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Bond 475286 & 475287

475286. Constantyn Darell & 475287. Joan Collingbourne {Bond}

1427, Constatine born in England, s/o 950572. William Darell & 950573. Elizabeth Calston.

1433, Joan born in England, d/o §Robert Collingbourne, of Collingbouren Kingston, Wiltshire.

Joan 1st married Richard Holte.

1458, Richard died.

1462, Constantyn of Collingbourne, Wilts. married Joan.

2/28/1468 at Westminster, “Commission to Walter Moyle, knight, … to enquire into the complaint of George Darell, knight, Richard Darell, knight, Constatine Darell, Alexander Darell and Thomas Darell, sons and heirs according to the custom of gavelkind of William Darell, …” (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

12/8/1495, Constantine died.

(S) Notes & Queries, 1905, P270.

Family notes:
• There existed a Brass in Collingbourne Kingston to “Constatine Darell, Esq.” and “w. Joan” dated 1495. (S) A Manual of Monumental Brasses, Haines, 1861, P221.

Child of Constantyn and ?:

i. Anne Darell (237643), born ~1465 in England.

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