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Monday, May 17, 2010

Bond 312342 & 312343

312342. Baron Stephen le Scrope & 312343. Margery de Welle {Bond}

~1345, Stephen born in England, s/o 624684. Henry le Scrope & 624685. Joan ?.

~1355, Margery born in England, d/o 624686. John de Welle & 624687. Maud de Roos.

Margery 1st married John Lord Huntingfield.

4/1360, Stephen a squire in the army before Paris, France.

1362, Stephen’s brother Geoffrey died at the siege of Priskre castle in Lithuania leaving Stephen as heir.

10/1365, Stephen knighted by Peter de Lusignan, King of Cyprus, after the crusading army took Alexandria.

4/3/1367, Stephen at the battle of Najara with the Black Prince.

1373, Stephen served with John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, in Guienne, France.

Bef. 1374, John Lord Huntingfield died.

Bef. 12/15/1376, Stephen married Margery.

1378, Stephen and Margery by fine surrendered the manor Pyncebek to the Earl of Suffolk.

1391, Stephen, age 40 and more, 2nd Lord Scrope of Masham on the death of his father.

1392-1406, Stephen summoned to parliament.

1/7/1405-6, Stephen made his will: Margery his wife, Henry his son, …,

1/25/1405-6, Stephen died; buried in Scrope chapel, York Cathedral. Stephen “to be buried ‘in novo opere’ in the middle of the chapel of St. Stephen, which is the north-cast chapel.”

1416, Margery admitted to the Guild of Corpus Christi.

5/29/1422, Margery died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P741. (S) Baronia Anglica Cencentrata, Banks, 1844, P394. (S) Scrope Family History.

Children of Stephen and Margery:

i. Henry le Scrope, born ? in England.
Henry, 3rd Lord Scrope of Masham married Philippe de Bryan.
1403, Henry fought at the battle of Shrewsbury.
1415, Henry wrote his will naming his sister Maud and her children.
8/5/1415, Henry beheaded at Southampton.

ii. Maud le Scrope (156171), born ~1375 in England.

iii. Stephen le Scrope, born ? in England.
Stephen, Archdeacon of Richmond.
1415, Stephen heir to his brother Henry.
1418, Elizabeth Freville (78085) a legatee of her uncle Stephen, who gave her £10 for her marriage.
1418, Stephen died; buried with his father.

iv. John le Scrope, born ~1388 in England.
John married Elizabeth Chaworth, d/o Thomas.
1418, John heir to his brother Stephen.
11/15/1455, John died; buried at York Catherdral.

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