Bishops Lenne, … (S) CCRs.

3/12/1424, “Court of Thomas Knollys: View of Frankpledge of which ¾ belong to Wm Swanlond & ¼ to Thomas Knollys.” (S) UKNA.

1428, William Swanlond sold his remaining 3 parts of manor of North Mymms to Thomas. [Thomas and Joan bought the other part in 1391.]

1428, 1429, “Court of Thomas Knollys lord of the Manor.” [of North Mymms] (S) UKNA.

11/25/1428, Thomas Knolles the elder, citizen and grocer of London, … Thomas Knolles the younger, citizen and grocer of London, … querents, … (S) Feet of Fines.

6/14/1429, … Thomas knolles of London, the elder, grocer, … executors of Richard Cliderowe, esquire, toughing a plea … (S) CPRs.

1431, Joan died. (S) South Mimms, Cass, 1877, P106.

5/26/1432, Thomas wrote his 1st will. I, Thomas Knolles senior, citizen and grocer of London, … bequeath to Robert Wydyton, citizen and grocer of London, … Which tenement with appurtenances I, Thomas, together with dom. John Snell clerk once had to myself, … [all of the will deals with the disposition of the tenement.] (S) Florilegium Urbanum, Lambeth Palace Library.

(S) South Mimms, Cass, 1877, P106.

6/17/1434, Geoffrey Wyke clerk to Thomas Knolles the elder and Thomas Knolles the younger citizens and grocers of London. General release of all actions, suits, plaints and demands. (S) CCRs.

5/20/1435, Thomas wrote his 2nd will. In the name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Knolles senior, citizen and grocer of London … to be buried in the church of St. Antholin, London. … I bequeath to my son Thomas Knolles each and all household items, decorations, utensils, cloths, bed fittings, table linens, precious objects and vessels of gold and silver, whether gilded or not, that are part of my residence – that is, in the hall, the chamber, the storeroom, the kitchen, and other parts of my house. I bequeath to my son William Knolles £66.13s.4d, … I bequeath £66.13s.4d to each of Robert and Richard, sons of my son Thomas Knolles, and to Beatrice his daughter; it is my wish that all those children of my son Thomas, while they are in their minority and until they are married, together with the £200 I have bequeathed them, be and remain in the custody, under the control, and at the disposition of the children's father Thomas Knolles … I bequeath to my daughters Beatrice, Margery, and Margaret – that is, to each of them – a gold ring worth a hundred shillings. I bequeath to Joan the wife of Robert Shelley esq. a gold ring worth a hundred shillings. … £6.13s.4d to my servant John Helder. I bequeath £3.6s.8d to my servant Alice Geret. I bequeath 40s. to my servant Alice Haukyns. … my son Thomas Knolles my chief executor … (S) Florilegium Urbanum, Lambeth Palace Library. (S) South Mimms, Cass, 1877, P106.

6/29/1435, Codicil to Thomas’ will: I, Thomas Knolles senior, citizen and grocer of London, … with regard both to my brewhouse called the Crane on the Hoop with its appurtenances in Fleet Street in St. Dunstan's parish in the suburbs of London, … to mag. Reginald Kentwode, dean of the cathedral church of St. Paul of the city of London and to the chapter of that place … to the dean and chapter of St. Paul's church … my entire shop with dwellings built above and its appurtenances in the parish of St. Michael Cornmarket. … I make, designate and appoint as my executors my son Thomas Knolles, … (S) Florilegium Urbanum, Lambeth Palace Library.

7/1435, Thomas, Alderman of Cordwainer Ward, London, died. (S) Aldermen of the City of London, 1912. [Thomas buried at St. Antholin’s church.]

Family notes:

·         1420’s: Thomas claimed to have been cheated of property left to him in West Cheap, London, by his father, Richard Knolles. (S) Hist. of Parliament, Roskell, 1993.

·         Thomas is in many records sending letters about the presentation of a person to a church in London. (S) Letter-Books of London, 1909.

·         Thomas is in many records delivering money for deceased individuals …

·         Sir Thomas buried with his wife, Joan, in St Antholin’s Church in the north aisle. On their tomb was the following epitaph: (S) Antient Funeral Monuments, Weever, 1767, P189.

Here lyeth graven undyr this ston

Thomas Knolles, both flesh and bon,

Grocer and Alderman yeres fortye,

Sheriff, and twis Maior truly:

And for he should not ly alone,

Here lyeth wyth him his good wyff Jone:

They weren togeder sixty yere,

And nineteen children they had in feer;  

Now ben they gon wee them miss:

Christ have there Sowlys to heven bliss. Amen.

Child of Thomas and Joan: [2 sons, 3 daughters]

i. Thomas Knowles (1901516), born ~1390 in London, England.

ii. Beatrice Knolles, born ? in London, England.

iii. Margery Knolles, born ? in London, England.

Margery married John Chichele, Chamberlain of London in 1434.

iv. William Knolles, born ? in London, England.

v. Margaret Knolles (78133), born ~1420 in London, England.

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