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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sir William Trussell & Margery Ludlow

263858. Sir William Trussell & 263859. Margery Ludlow   

1386, William born in England, s/o 527716. Lawrence Trussell & 527717. Maud Charnells.

~1390, Margery born in Shropshire, England, d/o  527718. John de Ludelowe & 527719. Isabel Lingen.

1398, Margery’s father died, her mother Isabel married 2nd Sir Fulk Pembrugge, widower of Margaret Trussel, paternal aunt of William.

2/17/1400, Order to escheator in the county of Berks, Margaret late the wife of Fulk de Penbrugge, knight, held in her demesne as of fee on the day of her death the manor of Shottesbrok, co. Berks, and the advowson of the college … William the son of Laurence Trussell son of Warin brother of William Trusell Margaret's father, is her kinsman and next heir, and 14 years of age,—to take William's fealty and cause him to have full seisn. (S) CFRs. [Margaret is William’s aunt. Fulk remarried to Isabel de Lungane, widow of John de Ludlow.]

By 3/1402, William married Margery.

1408-9, IPM: Sir Fulk Pembruge died seised of the manor and advowson of Cublesdon in Staffordshire; which he was holding for life jointly with his wife Isabel, with remainder to Sir William son of Lawrence Trussell and Margery his wife.

6/14/1409, Berkshire IPM: ... Margaret (Trussel, d.1399) died without heirs by Fulk, and the reversion was therefore to William son of Lawrence Trussell, kinsman and heir of William Trussell of Kibblestone, knight, he being the son of Lawrence, son of Warin, brother of John father of William Trussell. ... Northampton IPM: ... successive remainders to William Trussell, Margery his wife and their heirs ... (S) CIsPM.

3/20/1413, Henry V succeeded Henry IV as King of England.

8/13/1415, William in King Henry V’s force of 10000 landing at the mouth of the Seine.

9/22/1415, William with Henry V at the siege-conquest of Harfleur.

10/25/1415, William fought at the battle of Agincourt, in northern France, in the army of Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester. The English longbows gave “a terrifying hail of arrow shot.” French estimate of their own dead of 4,000 would imply a ratio of nearly 9 to 1 in favour of the English.

8/15/1416, Battle of the Seine Estuary near Harfleur helped Henry V achieve mastery of the seas. The English fleet met about 150 French ships. While the English ships were smaller, the surprise attack in the shallow estuary proved a significant advantage in maneuverability. After 7 hours the English captured 3 of the 8 large Genoese carracks, and ran another aground. The English lost about 20 ships. They were then able to relieve the garrison at Harfleur.

1416, Sir William Trussell owes the king £40 for the ransom of prisoners captured at Agincourt. (S) The Fate of the Prisoners of Agincourt, AmbΓΌhl, 2007, Revue du Nord [in French.]

12/3/1416, William Trussell knight, nephew and heir of Frances who was wife of William Clopton knight, to William Clopton of Melforde esquire, William Paston of Paston, Thomas Milde and John Smyth parson of Wetyng, their heirs and assigns. Grant of the reversion after the death of William Clopton knight of the manor and advowson of Oxenede, and of all other lands, rents and services. (S) CCRs. [Likely William was raising money to pay for his military expenditures.]

1417, King Henry returned to France. He first captured the city of Caen after a 2-week siege.

1417, King Henry captured Argentan.

1417-18, In a winter siege, King Henry captured Falaise.

1418, King Henry began the long siege of Rouen.

1/19/1419, The capture of Rouen, France. A major event in the Hundred Year's War, where English forces captured the capital of Normandy.

1419, “Debtor: William Trussell, knight, of [Elmesthorpe, Guthlaxton Hundred] Leics. Creditor: Richard Leyland, esquire, of Lancs. Amount: 100m.”. (S) UKNA.

9/1/1420, Appointment by John Hevenyngham knight, … to deliver seisin to William Paston of Paston and Agnes his wife daughter of Edmund Berre knight and Alice his wife in the manor of Oxnead, the advowson of the church of the said manor, … formerly of Francis who was wife of Robert Salle knight, or William Trussell knight her (paternal) nephew and heir. (S) UKNA, MC 170/5, 634 x 3(a).

12/1421, William, knight of the shire for Leicester.

8/31/1422, Henry VI (an infant) succeeded Henry V as King of England.

1430, William traveled to France with Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick.

12/16/1431, King Henry VI at his coronation as King of France at Notre Dame, Paris. [The only English king to be crowned king in England and France.]

1436, William witnessed a conveyance from Ashby de la Zouche to the duke.

8/8/1440, at Little Wodehull, Thomas Wodehull, esquire, lord of Wodehull, granted the said two parts by the name of the manor of Little Wodehull to William Trussell, knight, Thomas Trussell, esquire, Thomas Rokesden, esquire, ... (S) CPRs.

7/1/1441, William witnessed a deed of Robert Moton, knight, to John Stafforde, bishop of Bath and Wells. (S) CCRs.

1446, William age 60, witnessed a grant in Leicester with Sir Leonard Hastings.

1446, Margery’s mother died.

4/7/1449, “Debtor: William Trussell, of Elmesthorpe in Leics. [Guthlaxton Hundred]. Creditor: John Gest, citizen of London. Amount: £200.” (S) UKNA.

1450, An uprising known as Jack Cade's Rebellion in which practically every man in Kent participated. The whole rebellion lasted little about two months and included a battle against King Henry VI’s troops on London Bridge. Their demands for certain reforms in government were given serious consideration, but not fully implemented for many years.

6/7/1450, William pardoned after Cade’s rebellion.

Bef. 9/1448, Margery died.


10/27/1454, “Inquisition and return: … Attached is the inquisition made at Shilton in Leics. …, before Leonard Hastings, Sheriff: William Trussell has no lands or chattels in the bailiwick.” (S) UKNA.

1/16/1464, William, Lord of Elmesthorp, Leices., and Swepstone, Warwick, died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P187. (S) A Gentry Community, Acheson, 2003, P253.

Children of William and Margery:

i. Isabel Trussell (131929), born ~1415 in Elmesthorpe , Leicestershire, England.

ii. Sir Thomas Trussell, born bef. 1424 in England. [Heir]

1464, Thomas, age 40 and more at the death of his father.

Bef. 11/1471, Thomas died.

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