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Sunday, May 23, 2010

G20: 623824 & 623825

623824. Sir Thomas Champernoun & 623825. Eleanor Rohant {Bond}

~1320, Thomas, born in England, heir & s/o 1247648. Richard de Champernoun & 1247649. Elizabeth Valletort.

~1325, Eleanor born in England, d/o 1247650. Sir Roger de Rohant & 1247651. Eleanor Lovel.

6/1345 … 6/1375, Thomas as Lord Modbury presented to Modbury Priory. (S) Register of John de Grandisson, Bishop of Exeter, A.D.1327-1369, PP1347,…

1349, Thomas held the advowson his son would hold in 1392. (S) Report and Transactions – The Devonshire Assoc., 1912, P340.

1357, Thomas a Collector for Devonshire.

1360, Lady Eleanor was administering the estate of Aston Rohant, inherited from her parents.

1360, Thomas married Eleanor acquiring the manor of Worthington. (S) A Topo. Hist. of the Co. of Leicester, Curtis, 1831, P190.

11/20/1362 & 11/26/1367, Thomas appointed Sheriff of Devonshire [each time for 1 year].

Bef. 4/1369, Eleanor died. Thomas quit-claimed his rights to Eleanor’s inheritance in favor of his son Richard.

1369-1371, Thomas escheator for Devonshire. (S) Calendar of Fine Rolls.

1370, 1372, Thomas, Sheriff of Devonshire. (S) The Chorographical Desc. Of … Devon, 1811, P442.

1373, 1374, Thomas Collector for Devonshire.

1377-83, Thomas a tax collector in Devonshire.

11/9/1378, Thomas, after doing homage, exempted for life from assizes, juries, etc., by letters patent.

11/12/1387, Thomas served on a commission of “road inquiry” in Devonshire.

(S) A View of Devonshire in MDCXXX:, 1845; P469, P559. (S) A Gen. and Heraldic Hist. of the Commoners, Burke, 1835, P271. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P174. (S) Virginia Cousins, Goode, 1887, P460.

Children of Thomas and Elenor:

i. Richard Champernoun (311912), born 6/29/1344 in England.

ii. Edmund Champernoun, born ? in England.

iii. Cecily Champernoun, born ? in England.
Cecily married Sir Simon Fleming.

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