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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sir William Huddesfield & Jennet Bosun

475350. Sir William Huddesfield & 475351. Jennet Bosun    

~1435, William born in Devon, England, s/o 950700. William Huddesfield & 950701. Alice Gould.

~1450, Jennet born in Bosome-Hele, Dittisham, Devon, England, heiress & d/o 950702. Martin Bosom.

1456, William admitted to Lincoln’s Inn.

1457, William the Master of the Revels at Lincoln’s Inn.

3/29/1460, Commitment to William Mountagu of Henley, esquire, by mainprise of William Wadham, 'gentilman,' and William Huddesfeld, 'gentilman,' both of London. (S) CFRs.

1461, William, Governor of Lincoln’s Inn.

6/28/1461, Edward IV, age 19, succeeded Henry VI as King of England.

1462, William, Marshall of Lincoln’s Inn.

1464-66, 1469-76, 1478, William Governor of Lincoln’s Inn. [Allowed 2 clerks with commons at 14d a week.]

7/6/1465, William 1 fo 4 commissioners in an inquiry into the lands in Dorset of attainted Lancastrian Sir Thomas Fynderne.

1467-72, Plaintiffs: John Carent. Defendants: William, Lord Stourton, William Huddesfeld, John Byconyll, and William Twynyho, arbitrators. Subject: Manors of Fifehead Nevill, Burcombe, and Melbury Osmond, and advowson of church of Poverton; Dorset. (S) UKNA.

7/12/1468, William on a commission for peace for Devon.

1469, William, Reader of Lincoln’s Inn.

9/1472, William M.P. for Devon.

1473, William on a royal commission dealing with the revenues of Dorset from Somerset.

5/2/1475, William named a feoff of George, duke of Clarence, on his departure from England.

[––William & Jennet––]

By 1476, William married Jennet.

1476, William a feoffee for Henry Pomeroy in Devon.

By 1476, William appointed a Solicitor-General of the King.

5/22/1477, William appointed King’s Attorney for life, succeeding William Husee. (S) Judges of England, Foss, V4, 1851, P397.

1478-79, Jennet died, buried before the high alter at Clerkenwell, London. [Possibly in the birth of Katherine.]


12/26/1478, Pre-nuptial settlement (wardship during minority). Dame Jane Dynham, lately wife of John Dynham knight = (1) William Huddesfeld, king's attorney = (2). Agreement between (1) and (2), that Edmund Carew, son and heir of Nicholas Carew Baron of Carew, now in ward with (1), shall marry Katherine, daughter of (2) …; and (2) shall before 2nd Feb next have made an estate in law for persons to be named by (2) of the [manors] of Mamhede (Devon) and Anneport (Hampshire), to hold for term of Katherine's life to the use of Edmund and Katherine; (1) to receive the revenues of the manors until Edmund reaches age 21; if he dies before that age, then Katherine shall receive the revenues from the time when he would have attained [21]. For this (2) shall pay to (1) 400 marks before the marriage. (S) UKNA.

1479, Multiple records of ‘William Huddesfeld, the king’s attorney’. (S) CPRs.

Bef. 10/12/1479, William married 2nd Katherine Courtenay, d/o Phillip (950692) [her 3rd]. (S) Ecdlesiastical Antiquities of Devon, Oliver, 1840, P215.

10/12/1479 at Westminster, Licence for 20s paid in the hanaper, for William Rogers (Katherine’s step-son), son and heir of Thomas Rogers, late one of the King`s serjeants at law , to grant the reversion of the manor of Colyngbourne Valence co. Wilts held in chief, on the death of Joan , late the wife of John Leukenore, knight who holds it for life, and the manor with the exception of an acre of land in it , to William Huddesfield and Katherine his wife for their lives with remainder to his brother, George Rogers and the heirs male of his body. (S) CPRs.

11/28/1479, William and his wife, Katherine, were granted the reversion of Collingbourne, Wiltshire, by William Rogers, her son by marriage, older half-brother of her son George Rogers.

11/22/1480, John Shillingford sold William the manor and lordship of Shillingford.

4/21/1481, William, Attorney General to King Edward IV, assigns and releases to Peter Courtenay, Bishop of Exeter, (Katherine’s brother), to Robert Morton, Master of the Rolls, and others, the manor of Shillingford, the advowson of its church, and of St. Mary Step’s church, Exeter. (S) Wilts. N&Qs, V3, 1902, P341.

