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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sir John Stratford & Elizabeth Stenmarsh

263200. Sir John Stratford & 263201. Elizabeth Stenmarsh   

~1410, John born in Gloucester, England; s/o 526400. Henry Stratford & 526401. Margaret ?.

~1410, Elizabeth born in Staffordshire, England; d/o §§John Stenmarsh of “com. Stafford”.

8/31/1422, Henry VI (an infant) succeeded Henry V as King of England.

Aft. 6/14/1428, John’s father died.

1435, John Stratford  a Knight of the Shire in the parliament at Reading. (S) Peerage of Ireland, V2, Almon, P211.

John knighted.

Aft. 6/22/1462, John died.

Children of John and Elizabeth:

i. John Stratford (131600), born ~1430 in Gloucester, England.

ii. Margaret Stratford, born ~1435 in England.

Margaret married Nicole Prestwich. (S) The Fellows of the Collegiate Church of Manchester, 1891, Raines, P26.

6/22/1462, “Nicol … and Margaret, the wife of Nicol, being daughter of Sir John Trafford, knt., of a garden and messuage, lying near le Heng and Diche, within the vill of Mamcester … lease to ….”. (S) UKNA.

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