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Friday, May 21, 2010

Lord John Erneley Esq. & Joan Best

475284. Lord John Erneley Esq. & 475285. Joan Best   

~1440, John Ernele born in Wiltshire, England, heir & s/o §§Edmund Ernley of Cannings, Wilts.

~1440, Joan born in Wiltshire, England, d/o §§Simon Best & §§Agnes Malwyn of Cannings, Wilts. [Agnes d/o §§John Malwyn of Chilhampton, co. Wilts.]

8/22/1485, Henry VII succeeded Richard III as King of England.

10/28/1493, IPM of Thomas Waryn. Wilts.: … A tenement and a virgate of land in Hechelampton, worth 6s., held of John Ernele, esq., by fealty and the rent of 1 lb. pepper, for all service. (S) CIsPM.

1494, “Copy court roll of manor of Wynterburne Bassett, affirming that from time immemorial John Erneley and his ancestors have had common in the common pasture for 12 beasts, 2 horses and 80 sheep.” (S) UKNA, Wiltshire and Swindon Archives.

1496, John Ernle, The Elder, Esq., of Fosbury, appointed as 1 of 4 commissioners for Wiltshire to parliament, along with Christopher Tropnell (237634).

1503-04, Plaintiff: William Deket Defendant: John Erneley Place or Subject: Lands in Etchilhampton, etc County: Wilts. (S) UKNA.

7/19/1507, Grant by Henry Milburne, son and heir of Thomas Milburne, Knt. ... his Manor of Laverstok, Co. Wilts ... Witn. ..., John Erneley, ... (S) UKNA.

1507, John heir to his father.

6/28/1507, John Ernele esquire of Canynges co. Wilts, to Edward Darell and Christopher Wroughton knights, … Charter confirming gift with warranty of the manor of Palestholt, … (S) CCRs.

1507, Marriage articles of John Ernley, son and heir of John Ernley of Fosbury, Wiltshire, and Luce the daughter of Thomas Coke of Salisbury. (S) UKNA. [Attached is a conveyance from Thomas Coke to his feoffees John Ernley of Manwood, Sussex and Edward Banester of Ibworth, Hants., of lands in Kingsclere, Hants., Buryton near Petersfield, Hants., and Burbage, Wiltshire.]

1/9/1511, Quitclaim “By John Erneley son and heir of Edmund Erneley late of Fostbury, Co. Wilts, gent to John Botyn …”. (S) UKNA.

11/20/1511, “By John West … with pasture for 150 sheep and ten beasts in Shawe Co. Wilts. which they lately recovered against … and against John Erneley son and heir of Edmund Erneley …”. (S) UKNA.

1512-18, John died.

1515-18, Plaintiffs: Richard Gardiner, clerk, William Frost, and Thomas Welles. Detention of deeds relating to land in Merwell, Wodelok, Babridge, Upham, Brambrige, Hensting , and Owlesbury, bought of John Erneley of Fosbury. Hampshire, Wiltshire.

(S) The Visitation of Wiltshire 1565, Harvey, 1897, P17. (S) Judges of England, Foss, 1857, P161.

·         The Wiltshire family split off from the Sussex family not long before this John. There is a contemporary ‘John Ernley’ active in Sussex.

Child of John and Joan:

i. John Erneley (237642), born ~1460 in Wiltshire, England.

Child of John and ?:

ii. John Erneley, born 1464 in Wiltshire, England.

1480, John admitted to Grey’s Inn.

John married Margaret, d/o Edmund Dawtry, esquire.

1490, John associated with Edmund Dudley [who would eventually be attained for High Treason.]

1498, John a county Justice.

7/12/1507, John appointed Attorney Genral for England and Wales.

8/18/1518, Margaret died.

1/27/1519, John appointed to the king’s Court of Common Pleas.

4/22/1520, John died.

Child: William Erneley.

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