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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bond 475268 & 475269

475268. Thomas Tropenell & 475269. Margaret Ludlow {Bond}

1402, Thomas born in England, s/o 950536. Harry Tropenell & 950537. Edith Roche.

~1425, Margaret born in England, 2nd d/o 950538. William Ludlow.

Thomas 1st married Agnes, widow of Thomas Burton. [No childen.]

Margaret 1st married John Erley.

1431, Thomas and Agnes executed a deed.

6/16/1438, Tomas acquired part of ‘Eyris place’ in Neston from J. Duke, which became Thomas’ residence.

1439, John and Margaret executed a deed.

4/14/1442, Tomas acquired part of ‘Eyris place’ in from Walter Duke.

1447, John and Margaret executed a deed when she received a legacy from Robert Warmwell.

1449, Thomas and Agnes executed a deed.

1452, Thomas purchased the manor of maiden Bradley from Sir Robert Hungerford.

Bef. 1453, Thomas completed the restoration of the manor called “the Eyris” in Neston.

1453, during an inquisition, Thomas was referred to as a ‘perilous covetous man’; who at the time in prison in London.

By 5/1456, Thomas married Margaret, his cousin. [and possibly sister of Agnes.] (S) Deeds of Thomas and Margaret, widow of John Erley.

1456, Thomas in a letter to the Earl of March stated that he had recovered the land in Chicklade and Hindon.

8/30/1460, the lands in Chicklade and Hindon, which had been in dispute were granted to Thomas by the Earl.

1461, Thomas and Margaret executed a deed.

1464, Thomas received a general pardon for all offenses committed prior to August 1st of the year.

11/2/1464, Thomas of Neston and Great Chalfield started the book “The Tropenell Cartulary”.

1466, W. Coggeswell released a part of Great Chalfield to Thomas.

1465–80, The Lady Chapel in the Parish Church of St. Bartholomew, Corsham, Wiltshire, was re-built by Thomas. It is dominated by the Thomas’ magnificent altar tomb, built to receive the remains of himself and his wife. He endowed the chapel with a charge of ten marks on his estate, two oxen, and two cows. (S) WAM 1927, V43, PP511-539.

3/21/1473, “…Master John Cramborne, Master Will Crowton, … Witnesses: John Mountpisson, Edward Cerryngton, Thomas Bonham, Thomas Tropenell, John Mervyn. …”. (S) UKNA.

8/8/1476, “Margarete Lady Hungerford and Botreaux” wrote her will: “… John Mompesson, Thomas Tropenell, … and John Mervyn, … of my feoffees, … have, take, and resceyue, during the saide terme of x yere, th’issues, profites, and reuneous of all the p’mysses; … “. [These persons mentioned many times in the will.] (S) Testamenta Vetusta, Nicolas, 1826, P312.

Bef. 1479, Margaret died.

11/1484, “Thomas Tropenel, squire, hath a general pardonne.”

1486, “Edward Hastynges, knight, … son and heir of Robert, lord Hungerford and Botreaux, and Margaret, his wife. v. Thomas Troppenell, John Mounpesson, John Mervyn, and John Touke, feoffees to uses.: …”. (S) UKNA.

9/12/1486, Thomas recorded the last deed in the Tropenell Cartulary.

11/5/1487, Thomas wrote his will. [Proved 2/16/1488.]

1/31/1488, Thomas, of Neston and Great Chalfield, died; buried in St. Bartholomew in Corsham. “The chapel is dominated by Tropenell’s great tomb—which would originally have been brightly painted. A smaller tomb in the chapel is that of his son, Christopher.”.

(S) The Tropenell Cartulary, Tropenell, 1908.

Family notes:
• Thomas was responsible for the recovery of Great Chalfield. After much litigation; Thomas convinced the courts that he was heir to the Percy’s through a female; the male line having become extinct. The arms of Tropenell impaling Ludow are displayed in the roof of the hall [and also on their tomb.] The manor, now owned by the National Trust, is surrounded by a moat with gatehouse, and has beautiful oriel windows and a great hall.

Children of Thomas and Margaret:
[Children Humphrey and Anne predeceased their father.]

i. Christopher Tropenell (237634), born 1449-52 in England.

ii. Mary Tropenell, born ? in England.

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