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Saturday, May 1, 2010

John Moncke Esq. & Thomasine Graunt

77976. John Moncke Esq. & 77977. Thomasine Graunt

~1420, John Munke born in Devon, England, s/o 155952. William Monk & 155953. Christian Crokhorn.

~1435, Thomasine born in Devon, England, cohier & d/o 155954. William Graunt.

12/5/1450, Commitment to John Monke, … of the keeping of 2 messauages and a water-mill in Methe, … all in county of Devon, which have been taken into the king’s hand … (S) CFRs.

~1455, John married Thomasine.

1460-65, “Walter Moile, William Roosmoderas, and John Monke, and Margaret, Alice, and Thomasine their wives, and Elizabeth Devyok, heiresses of William Graunte. v. William Whitefeld, feoffee of the said William Graunte.: Messuages and land in Stevenstone, St. Giles's, and Sebhanger.: Devon.” (S) UKNA.

Bef. 1465, John’s father died.

6/28/1461, Edward IV crowned at Westminster, beginning the House of York.

5/3/1464, Leonard Tylly, to Joan dame Lysle, … co. Somerset, …  Witnesses: …, John Monke, … (S) CCRs.

6/15/1481, William Yeo of Heanton Satchville [in Devon] granted by charter property to Thomas Graynfield, John Monke, esquires.

8/10/1481, William Cornewe and John Cobele were seised in fee of … Manor of Bryghtle, Devon, …  and by their charter … granted them to …, John Monke, … (S) CIsPM, John Coble.

1483, John, of Pouderigge [Powderidge], esq., died. (S) Cal. of IsPM for Cornwall and Devon.

(S) A View of Devonshire, 1845, P469.

Children of John and Elizabeth:

i. Humfry Monke (38988), born ~1460 in Devonshire, England. [Heir]

1493-1500, “Humfrey, son and heir of John Monke, of Pouderigge, esquire. v. William Fouell ….: Devon, Cornwall.” (S) UKNA.

1493-1500, “John, grandson and heir of John Crukern. v. Humfrey, heir of William Monke.: …, assigned to the said William for payment of the marriage portion of Crystyan, his wife, daughter of the said John Crukern, the elder.: Devon.” (S) UKNA.

ii. Elizabeth Monke, born ? in England.

Elizabeth married John Hagwell of Devon.

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