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Thursday, May 20, 2010

G19: 475272

475272. John Mervyn & 475273. Joan ? {Bond}

~1430, John born in England, s/o §Ralph Mervyn & §? Parre.

John married Joan. [“Joan Hungerford” is Mt. Coll. Arms, “Vincents Sussex, 121.” This is not supported by Hungerford pedigrees, nor by other Hungerford papers.]

1464, “Quitclaim, by Dame Margaret Hungerford, of her title to all the property in Heytesbury held by John Mervyn out of the gifts of her father and husband, for his good service to her husband and herself, including a tenement called Warres and a field called the South Pound, and a field in West Codford called North Mead, and a rent of 10s. from Mount's Mill in Sutton Veny.” (S) UKNA.

2/20/1471-2, King Edward IV, upon the petition of Margaret Lady Hungerford, widow of Robert Lord Hungerford, granted a licence to John Cheyne and John Mervyn to found an alms-house at Heytesbury.

Bef. 1472, John bought Fountel and other lands from Margaret, Lady Hungerford. During this year he was sued by Alianore, widow of Robert Lord Hungerford.

1472, “Indented charter. Nich Halle Esq. to Wm. And Eliz. Coscombe of Marlborough … Witnesses, John Mervy, Mayor ; …”. (S) Bradford-on-Avon, Jones, 1907, P247.

3/21/1473, “…Master John Cramborne, Master Will Crowton, … Witnesses: John Mountpisson, Edward Cerryngton, Thomas Bonham, Thomas Tropenell, John Mervyn. …”. (S) UKNA.

8/8/1476, “Margarete Lady Hungerford and Botreaux” wrote her will: “… John Mompesson, Thomas Tropenell, … and John Mervyn, … of my feoffees, … have, take, and resceyue, during the saide terme of x yere, th’issues, profites, and reuneous of all the p’mysses; … “. [These persons mentioned many times in the will.] (S) Testamenta Vetusta, Nicolas, 1826, P312.

1486, “Edward Hastynges, knight, … son and heir of Robert, lord Hungerford and Botreaux, and Margaret, his wife. v. Thomas Troppenell, John Mounpesson, John Mervyn, and John Touke, feoffees to uses.: …”. (S) UKNA.

Bef. 11/20/1492, John wrote his will and died. (S) UKNA.

(S) The Gentleman’s Magazine, 1822, P318, Amorial Decorations at Fonthill Abbey. (S) Fasciculus Mervinensis, notes historical, genealogical …, Drake, 1873, P8.

Family notes:
• 11/13/1439, “Release by John Mervyn to King Edward IV, of the manors of Datchet and Ditton, … had by acknowledgment of Robert Hungerford, knt., lord Hungerford and Molyns, deceased, and Eleanor, his wife, … Bucks.” (S) UKNA.
• Ralph Mervyn, s/o Richard Marvyne & Dorothy Squire, d/o Thomas Squire.

Children of John and Joan:

i. Walter Mervyn (237636), born ~1460 in England.

ii. Hugh Mervyn, born ? in England.
1493-1500, “Hugh, son of John Mervyn. v. Thomas Cowley, ex… in Rokeby, Westecote, Lilbourne, and Isham.: Warwick, Northants.” (S) UKNA.

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