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Monday, May 17, 2010

Baron Stephen le Scrope & Margery de Welle

312342. Baron Stephen le Scrope & 312343. Margery de Welle   

~1345, Stephen Lescrope born in England, s/o 624684. Henry le Scrope & 624685. Joan ?.

~1355, Margery born in England, d/o 624686. John de Welle & 624687. Maud de Roos.

Margery 1st married John Lord Huntingfield.

10/1359, France repudiated the treaty signed after the Battle of Poitiers. King Edward marched from Calais. The French were unwilling to meet Edward in battle, his sieges of Reims and Paris were unsuccessful. The French ultimately received Aquitaine and Calais, without Normandy or Brittany, and a reduced ransom in the Treaty of Br├ętigny.

4/1360, Stephen a squire in the army before Paris, France.

1362, Peace Treaty between England and Castile that allowed Castile to keep safe maritime trade routes, and in turn England kept herself safe from the large Castilian war fleet. The Black Prince (Edward, Prince of Wales and Duke of Aquitaine) was the main beneficiary of the peace treaty.

1362, Stephen’s brother Geoffrey died at the siege of Priskre castle in Lithuania leaving Stephen as heir.

10/1365, Stephen knighted by Peter de Lusignan, King of Cyprus, after a crusading army took Alexandria, looted it, and then returned to their home lands. [The King of Cyprus feared an imminent attack by the Egyptians.]

4/3/1367, Stephen at the battle of Najera with the Black Prince in the 1st Castillian Civil War. The Black Prince put his brother, John of Gaunt, with 3000 infantry and 3000 archers as the vanguard. Other commanders included Sir Thomas Percy. The opposing Spanish force lost 1 of 4 to the arrows of the English.

1373, Stephen served with John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, in Guienne, France.

6/12/1373, John of Gaunt, Captain-Gerneral in France, led an expedition into France. John lost many soldiers in the mountains of Auvergne; and most of Guienne and Gascony were lost to the French, but he held the lands from Bordeaux to Bayonne, and Calais.

4/6/1374, John of Gaunt and his army sailed for England.

1376, John, Lord Huntingfield, died.

[––Stephen & Margery––]

1376, Stephen married Margery.

1378, Stephen and Margery by fine surrendered the manor Pyncebek to the Earl of Suffolk.

12/9/1387, Margery’s mother died.

3/2/1389, IPM of Maud late the wife of John de Well, knight. … She died on Wednesday after the Conception last. … (S) CIsPM.

1391, Stephen, age 42 and more, 2nd Lord Scrope of Masham on the death of his father.

8/5/1392, IPM of Henry Lescrop, knight. London: He was seised of the under-mentioned inn. Parish of St Benet by Pauleswharf. An inn worth 7 marks if let, …. He died on 31 July last. Stephen Lescrop, knight, is his son and heir. [Long list of properties in various counties. Stephen’s age given as ‘30 and more’ to ‘42 and more’ in various counties.] (S) CIsPM.

1392-1406, Stephen summoned to parliament.

11/13/1394, To the escheator in Lincolnshire. Order to take the fealties of … Stephen Lescrope knight … the manor of Caltilcarleton … Henry Lescrope knight at his death held that manor in chief … (S) CCRs.

5/2/1398, To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Writ of supersedeas omnino in respect of any process against Stephen Lescrope of Masham and Robert Nevylle knights, appointed with others justices to survey the walls, dikes, gutters, sewers, bridges, causeways and weirs and the leats of water in Holdernesse co. York. (S) CCRs.

9/30/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England.

10/6/1399, Stephen Lescrope of Masham summoned by writ to the 1st parliament of King Henry IV. (S) Parliament Rolls, 2005.

5/16/1403, To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Writ of supersedeas omnino in respect of any process against Stephen Lescrope of Masham knight, appointed with others to make inquisition in Yorkshire by whose default the walls, dikes, gutters, sewers, bridges, causeways and weirs … (S) CCRs.

1/7/1406, Stephen, Lord of Masham, made his will: Margery his wife, Henry his son, …,

1/25/1406, Stephen died; buried in Scrope chapel, York Cathedral. Stephen “to be buried ‘in novo opere’  in the middle of the chapel of St. Stephen, which is the north-cast chapel.”


2/1/1406, IPM of Stephen Lescrope of Masham, knight. London: He held a house in the parish of St. Benet near Paul’s Wharf in his demesne as of fee of the king in free burgage, as all London is held, annual value when let, 40s. He died on 25 Jan. Henry Lescrop, knight, his son and next heir, is aged 30 years and more. Kent: … Essex: … Hertford: … Nottingham: … Northumberland: … Newcastle-upon-Tyne: … Stafford: … Leciester: … Lincoln: … jointly with Margery for her life. … York: … [Elizabeth, widow of John le Scrope, knight, and his daughters Joan and Elizabeth, frequently mentioned as holding of Stephen.] (S) CIsPM.

3/11/1406, To the escheator in Yorkshire. Order to take of Margery who was wife of Stephen Lescrope of Masseham knight an oath etc., and to give her livery of the manors of Driffelde and Faxflete, a third part of the manor of Ecclesale, a rent of 10 marks and 20l., and the advowson of the free chapel of Westwitton, and of the king's gift the issues and profits thereof taken since her husband's death; as with assent of Henry Lescrope knight, son and heir of the said Stephen … [her dower] (S) CCRs.

4/17/1407, To the bailiffs of Kyngeston upon Hull for the time being. Order to pay to Margery who was wife of Stephen Lescrope of Masseham knight a rent of £20 a year and the arrears since her husband's death. (S) CCRs.

10/23/1408, To the escheator in Yorkshire. Order to take of Margery who was wife of Stephen Lescrope of Masseham knight an oath etc., and to give her livery of the manors etc. …, and the issues and profits thereof taken; as of the manors, lands and advowsons of her husband, with assent of Henry Lescrope knight his son and heir. (S) CCRs.

4/25/1416, Petitioners: Margerie Lescrope (Scrope), widow of Stephen le Scrope, lord Scrope of Masham. Lescrope requests remedy as her son (Henry) granted her the manor of Nayland with appurtenances in Essex and Suffolk, with other lands in Stoke, Horkesley and Colchester for her life, and she, by a fine, leased it back to him for 40 years, the term determining on his death. Now the manor and land are in the king's hand by the forfeiture and execution of her son, though he only had a life interest in the manor and land. (S) CCRs.

1416, Margery admitted to the Guild of Corpus Christi.

5/29/1422, Margery died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P741. (S) Baronia Anglica Cencentrata, Banks, 1844, P394. (S) Scrope Family History. (S) Hist. of the Co. of York North Riding, V1, 1914, Masham.

Children of Stephen and Margery:

i. Henry le Scrope, born 1374 in England.

Henry, 3rd Lord Scrope of Masham married Philippe de Bryan.

1403, Henry fought at the battle of Shrewsbury.

1415, Henry wrote his will naming his sister Maud and her children.

8/5/1415, Henry beheaded at Southampton.

ii. Maud le Scrope (156171), born ~1377 in England.

iii. Stephen le Scrope, born ? in England.

Stephen, Archdeacon of Richmond.

1415, Stephen heir to his brother Henry.

1418, Elizabeth Freville (78085) a legatee of her uncle Stephen, who gave her £10 for her marriage.

1418, Stephen died; buried with his father.

iv. John le Scrope, born ~1388 in England.

John married Elizabeth Chaworth, d/o Thomas.

1418, John heir to his brother Stephen.

11/15/1455, John died; buried at York Catherdral.

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