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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sir William Norrys & Lady Jane de Vere & Dame Anne Horne

475352. Sir William Norrys & 475353. Lady Jane de Vere & 237647. Dame Anne Horne

1433, William Norrys born in England, s/o 950704. John Norreys & 950705. Alice Merbroke.

~1445, Jane born in England; d/o 950706. John de Vere & 950707. Elizabeth Howard.

3/20/1449, Commitment to John Norrys esquire, William Norrys his son, William Norrys and Roger Norrys … of the keeping of the lordships of Cokeham and Bray with all their appurtenances ; to hold from Easter last for 20 years, at a yearly farm of £101. (S) CFRs.

~1455, Anne born in London, England, d/o 475294. Robert Horne & 475295. Joan Fabian.

3/3/1457, Commitment to John Norrys, esquire, and William his son, … of the keeping of the manor of Benham, … co. Berks … (S) CFRs.

7/10/1460, William, at the Battle of Northampton. Yorkist forces numbering over 20,000 faced a smaller royal army with their backs against the river Nene. The battle lasted less than an hour. 300 Lancastrians were killed. The King was captured.

1460, William was knighted after the battle. (S) The Knights of England, 1906.

4/9/1460 at Sunning, Berks., Grant. By John Noreys of Bray, Berks, Esq., ... Witnesses: William Norreys Knt., ... (S) UKNA.

3/29/1461, William, a Lancanstrian, at the battle of Towton in Yorkshire. Yorkist forces, with a wind at their back in a blinding snow storm giving their archers and spearmen a significant advantage, began the battle of Towton, Yorkshire. In 6 hours thousands fell to the sword, lance, and spear. This battle was the largest and bloodiest fought on British soil. As many as 28,000 died at the battle. [King Henry and Queen Margaret fled to Scotland. King Henry had another breakdown, and Queen Margaret led the Lancastrian resistance.]

6/28/1461, Edward IV crowned king of England.

8/1461, William the steward of the royal manors of Cookham and Bray, adjoing the families Ockwells estate.

[––William & Jane––]

~1463, William married Jane.

9/1466, William’s father died, William age 33.

1467, William a JOP for Berkshire.

1468-69, William, Sheriff of Oxford and Berkshire.

1469, William a knight of the body to King Edward IV.

9/10/1470, Quitclaim by William Norrys, knight and Thomas Blewett to Ralph Whyte of all rights in the goods and chattels, moveable and immovable, and his debts and debtors, which claim William, Thomas and Ralph, together with Philip Latyn', now deceased, had by the gift of Peter Gosselyn'. (S) UKNA.

1471, William Noreys held the manor of Yattendon.

4/14/1471, William Norreys fought at the battle of Barnet for Edward IV. A heavy fog limited visibility. A combined total of 1000 knights died. Both handguns [relatively new] and cannon were used during the fight. (S) The Wars of the Roses, Weir, 1995, P390.

[––Anne & William Harcourt––]

1471, Sir William Harcourt, steward of George, Duke of Clarence. (S) Gentleman’s Mag., Gomme, 1901.

1471, Anne, widow of William Harcourt, Knt., leased a messuage at Braunstone, Leicestershire, to Richard Reynold.

1471-72, Jane died.

[––William & Isabel––]

4/25/1472, William married 2nd Isabel Ingoldesthorpe, widow of John Nevill, Marquess of Montagu. [1 son, 2 daughters.]

1473, Plaintiffs: John Wadeham and Margaret, his wife, late the wife of Robert Norys, of Brokford. Defendants: ...  feoffees to the use of Jane, late the wife of William Norrys. (S) UKNA.

1474, William appointed Steward of Winkfield.

5/20/1476, Isabel died.

[––Anne & John Stanley––]

6/29/1476, John Stanley, knt., died leaving Anne as his widow [3rd wife].

8/13/1476, John Stanley, Kt., of Elford, died seized of the manor of Aldeford … John Stanley his son and heir of the age 30 or more. (S) Rpt. Dep. Keeper, V37, 1876, P681.

1476-77, IPM, Isabel, late the wife of William Norreys (Norris), knight, and sometime the wife of John Nevile (Neville), Marquess Montagu. (S) UKNA.                                                                               

[––William & Anne––]

By 1478, William married 3rd Anne Horne, d/o John of London. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, Bullock.

