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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bond 158744 & 158745

158744. Thomas Malet & 158745. Johanna Wadham {Bond}

~1440, Thomas born in Enmore, Somerset, England, s/o 317488. Lord Hugh Malet & 317489. Joan Roynan.

~1440, Johanna born in Merrifield, Somerset, England, d/o 317490. John Wadham.

1461, Thomas married Joan. (S) Deed of Thomas’ father in 1461; Agreement of fathers 1460-65.

1462, 20 Edward IV. Indenture of covenants between Thomas Malet, Esq., of the one part, and Edmund Ashley, Esq., of the other part. That is to say, that Thomas Ashley, son and heir of the said Edmund, shall marry before the Feast of the Nativity Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the said Thomas Malet. And the said Edmund shall assure twenty marks of yearly rents in Ashley, Sidbury, Trobridge, Bradford, and Salisbury, in the county of Wilts. And that the said Thomas Malet shall pay £100, with divers other covenants. (S) Sir Wm Pole’s MSS., Vol. I, Sup. II, P20.

1467, Thomas executed a deed: Omnibus, etc. Thomas Malet filius Hugonis, Armiger, sal: cum Robertus Stawell et Robertus Ronyon, Armigeri, et Willu's Bovez demiserunt, etc. Johannae Malet matri meae, nuper uxori Hugonis Malet, maneria mea de Sutton Malet, etc. Tes't Reginaldo Stourton, Milite, Rich: Warre, Nich: Francis, John Sidenham de Orchard, Jacobo Fitzjames et Philippo Pim. Dat: a'o 6'to Edward Iv. (S) Sir A.M.'s MSS., Vol. I, Sup. II, P13-4.

Thomas 2nd married Elizabeth ?. (S) Thomas’ will.

Thomas 3rd married Isabella Courtney, d/o Sir William Courtney.

1481, Thomas made a £100 marriage covenant for his daughter Elizabeth. (S) Family notes.

1491, “…Thos. Malet to John Paynne (1491); lands in Enmore …”. (S) UKNA.

8/28/1500, Thomas wrote his will, Isabel named executrix. [Recorded 7/24/1501]. Thomas Malett, Aug. 28, 1500 [Blamyn.] – To be buried in the Church of St. Michael Enmore, Som't–My son Wm Malet to have the manor of Corypool – Isabel my wife – My son Baldwyn Malet to have the Manor of West Quantockshead – William Malet to find a priest at Enmore to pray for me and for the souls of Sir Baldwin Malet and Dame Avise his wife [grandparents], of Hugh Malet and Johanna his wife [parents], of Thomas Malet and Jone, Elizabeth, and Isabel, his wives, in perpetuity – Isabel my wife to have Sutton Malet for her life – She to be executrix – My daughter Margaret – and Jesus have mercy of my soul. (S) Extract of Rev. F. Brown. (S) Somerset Medieval Wills, Weaver, 1903, P10.

7/9/1501 Thomas died in Somerset, England, buried in the church of St. Michael, Enmore. (S) Family notes.

11/12/1502, an inquest was held into Thomas’ estate. Inquest: Thomas Malet held land in Enmer and some of Eleanor Strangwysh, etc. – Isabella his wife survived her husband – Advowson of Charlinch, Manor of Sutton Malet, Lydeard Malet alias Punchardon, of West Quantockshead, and of Corypool and Charlinch – Charta quoted – Baldwin is a yougner son of the said Thomas – Thomas Malet died July 9 last – William his son aged 30 and more. (S) Inq: post-mortem at Bridgwater, Nov. 12, 17 Henry VII.

Children of Thomas and Joan:

i. Elizabeth Malet, born ~1462.
1481, Elizabeth married John Ashley, s/o Thomas.
~1500 Elizabeth 2nd married Hugh Trow.

ii. William Malet (79372), born ~1471.

iii. Baldwin Malet, born ~1473.
7/9/1501 Baldwin inherited West Quantockshead (St. Audries) from his father.
5/20/1513, Baldwin involved with Robert Bykcombe in a grant. (S) See Robert this date.

iv. Margaret Malet, born ~1475.

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