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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bond 317488 & 317489

317488. Lord Hugh Malet & 317489. Joan Royan {Bond}

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~1394, Hugh born in Somerset, England; 2nd s/o 634976. Sir Baldwin Malet & 634977. Amicia Lyffe.

~1420, Joan born in Somerset, England, d/o §John Royon.

1429-30, “Indentures between the king and the following, retaining them to accompany him in an expedition to France. Hugh Malet, Thomas Charles, Thomas Malefaunt, William Suthewell, Michael Power, Henry Aucher, Thomas Pope, John Sanke and William Seymour, esquires of the household.” (S) UKNA.

1430, A deed of is executed by William Hastings securing to Hugh Malet and others the reversion of the manor of Deandon after the demise of the widow of his half-brother John, and of his father Baldwin. (S) See Family notes.

1430-1485, there are 17 references in which Hugh is styled Lord of Sutton Malet, Lord of Corypole, and Lord of Deandon, and as possessing the manor of Oke and property in the hundred of Cannington. His seal, Sir W. Pole writes, “has only a single escallop, as several others of the Malets had.” (S) Notices of an English Branch of the Malet Family, Arthur Malet, 1885, PP38-40, App. N1-N3.

1437, “A list of names of creditors for wages from the war: … Hugh Malett …” (S) UKNA.

1454-5, Hugh, esquire, a legatee to his neice Alianor Hulle, d/o his brother John. (S) Somerset Record Society, 1906, P118. [Alianor’s son Sir Edward Hulle had died; Hugh received Enmore manor.]

1461, Hugh vests in John Wadham the elder, William Ronyon, and others, for six years, on account of the marriage of one of his daughters, and after that time in seven other names, his manor of Lydiard Punchardon, in trust for Johanna, d/o John Wadham, and wife of his son Thomas.

1460-65, “John Wadham, esq. v. Hugh Malett, esq.: Refusal to settle the manors of Lydeard and Oake, as agreed, upon the marriage of petitioner's daughter with the said Hugh's son.: Somerset.” (S) UKNA.

1466, Hugh died: “Hugo Malet tenuit die quo obiit manerium de Enemere et advocat: Ecclae: de Enemere de Humfrido Stafford, D'no de South Wyke, ut de manerio suo de Compton, donne p: serv: mil: et manerium de Corypole et advocationem Ecclesiae de Cherlinch de dicto Humfrido, ut de manerio suo praedicto p. serv: mil: et tenuit 9. Ten. 200 acr: terrae: 60 acr: prati, et 10 acr: pasturae in Coryple, Cherlinch, Chelton juxta Pouldon: Hardington juxta Yevel, et Burcombe d'o Georgio Dubbe, p: fidel: et p: serv: 1 rosae pro omnibus servitiis; et tenuit manerium de Sutton Malet de dicto Humfrido, ut de manerio suo praed: p: serv: mil: Thomas Malet est filius et haeres dicti Hugonis. 5'o Edward IV.”

1485, “Johanna nuper uxor Hugonis Malet, 1mo Henry VII.”

Family notes:
• Hugh & Joan are identified as the parents of Thomas in his will. (S) Somerset Medieval Wills.
• 1430: “Omnibus, etc. Will'm Hastings sal: cum Willu's Corma et Johanna uxor ejus, nuper uxor Johannis Malet, Militis, filii et haeredis Baldwini Malet, Militis, tenet manerium de Deandon in Com: Devon pro termino vitae dictae Johannae reman: mihi, etc. Nov: me dictum Willum Hastings concessisse dictum manerium Amiciae quae fuit uxor Baldwini Malet, Militis, pro termino vitae suae; reman: Hugoni Malet filio dictae Amiciae et haered: de corpore; reman: Thomae Malet frati Hugonis et haered: de corpore; reman: Philippae sorori dicti Thomae; reman: rectis haeredibus Baldwini Malet, Militis, annon Regni R. Henry VI 8'o.”

Children of Hugh and Joan:

i. Thomas Malet (158744), born ~1440 in Enmore, Somerset, England.

ii. William Malet, born ~1442.

iii. Margaret Malet, born ~1444 in Enmore, Somerset, England.
Margaret married John Crewkerne

iv. Joan Malet, born ~1446 in Enmore, Somerset, England.
Joan married Robert Brent.

v. Andrew Malet, born ~1448 in Enmore, Somerset, England.
William married Agnes Pyne, born in Axmouth, Devon, England.

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