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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bond 475274 & 475275

475274. Lord John Mompesson & 475275. Isabel Drewe

~1435, John born in England, s/o 950548. Robert Monpesson & 950549. Alice Godwin.

~1440, Isabel born in England, coheir & d/o §Thomas Drewe.

8/24/1464, John granted a general pardon.

1/8/1468, John involved in the conveyance of seisin of lands, etc. in Wiltshire by Margaret, Lady Hungerford.

1025/1470, John appointed controller of customs in Poole.

3/21/1473, “…Master John Cramborne, Master Will Crowton, … Witnesses: John Mountpisson, Edward Cerryngton, Thomas Bonham, Thomas Tropenell, John Mervyn. …”. (S) UKNA.

8/8/1476, “Margarete Lady Hungerford and Botreaux” wrote her will: “… John Mompesson, Thomas Tropenell, … and John Mervyn, … of my feoffees, … have, take, and resceyue, during the saide terme of x yere, th’issues, profites, and reuneous of all the p’mysses; … “. [These persons mentioned many times in the will.] (S) Testamenta Vetusta, Nicolas, 1826, P312.

11/5/1477, John Sheriff of Wiltshire.

1479-81, John on commissions for peace for Wilts.

1482, John, High Sheriff of Wiltshire.

4/1484, John received a pardon.

1486, “Edward Hastynges, knight, … son and heir of Robert, lord Hungerford and Botreaux, and Margaret, his wife. v. Thomas Troppenell, John Mounpesson, John Mervyn, and John Touke, feoffees to uses.: …”. (S) UKNA.

12/23/1487, John on a commission to summon all the nobles of Wiltshire and find out how many

archers each had to provide for the army.

11/29/1492, John on a commission to enquire by jury into all concealed lands, wards, etc. in

Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

8/1/1493, “Grant of land in Stockton … Principals: Sir John Mompesson, …” (S) UKNA. [This could be his son.]

John Mountpenson [or Mompesson] of Bathampton Welley, co. Wilts, Esq., Lord of the Manor of Buttington. (S) Gentleman’s Mag., Gomme, 1901, P247.

9/18/1500, John wrote his will; to his “son Walter Mervyn my russet gowne furred with old marterne, one of my dowbelettes of silk, and to my dowghtr his wife iit. Goblettes with a couryng, and to hir xlr and the dettes that they owe me.”

11/30/1500, John died.

Child of John and Isabel:

i. Mary Mountpenson (237637), born ~1460 in England.

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