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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sir John Hawes

237694. Sir John Hawes  

~1445, John Haws born in England, s/o §§John Hawe.

6/28/1461, Edward IV crowned at Westminster, beginning the House of York.

Aft. 9/1464, John’s father died.

10/8/1468, Thomas Beskeney, 'yoman' of Soham co. Cambridge, to John Hawes and Thomas Hawes 'haberdasshers' of London, … Gift of all his goods … (S) CCRs.

6/16/1470, Roger Walkelyn, citizen and barber of London, to John Hawes 'gentilman' and Thomas Swynley, barber of London, … Gift of all his goods and chattels in London and elsewhere … and he has put them in possession thereof by delivery of 4d. (S) CCRs.

4/15/1478, John Hawe of London, gentleman, given 10 marks in the will of Sir Thomas Cooke (475376). (S) Trans. Of the London and Middlesex Arch. Soc., V3, 1870, P301. [John’s granddaughter Anne Fitzwilliam (59423) would marry Sir Anthony Cooke (59422), Thomas’ great-grandson.]

12/17/1478, Richard Wolstone, gentleman of Staverton co. Devon, and John Hawes, haberdasher of London, to master William Elyot clerk. Bond in £11. (S) CCRs.

1478, John Haw gave £10 towards the repair of the church and the steeple of St. Mary le Bow.

5/4/1480 at Westminister, “General pardon to … the following citizens and mercers of London:– … John Hawes. …”. (S) CPRs, 1901, P243.

93/1481, John Hawes exported on the ship of Simon Pecheford: 10 pcs. double worsted; for the aforesaid pcs. of double worsted and 4 brls. with salt meat; valued at £11 6s.8d. (S) Overseas Trade of London, 1990, Petty Custom Account.

1483, Nicholas Alwyn, John Hawgh, … recovered seisin of 4 messuages in the parish of St. Mary le Bow, Cordwainer Street ward. (S) Hist. Gazetteer of London, 1987, St. Mary le Bow. [1502, John quitclaimed the same back to Nicholas, both Aldermans.]

8/22/1485, Henry VII succeeded Richard III as King of England.

1486-93, “Alice Edenham, ... v. The mayor and sheriffs of London.: Action by John Hawes, of London, mercer, for a debt of the said Robert, whose goods have been administered by the archbishop of Canterbury's officers. Certiorari.: London.” (S) UKNA.

5/7/1487, William Shore, citizen and mercer of London, to John Acard, 'gentilman' of Foston co. Derby, William Caxton and John Hawe, mercers of London, their executors and assigns. Gift of all his goods and chattels and of all debts to him due. (S) CCRs.

1/19/1488, General Court of the Mercers. “… theis ix parsines next ensuing … Censsours Electe … John Hawe … (S) Acts of Court of Mercers, Warney, 2012, P187.

1491-92, Mayor of London: William Remyngtone. Sheriffs of London: John Hawes, William Stede. (S) Cal. of Letter-Books of London, 1904, Mayors and Sheriffs.

1492, Dame Jane de Frowky and her son Henry leased the messuage with shop, cellars, solars, etc. in All Hallows Honey Lane, late occupied by Thomas Orewell, mercer, to John Hawe, citizen and mercer, for 30 years. The rent was £3, payable to Jane during her lifetime and thereafter to Henry; the landlords were to repair. (S) Hist. Gazetteer of London, 1987, All Hallows Honey Lane.

1493-1500, “John Hawes, of London, mercer. v. Margaret, ….: Detention of deeds relating to the manor of Rougham, …, daughter of complainant.:Norfolk.” (S) UKNA.

1500-01, John Sheriff of London. (S) Analytical Index, …, Londres, 1878, P156.

1500, John knighted.

1/1501, John, knt., alderman of Queenhithe, London. (S) Alderman of the City of London, 1908, Queenhithe Ward.

1502, John, Master of the Mercers of London. (S) Bede Roll of the Fraternity of St. Nicolas, 2004, Pt1.

10/6/1502, William Fitz William (118846, son-in-law of John), citizen and merchant of London', John Hawe, citizen and alderman of London', and James Wilford', citizen and alderman of London', querents … The manor of Filliston' … [Kent] … William, John and James have given them 200 pounds sterling. (S) Feet of Fines, Kent.

5/17/1503, Robert and Anne Wyttulbury, to  William Fitzwilliam, John Hawe, James Wilford and Richard Fitzwilliam, their heirs and assigns. Release and quitclaim [for 1,200 m.] of the said manors, advowsons, fishery and wharfage with 40 messuages, 2 mills, 1,000 a. land, 100 a. meadow, 1,000 a. pasture, 200 a. wood and 10s. 4½d. rent in  ... Milton and Marham manors with appurtenances in Milton, Marham, Caster, Etton, Maxsey, Norborough and Depyngate co. Northampton … (S) CCRs.

6/28/1505, William Willoghby lord Willoughby and Eresby, to William Fitz William alderman of London, and his heirs. Indenture witnessing sale for 400 m. of Fenton manor with 20 messuages, 400 a. land, 40 a. meadow, 100 a. pasture, 100 a. marsh and 31s. ¾d. rent in Fenton and Bekyngham co. Lincoln, recovered against him in Trinity, 20 Henry VII, by the said William Fitz William and James Wylford and John Hawe, aldermen of London, … (S) CCRs.

1507-09, John, Auditor of London.

10/31/1507, IPM of Robert Wyttlebury, esquire. William Fitzwilliam, John Hawe, James Wilford, aldermen of London, and Richard Fitzwilliam were seised in fee of the under-mentioned manors … (S) CIsPM.

1/1508, 4 aldermen, including John, were deputed to assist the London Adventurers group of mercers in a suit to the king on the issue of the new customs rates on a few goods such as ‘woad’, which were only imposed in London. (S) Mercery of London, Sutton, 2016.

4/21/1509, Henry VIII succeeded Henry VII as King of England.

5/5/1509, Pardon Roll, 1 Henry VIII:  John Hawe or Haw, alderman and mercer of London, merchant of Calais, merchant of the Staple of Westminster, or gent. (S) L&Ps, F&D, Henry VIII, V1, 1920.

1510, John, Master of the Mercers of London.

8/28/1516, John wrote his will. [Daughter Anne, deceased, was the wife of Sir William Fitzwilliam; 4 children: William, Richard, Elizabeth, and Anne. ]

1517, John, of Hawes in le Bushes, died. (S) Bede Roll of the Fraternity of St. Nicolas, 2004, Pt1. [The Order responsible for recording ‘Bills of Mortality’ for the Mayor of London.]

5/18/1517, John’s will proved.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P350. (S) Visitation of London, St. George, 1880, P366.

Family notes:

·         1448, John Hawe, attorney of plaintiff, London. (S) CP 40/748, rot. 323d.

·         9/1464, John Hawe, gentleman, of London, a surety for John Alardson, Beer-brewer. (S) CP 40/813, rot. 114d.

Child of John and ?:

i. Anne Hawes (118847), born ~1470 in London, England.

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