4/24/1482, By charter Peter, late bishop of Exeter, Robert Morton, clerk, Walter Courteney, esquire, and Robert Morton demised to Edmund and Katharine, his wife, land in Honyton, Devon. (S) IPM of Edmund.

11/22/1482, John Shillyngford to William Huddesfeld the king's attorney. Bond in 400 marks. (S) CCRs. [John hath sold the manor and lordship of Shillyngford to the said William and his heirs for the sum of £40.]

4/9/1483, Edward V, age 12, succeeded Edward IV as King of England. [Never crowned – disappeared from the Tower of London with his younger brother.]

5/28/1483, William suspended from his position as King’s attorney by the Protector, the duke of Gloucester. (S) Huddersfield, Hobkirk, 1868, P128.

6/26/1483, Richard III succeeded Edward V as King of England.

1483, William M.P. for Devon.

1483-4, Sir William Huddesfield, recorder of Exeter. (S) Law and Society in Later Medieval England, Baker, 2017.

8/22/1485, Henry VII succeeded Richard III as King of England.

1486, William, knight of the shire for Shillingford, Devon.

7/25/1486, Grant by John bishop of Ely, Chancellor of England, Thomas Montgomery, knight, Richard Haute, esquire, William Huddesfield, ... and Isabell Noreys, late the wife of John Noreys, ... (S) UKNA.

1486-87, Law court of John Dynham, knight, Joan Dynham lately wife of John Dynham, knight, William Hudesfild, John Biconell, knight, John Sapcot, Roger Dynham, Charles Dynham, esquire, Thomas Tregarthen, senior, Thomas Lymbery and Stephen Calmady; Henry Lyveny amerced 2d for detinue of 100 sheaves of straw (garb' strani) from Thomas Tregarthen junior. (S) UKNA.

1487, William M.P. for Devon.

3/13/1490, William Gambon admitted to Shillingford Church by patron Sir William Huddesfeld, knight.

3/8/1491, Gift. William Hillying … to John Dynham Lord de Dynham knight, Joan Dynham lately wife of John Dynham knight, John Sapcote, William Huddesfeld and John Byconell, knights, Charles Dynham esquire, Thomas Tregarthen senior … (S) UKNA.

8/1492, William listed as a knight in the Black Books of Lincoln’s Inn.

6/8/1497, William wrote his will: “written in myne owne hand the 8th June 1497 and of the reign of King Henry Vll, the xii” ... He gave the priest at Bridport 6s 8d and 13s 4d to the parish church there ... he remembered his first wife by leaving the same to the priory and convent at Clerkenwell ... “ to pray for the soul of me and Elizabeth late my wife ` who was buried there before the high altar.” ... 1000m to his daughter Elizabeth ... a lot of silver to daughter Katherine Carew ... priest at Shillingford or Bridport to sing and pray for the souls of me and Elizabeth late my wife and of William and Alice Huddesfield "my fadder and moder" ... returned Katherine her dowry ... names Katherine’s son George Rogers ... named wife Katherine and daughter Elizabeth as executors.

3/20/1499, William died at Bridport; buried at Shillingford, Devon.

10/22/1499, IPM of William Huddesfeld, knight. … He died Sunday before Midsummer last. Katharine wife of Edmund Carewe, knight, and Elizabeth Huddesfeld, are his daughters and heirs, aged 21 and more and 17 and more respectively. Devon: 7 messuages … Manor of Shullyngford … Manor of Faryngdon … Manor of Widecomb … Manor, borough and hundred of Whitherigge … (S) CIsPM.

1/12/1515, Katherine died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P171, P679. (S) Select Cases Before the King’s Council Star Chamber, V1, 1903, P7.

Family notes:

·         A monumental brass of Huddesfield and his second wife Katherine Courtenay survives in Shillingford St George Church, and the arms of Bosome (Azure, three bird bolts in pale points downward or) survive in a stained glass window in the same church.

·         Katherine may not be the d/o Philip: St. George church in Shillingford is a 15th century building of red sandstone containing a brass to Sir William Huddesfield and his wife Katherine Courtenay, with three children, “Dame Kateryn ye wife of Sir William H...field, and daughter of Sir W. Courtenay, Knight”. (S) Antiquities: Ancient church architecture, Magna Britannia: V6: Devonshire, 1822.

Child of William and Jennet:

i. Katherine Huddesfield (237675), born 1477 in Devon, England.

Child of William and Katherine:

ii. Elizabeth Huddesfield, born 1481 in Devon, England.

Elizabeth married Sir Anthony Poyntz of Acton, Gloucestershire.

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