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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bond 79360 & 79361

79360. William Godwyn & 79361. ? Swayne {Bond}

~1480, William born in Somerset, England.

William seems to have lived at the time of Richard III and Henry VII [1483–1547].

William married the daughter an heir of “Swayne”.

William’s coat of arms was the same as that of “Godwyn’s Bower”.

(S) Virginia Historical Genealogies by John Boddie, 1954. (S) 1573 & 1623 Visitations of Somerset.

Family notes:
• The family of Godwyn were Lords of Bower, and gave it the name “Godwyn’s Bower”. In the time of Edward II [1307–1327], Hugh Godwyn, Burgess of Bridgewater, possessed lands in Bridgewater, Bower, and Dunwere. By his wife Margery they had a son John Godwyn who died in 1347. He was married to Joan, d/o Robert de Bradford and had a son John. This John bore on his shield “a chevron between 3 leopards”, the coat of arms of “Godwyn’s Bower”. This John was succeeded by his son William, who was succeeded by his son William who died in 1443 of the manor of “Godwyn’s Bourne”. His son William was living in 1461 and had as heir a son William, called “William Godwyn the Younger”. His heir was Christopher who’s heir was Thomas, who in 1525 sold most of the family properties. (S) History and Antiquities of Somerset, V3, P84, by Collinson. [William would likely be a sibling of Christopher.]

Child of William and ?:

i. John Godwyn (39680), born ~1500.

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