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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bond 317536 & 317537

317536. Richard Biccombe & 317537. Margaret ? {Bond}

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~1387, Richard [the younger] born in England, s/o 635072. Robert Biccombe & 635073. Emma Mathew.

~1390, Margaret born in England.

4/1405, Certain lands and tenements in Biccombe were in the hands of Sir Hugh Luttrell for about two years from Easter 1405, “by reason of the minority of Robert son and heir of Robert Biccombe.”

~1407, Robert Jr. must have died. Richard becomes the apparent heir.

3/14/1407, Will of Thomas Woth [the guardian of Richard.]: To John Iewe, William Iewe, and Robert Woth the custody of the lands and marriage of Richard Byccombe and Robert Morgan, to fulfil my last will and to pay my debts. To Richard Byccombe all my necessary utensils pertaining to my “hospicium” of Bromfeld, viz., a “bason,” a “lafin,” a “Potte du Tenne, demy doson du Pewter vesselles vj Pannys ij crockys,” a “posnet,” a “brondire,” a “broche,” and other necessaries pertaining to “Brewerne.” To the said Richard a “Baselard harneysed” with silver, and a silver zonam [girdle], and a togam [gown] de “Worstede Furrez one Poleyngrey.”

1408, Richard effected a settlement of the manor of Broomfield upon himself and Margaret his wife in tail, with remainder to his own heirs.

1409, Richard did homage and fealty to Sir Hugh Luttrell for Biccombe and Broomfield, and, in the same year, he paid 1s. for respite of suit to the court of the Barony of Dunster. This was in respect of the ancestral estate of Biccombe, and the payment was repeated year after year.

1409, At Westminster in the morrow of All Souls between William Besill and William Poulet querents ; and Richard Biccombe and Margaret his wife deforciants ; for the manors of Craucombe and Bromfeld. (S) Somerset Record Society, 1906, P31.

1421, Richard, Lord of Craucombe, and Margaret his wife grant to Robert Henning & Thos Exton …

1428, A plea brought by Richard Biccombe, the elder, in 1428, that Richard Biccombe, of Crowcombe, the younger, and Robert of Biccombe and Agnes his wife, had disseised him of a messuage, 60 acres of land, 1/2 acre of meadow, and 1 acre of wood, in Timberscombe, to which they replied that the premises should have been described as situate in Biccombe, and not in Timberscombe.

1430, Heirs of Cokeley are presented to pay a relieve to ye said Richard, Lord of Craucombe, for lands within his manor.

1443, Estate papers of Robt. Warre, esq.: s. & h. of John Warre, esq., to Edmund, Marquess of Dorset, John Stourton, knt., … Ric. Bikcomb’, Wm. Cloutesham, …

1459, Hugh, ye son of ye Richard [Lord of Craucombe] grants ye same to ye said Richard who with ye above … confirm to ye said Hugh & his heirs ye said Mannors [Cokely, Rabbock, Maunsell], and in default to ye heirs of Richard ye Grantor.

1459, Richard died.

(S) Notes and Queries for Somerset and Dorset, V6, P52.

Family notes:
• The seal appended to some of Richards deeds showed a shield of arms apparently identical with that of the Crowcombes to whom he had succeeded, a cross between four crows.

Child of Richard and Margaret:

i. Hugh Byccombe (158768), born ~1410 in England.

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