7/7/1478, Bond by William Edmounde of Wellis, co. Somerset, gentleman, to William Noreys, knight, for £100. (S) UKNA.

1478-79, “Release by Edward Clerk of Fridelsham, …, to William Norreis, knight, …” (S) UKNA.

1479, William and his wife Anne sued John Stanley, esq. (s/o her 2nd husband), for a third part of the manors of Clifton-Campville, Haunton, and Pipe, Staffordshire.

1479, Grant to William Noreys, knight, during the minority of Edward, son and heir of Isabel late the wife of George Duke of Clarence, of the stewardship of the manors of Boreford, Shipton and Spellesbury and the Hundred of Chadlyngton, and 13 marks yearly from the issues of the same lordships with all other profits. (S) CPRs.

6/30/1480, Release by William Noreys and Thomas Delamare, knts., to Edward IV. of all the lands and tenements in New and Old Windsor, lately John Thorp's which they, together with Thomas, cardinal archbishop of Canterbury, Henry Earl of Essex, and Reginald Bray, and with William Earl of Pembroke, John Bourghier, knt., lord Berners, and Humfrey Bourghier, knt., deceased, held conjointly to them and the heirs of Bray aforesaid by grant of Henry Stafford, knt., son of Prince Humphrey, late Duke of Buckingham. Berks. (S) UKNA.

1482-83, William, Sheriff of Oxford and Berkshire.

4/9/1483, Edward V, age 12, succeeded Edward IV as King of England. [Never crowned – disappeared from the Tower of London with his younger brother.]

7/6/1483, Richard III crowned king of England. [Likely had his nephews killed.]

10/1483, William and his brother John joined the Duke of Buckingham’s rebellion.

11/2/1483, The Duke of Buckingham executed.

1484, William was attained, and fled to Brittany.

5/28/1485, Warrant under the signet of Richard III, King of England, … in Nuthurst, Sussex … being now in the holding of Davy Tussingham which heretofore belonged to our Rebel Sir William Noreys.

8/22/1485, William commanded a troop at the battle of Bosworth. In the battle, Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond, after invading southwest Wales, raised an army of 5,000. Richard III was allied with the Duke of Norfolk and the Earl of Northumberland and an army of 10,000. The Yorkist were overwhelmed. Richard III and the Duke of Norfolk were killed.

10/30/1485, Henry VII crowned king of England.

1486, William Sheriff of Oxford and Berkshire.

1486-87, George Nevyle (Neville), son and heir of Isabel, late the wife of William Norreys (Norris), knight, and sometime the wife of John Nevyle (Neville), late Marquess Montague (Montagu): Hertfordshire. (S) UKNA.

6/16/1487, William, with the Royal forces, fought at the battle of Stoke Field. The Yorkist army of about 8000 attacked from high ground, but were tired from forced marches and had poor armor. As a result, most of the Yorkist commanders were killed. Many of those fighting were German, Irish and Swiss mercenaries.

1488, William the baliff for the Queen.

1494, William inherited Ockwells at the death of his stepmother Margaret.

1502, William was an advisor to the King.

1502, William appointed custodian of the manor of Langley, and steward of the manors of Burford, Shipton, Spellesbury and the Hundred of Chadlington [Oxfordshire].

1504, William appointed Master of the Game in the royal park of Stratfield Mortimer.

Bef. 11/15/1505, Anne died. Inquisition, Friday after St. Martin, 21 Henry VII, after the death of Dame Anne Norres, widow, by virtue of a writ of diem clausit. (S) CIsPM, Henry VII, 1955, P97.

1/4/1506, Sir William died.

(S) A Hist. of the County of Berkshire, V4, 1924. (S) Hist. of Berkshire, V3, 1923, South Moreton.

Family notes:

·         William’s sons and brothers: William, Lionel, and Richard age given different mothers, and deaths, in different sources associated with Berkshire. They all agreed that their line terminates quickly.

Child of William and Jane:

i. Edward Norreys (237676), born ~1465 in England.

Child of William and Isabel:

i. William Norreys, born ? in England.

1487, William knighted.

1507, William died leaving the manor of Adresham to his son Lionel (d.1536 without heirs.)

Child of William and Anne:

i. Anne Norreys (118823), born ~1490 in England.

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