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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baron Nicholas Carew & Margaret Dinham

475348. Baron Nicholas Carew & 475349. Margaret Dinham    

1444, Nicholas born in Devon, England, heir & s/o 950696. Thomas Carew & 950697. Joan Carminow.

~1445, Margaret born in England, eldest d/o 950698. John Dinham & 950699. Joan Arches.

1461, Nicholas’ father died.

2/1/1461, Deed of sale. Nicholas Carreu esq. to Thomas Leman of Wallington, husbandman. A grove of wood called 'Hateley Busshue' to enclose at his own cost. (S) UKNA.

6/28/1461, Edward IV, age 19, succeeded Henry VI as King of England. [War of the Roses.]

10/26/1461, Nicholas contracted to marry Margaret.

2/1/1462, Nicholas’ marriage granted to Joan Dynam, mother of Margaret. (S) CPRs, 9/23/1465.

8/1465, Nicholas of Mohuns Ottery, Esq. “of age”. [Devon.]

9/23/1465, Licence for Nicholas Carrewe, son and heir of Thomas Carrewe, esquire, deceased, tenant in chief, and kinsman and heir of Nicholas Carrewe, knight, and Joan his wife, tenants in chief, deceased, viz. son of the said Thomas their son, to enter freely without proof of age or livery out of the king’s hands with all lordships, manors ... because the king has been satisfied of his marriage by Joan Dynam, widow to whom it was granted on 2/1/1462, by letters patent, and because he is of full age as was found by inquisition at Bukyngton Loges, co. Devon ; saving to the king his homage and fealty, and saving the dower of Joan late the wife of the said Thomas Carrewe. (S) CPRs.

1470, Nicholas, Baron Carew of Mullesford, High Sheriff of Devon. [The castle overlooks the Carew Inlet, and had been in the Carew family since the 1100s.]

9/1469-9/1470, Nicholas Carrewe esquire, sheriff of Devon was to render account of revenues from Devon from Michaelmas 1469 to Michaelmas 1470. (S) UKNA. [Apparently Nicholas was unable to render the account.]

12/6/1470, Nicholas, of Devon, died. (S) UKNA.

12/13/1470, Margaret died; both buried in St. Nicholas’ Chapel, Westminster Abbey. (S) Ancient Sepuchral Effigies, Rogers, 1877, P63.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P171. (S) The Baronetage of England, 1776, Wotton, P220.

Family notes:

·         1501, Margaret coheir of her brother, John, Lord Dinham, of Nutwell, Devon, lord high-treasurer of England.

·         Epitaph: “Orate pro animabus Nicholai Baronis quondam de Carew et Domince Margaritae uxoris ejus filiae Johannis Domini Dinham, militis ; qui quidem Nicholaus obitt sexto die menis Decembris anno dom. 1470. Et praedicta Domina Margareta obiit 13 die mensis Decebmris, anno 1470.” (S) Ancient Sepuchral Effigies, Rogers, 1877, P63.

Children of Nicholas and Margaret:

i. Edmund Carew (237674), born 1464 in Devon, England.

ii. Jane Carew, born ? in England.

Jane married 19488. Robert Cary.