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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sir John Seymour & Margery Wentworth

237664. Sir John Seymour & 237665. Margery Wentworth    

1475, John born in England, s/o 475328. John Seymour & 475329. Elizabeth Darell.

~1475, Margery born in England, 2nd d/o 475330. Henry Wentworth & 475331. Anne Saye.

1474-75, Agreement made between Dame Elizabeth Waldegrave, late the wife of Thomas Waldegrave, knight, and Henry Wentworth, esquire, in consideration of the marriage of William Waldegrave, son of the said Thomas and Elizabeth, with Margery daughter of the said Henry, for the settlement of lands of the yearly value of £40. (S) UKNA. [Marriage apparently never took place.]

6/26/1483, Richard III succeeded Edward V as King of England.

10/1491, John age 16, succeeded his father, and became Warden of Savernake forest.

10/24/1492, IPM of John Seymour, Esq. He died on the Friday before All Hallows, 7 Hen. VII, seised of the under-mentioned lands in fee. John Seymour, aged 18 and more, is his son and heir. Gloucester: Eleven messuages and 4 virgates of land in Magattisfild and Barton Hundred beside Bristol, worth 6l., held of the King, as of the honor of Gloucester. (S) CIsPM.

12/26/1493, Wardship and marriage of John Seymour granted to Sir Henry Wentworth (father-in-law). (S) Seymours of Wolf Hall, Loades, 2015.

6/17/1497, John a commander of forces at the battle of Blackheath in Kent; Knighted by the King Henry VII in the field of battle for his valor. Ill-armed Cornish men from Devon and Somerset were commanded by James Touchet, Lord Audeley of Heleigh. The small army chanced upon King Henry VII’s 10,000 men organized for an invasion of Scotland under Lord Daubeney. About 200 of the Cornish men were killed, many had already fled prior to the battle.

11/28/1497, To the escheator in Somerset. Order to take fealty of Sir John Seymour son of John Seymour esquire and to give him seisin of his father's lands, saving to Elizabeth, widow of the said John, her reasonable dower: since he has proved his age before John Uvedale, late escheator in Wilts, and for half a mark paid in the hanaper. (S) CCRs.

1498, John, Sheriff of Wiltshire. (S) UKNA.

9/18/1498, Grant by Richard Beauchamp, knight, lord of St. Amand's, Robert Wylloughby, knight, lord Broke, Walter Hungerford, knight, Thomas Blunte, knight, …, to Edward Darell, knight, and Joan his wife, of the manors of Litecote, Knyghton, and Thrope by Ramesbury. … Witnesses:- John Cheyne, knight, Christopher Wroughton, knight, John Seymour, knight, … (S) UKNA.

By 2/27/1501, Margery’s father died.

11/1502, Privy of expenses for Elizabeth, Queen of Edward IV ... Paid to John Duffin for riding ... thence to the forest of Savernak to Sir John Seymour for bucks for the King’s grace, ... (S) Hist. Mil. & Mun. of Marlborough, Waylen, 1854, P75.

By 1503, John, Steward of the duke of Buckingham’s lands in Wiltshire.

1508, John sheriff of Wiltshire.

1509, John attended the funeral of King Henry VII.

4/21/1509, Henry VIII succeeded Henry VII as King of England.

1510, Letters patent of general pardon to Sir John Seymour, in time of late, and Margery his wife, daughter of Sir Henry Wentworth, decd. (S) UKNA.

1511, John attended the funeral of Prince Henry.

6/1512, John part of the invasion forces of King Henry VIII landing at Calais, on ships commanded by Admiral Edward Howard, the army commanded by Thomas Grey, 2nd Marquess of Dorset.

8/22/1512, John at the siege of Therouanne.

8/16/1513, John at the Battle of Guinegate in France, known as the Battle of Spurs because the French were completely routed. A French cavalry had been sent to the relief of the village. The French forces quickly retreated, leaving several notables including the famous knight Bayard as captives.

1513, After serving Henry VIII in wars in France and Flanders, John conferred a Knight-banneret for his gallantry.

