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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bond 475264 7 475265

475264. Nicholas Hall & 475265. Margaret Besill {Bond}

~1417, Nicholas born in England, s/o 950528. Thomas Halle & 950529. Alice Bower.

~1430, Margaret born in England, coheir & d/o 950530. William Besyll. [And sister of No. 475281.]

4/3/1437, “Indented Charter … close of the Abbess of Shaftesbury … Wit., Thos. Hall, Wm. Besile, Nicholas Hall, …”.

~1451, Nicholas married Margaret substantially increasing the wealth of the family.

1454, “Indenture bet. … the Ten. of Rob. Lord Hungerford, and Thos. Halls’s Esq.. Witn., … N. Halle.” (S) Bradford-on-Avon, Jones, 1907, P247.

12/14/1457, “Quitclaim. Nicholas Halle of Bradford, Wilts., gent., … all their title in the manors of Hempton Stordon and Henton …” (S) UKNA.

1459, Philip Stone conveys to Nicholas Hall one arcre ofarable land, lying “in fine ville de Bradeford juxta grangiam Dne Abbatiss de Shaston …”.

1460, “Power of Atty. By John Stinger to … to put Nich. Hall and Thos. Roger in possn. of …”.

1472, “Indented charter. Nich Halle Esq. to Wm. And Eliz. Coscombe of Marlborough … Witnesses, John Mervy, Mayor ; …”.

1473, Nicholas Hall, Esq., to William and Elizabeth Coscombe, of Marlborough, his granary there. (S) A Hist., Mil. And Muni., of the Town …, Waylen, 1854, P102.

Bef. 1482, Nicholas died leaving to his son and heir, Henry, lands, houses, and mills in Bradford held of the Abbess of Shaftesbury.

(S) Bradford-on-Avon, Jones, 1907, P247.

Children of Nicholas and Margaret:

i. Henry Hall, born ~1452 in England.
1482, Henry by deed had lands in Bradford, Lye, Troll Parva, Slade, Ford, Wraxhall, Holt, Broughton, Marlborough, Okebourn Meysey, Wilts, Freshford, Iford, Mitford, Frome, Fleete, Widcombe, Portishead in Somerset.
Henry, heir, died soon after his father leaving no male heirs.

ii. Thomas Hall (237632), born ~1455 in England.

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