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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lord Thomas Bruyn Esq. & Elizabeth ?

237648. Lord Thomas Bruyn Esq. & 237649. Elizabeth ?   

~1430, Thomas Brune born in Hampshire, England, heir & 2nd s/o 475296. Maurice Brune & 475297. Elizabeth Radford.

~1440, Elizabeth born in England.

11/4/1455, Thomas Bruyn, esquire ; escheator for Southampton and Wilts. (S) CFRs.

1/30/1456, Court roll. Manor of: Tywardrayth. Inquiry whether John Blake with his pigs destroyed linen and hemp (linium et kanap') of Thomas Bruyn. (S) UKNA.

11/30/1461, Sir Henry Brune, older brother of Thomas, died leaving 2 daughters and no male heir. Thomas became the male heir to their father.

11/5/1462, “Thomas Bruyn, Esq” the Patron for Henry Couper as Rector of S. Mary the Virgin church in Rowner.

11/8/1466, Thomas heir to his father.

~1472, Thomas married Elizabeth.                                               

1472, Thomas an elector for Hampshire.

1472-75, Thomas M.P. for Portsmouth.

4/14/1475, Of lands in Alverstoke called "Idefroudes" in Porstmouth, outside the Isle of Wight … Witness: Thomas Bruyn, gent., … (S) UKNA.

1476, Gift in Trust … Richard Hyke to … Thomas Brune … Land in Pashill, Tavistock [Devon]. (S) UKNA.

Elizabeth died before Thomas.

1/30/1482, “Thomas le Bruyn”, male heir of Sir Henry & Maurice, had license to enter upon his lands.

3/24/1485 at Westminister, Commission to John Audeley of Audeley, knight, … to enquire into the petition of Thomas Bruyn, esquire, … land in … Essex … to Robert de Merney for life with remainder to Ingelram Bruyn and the heirs male of his body … and had issue Maurice Bruyn … and the same granted to him and Elizabeth and the heirs … for the life of the said Elizabeth without impeachment of waste, with remainder to the said Maurice and the heirs male of his body, and the said Maurice died and the said Elizabeth afterwards died and the said Thomas Bruyn, as son and heir male of Maurice … “. (S) CPRs, 1901, P530.

5/9/1486, Thomas the Patron for John Tesedale as Rector of S. Mary the Virgin church in Rowner.

3/19/1487, Thomas the Patron for William Boleyne as Rector of S. Mary the Virgin church in Rowner.

4/27/1497, Thomas died; son William heir to Rowner manor. (S) A Hist. of the Co. of Hampshire, V3, 1908.

11/14/1499, IPM of Thomas Bruyn. He died 27 April, 12 Henry VII, seised of the under-mentioned manors, &c. in fee, William Bruyn, aged 25 and more, is his son and heir. Hants: Manor, or lordship, of Fordyngbridge, worth 10 marks … (S) CIsPM.


1497-1500, Plaintiffs: Mercy, late the wife of Thomas Bruyn, esquire. Defendants: William Bruyn, son and heir of the said Thomas. Subject: The manors of Fordingbridge and Rowner. Hampshire. (S) UKNA.

(S) The Gentleman’s Magazine, 1822, P319, Amorial Decorations of Fonthill Abbey. (S) The Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England, Banks, 1837, P164.

Family notes:

·         Elizabeth ‘Sturmy’, given as wife of Thomas, cousin and eventual co-heir of William Esturmy (d.1427), Knt., of Wolf Hall. (S) Reliquary and Illustrated Archaeologist, Volumes 7-8, 1867, P170. The family inheritance of William Esturmy, Knt., comes not through Thomas Bruyn, but through is son William’s wife Catherine Ringborn.

·         1512, Rowan manor went to his William Brune’s nephew John Brune, s/o his brother John.

Children of Thomas and ?:

i. William Brune, born 1474 in England.

William married Catherine Ringborn, d/o William Ringbourne, s/o William Ringbourne & Agnes Esturmy.

·         1464, On the death of Sir John Seymour, g/so and coheir of Matilda Sturmy, d/o Sir William Sturmy of Wolf Hall, Wiltshire, Robert Rigbourne held a moiety of the estates from his mother Agnes.

·         1487, Robert Ringbourne, older brother of William, died leaving William as the heir.

·         5/6/1510, William the Patron for Thomas Butler as Rector of S. Mary the Virgin church in Rowner.

·         1512, William Ringbourne died leaving his daughter Catherine as his heir.

Son of William & Catherine: Thomas Bruyn, died 1539 without heirs, his estates falling to decendents of his uncle John Brune.

(S) Parochial and Family Hist. of the Deanery of Trigg Manor, V2, Maclean, P216.

ii. John Brune (118824), born ~1476 in England.

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