11/1513, Dismissal of the Army. Record of payments to the following captains: …  Sir Anthony Hungerford, rec. by John Seymour. (S) Letters and Papers, Henry VIII, V1, 1920.

1514, John returned with King Henry’s forces to England. He complained that the bishop of Salisbury’s servants had killed deer in Savernake forest, which the bishop denied.

1516, John sheriff of Dorset and Somersetshire.

1518, John, a knight of the body of the King, granted the office of constable of Bristol castle.

1518-19, John, heir of Wolf Hall through one daughter Matilda of Sir William Sturmy, sued for half of the manor of Wolf Hall by Thomas Bruyn, descendent of the other daughter Anges.

1519 & 1525, John sheriff of Wiltshire.

1520, John attended the King on the interview with French King Francis I.

5/27/1522 at Cantebury, John appointed to attend the King at the visit of Emperor Charles V.

10/2/1529, John a feoffee of Sir Walter Hungerford of the manor of Heytesbury.

1531, John 1 of 5 of co. Wilts appointed to enquire into the possessions of Cardinal Wolsey.

1532, John attended the King as one of the “grooms of the chamber” on his trip to Boulogne to visit Francis I.

10/1535, John entertained Henry VIII at Elvetham, Hampshire. (S) Hist. of Hampshire, V4, 1911.

5/30/1536, John’s daughter Jane became the 3rd wife of King Henry VIII.

12/21/1536, John died, age 60; buried in the church of Easton priory [his body later moved in 1590 to the church of Great Bedwin, Wilts.]

4/21/1539, & 5/6/1547, Receipts … paid by the Earl of Hertford, Duke of Somerset, … from: (a) Margery, widow of Sir John Seymour, [mother of the Protector], for half-yearly payments of £30 on account of her jointure. (S) UKNA.

10/1550, Margery died, son Henry executor of her will.

(S) Peerage of England, Collins, 1812, P149. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P554. (S) Hist. of Parliament, Bindoff, 1982.

Family notes:

·         Margery celebrated in the poetry of John Skelton.

Children of John and Margery: [6 sons, 4 daughters]

i. John Seymour, born ?.

7/15/1520, John died unmarried.

ii. Edward Seymour (118832), born ~1500 in England.

iii. Queen Jane Seymour, born 1508 in England.

[Her birth date is usually given as 1509, but at her funeral 29 women walked in succession indicating 1508.]

1532, Jane Maid of Honor to Queen Catherine.

5/30/1536, Jane, the 3rd wife of King Henry VIII. [10 days after the execution of Queen Anne Boleyn – never crowned.]

10/24/1537, Jane died 12 days after giving birth to her son prince Edward; buried at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor castle. Her step daughter, future Queen Mary, was chief mourner.

Children: King Edward VI, born 10/12/1537 at Hampton Court, Richmond on Thames. 1/28/1547, he became King of England. 7/6/1553, age 15, he died at Greenwich, buried in Westminster Abbey.

iv. Sir Henry Seymour, born 1514 in England.

1547, Henry made a Knight of the Bath at the coronation of Edward VI.

Henry married Bargara Morgan, d/o Thomas, Esq.

1550, Henry executor of his mother’s will.

1551, Henry in the King’s service had a yearly grant of £202, 6s, 9d.

1578, Henry died.

v. Baron Thomas Seymour, born ?.

2/16/1547, Thomas created Baron Seymour of Sudley, and soon after Admiral of England.

One of 12 executors of the will of Edward VI.

Thomas received the King’s approval to marry Catherine, Henry VIII’s last wife.

Catherine died under mysterious circumstances.

1/19/1548, Thomas arrested for conspiring against the government and sent to the Tower by his brother’s enemy John Sudley.

3/10/1548, Thomas was beheaded, leaving a child Mary who died as an infant.

vi. Elizabeth Seymour, born ?.

Elizabeth married 1st Anthony Oughtred. (S) Essay Towards … Norfolk, V9, 1808, Elham.

Elizabeth married 2nd Gregory, Lord Cromwell.

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