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Saturday, May 8, 2010

G18: 156266

156266. Thomas Knolles & 156267. Isabel ?

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~1390, Thomas born in England, s/o 1901516. Sir Thomas Knollys & 1901517. Joan ?.

11/25/1428, Thomas Knolles the elder, citizen and grocer of London, … Thomas Knolles the younger, citizen and grocer of London, … querents, … (S) Feet of Fines.

1435, Thomas’ father died.

11/23/1436, Commission to … doctors of law, Thomas Knolles, citizen and grocer of London, to hear and determine the appeal made to the king’s audience by Lewis de Alzats, merchant of Genoa, … (S) CPRs.

1442, Thomas Knolles and Henry Frowyk, aldermen, appointed to supervise the construction of the chapel at Guildhall. (S) The London Guildhall, 2007. [There names were later found on “foundation stones”.]

6/7/1442 at London, Thomas named an exector in the will of John Welles, who left him “my psalter written in Latin and my best god chain with a cross dependent with diamonds …” (S) Medieval & Tudor Kent Wills at Lambeth, Bk 23, P257.

Isabel died.

2/8/1445, Thomas wrote his will: Isabel deceased, son Robert left the manor of North Mimms, sons Richard and John, daughter Beatrice a nun at Dartford, daughter Johanna wife of William Baron, daughter Isabella.

(S) Peerage of England, 1812, Collins, P585.

Family notes:
• Thomas buried with his wife, Isabel, in St Antholin’s Church in the north aisle. On their tomb was the following epitaph:
• Thomas Knolles lyeth undre this ston
• And his wyff Isabell, flesh and bone;
• They weren togeder nyntene yere,
• And x chyldren they had in fere.
• His Fader and he to this Chyrch
• Many good dedys they did wyrch.
• Example by him ye may see
• That this world is but vanitie;
• For, wheder he be smal or gret, All sall turne to wormy mete.
• This seyd Thomas was leyd on Bere
• The eighth day the moneth Fevrer,
• The date of Jesu Crist truly
• An Mcccc five and forty.
• Wee may not prey, hertely prey ye
• For owr Soulys, Pater Noster and Ave,
• The sooner of owr peyne lessid to be,
• Grant us the holy trinite. Amen

Children of Thomas and Isabel:

i. Richard Knollys (950758), born 1414 in England.

ii. Margaret Knolles (78133), born ~1435 in England.

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