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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sheriff Richard Champernoun Esq. & Mary Reynell

77978. Sheriff Richard Champernoun Esq. & 77979. Mary Reynell   

1/6/1435, Richard Chambernon born in Cornwall, England, heir & s/o 155956. John Champernon & 155957. Margaret Hamley.

~1440, Mary born in Devon, England, d/o 155958. Walter Reynell & 155959. Joanna Walrond.

6/2/1449, Richard’s father died.

6/28/1449, Commitment to John Trevylyan, esquire, of the keeping of all the lands … of John Champernoun of Ennyswork, co. Cornwall, … until the full age of the heir [Richard], together with the marriage of the said heir … . (S) CFRs.

1/6/1450, Richard age 14.

11/8/1459, By charter at Helwyn, Richard received his lands.

1461, Richard, sheriff of Cornwall. (S) The Parochial Hist. of Cornwall, 1838, P251.

By 1462, Richard marrried Mary.

5/26/1468, Richard of Inceworth in the parish of Maker, Cornwall, died. (S) Inquest P.M.: Champernoun, Richard, esq Corn., UKNA.

Mary died.

12/7/1468, at Westminster, “Grant, during  minority, to Humphrey Stafford of Sathwike, king’s knight, of the custody of Majory Champernoun, Margaret Champernoun, Elizabeth Champernoun, Joan Champernoun, and Mary Champernoun, daughters and heirs of Richard Champernoun of the county of Cornwall, tenant in chief by knight service as of the king’s castle of Launceston, and of all manors, lands, rents, reversions and services in the king’s hands by his death and by reason of their minority, with their wardship and marriage without disparagement, and so from heir to heir.” (S) CPRs, 1900, P116.

(S) A View of Devonshire, 1845; P469, P559. (S) Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries, 1925, P218.

Children of Richard and Mary:

ii. Margaret Champernoun, born 1463 in England.

Margaret married John Carminow of Cornwall.                          

Margaret married 2nd Nicholas Cockworthy.

iii. Elizabeth Champernoun, born 1465 in England.

Elizabeth married William Fortescue.

Bef. 1518, Elizabeth died.

v. Mary Champernowne (38989), born 1468 in Devonshire, England. [Coheir]

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