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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lord William de Ferrers & Margaret de Ufford

624672. Lord William de Ferrers & 624673. Margaret de Ufford    

1/24/1327, Edward III succeeded Edward II as King of England.

~1330, Margaret born in England, d/o 1249346. Robert de Ufford & 1249347. Margaret de Norwich. [6/11/1381, Margaret’s parentage is documented through the will of her brother, William d’Ufford, earl of Suffolk.]

2/28/1332, William born & baptized in Newbold Verdun, Leicestershire; heir & s/o 1249344. Henry de Ferrers & 1249345. Isabel de Verdun.

9/15/1343, William’s father died.

[––William & Margaret––]

Bef. 4/25/1344, William married Margaret.

1344, Tripartite agreement. Between John de Gelham, Prior of Dunmawe of 1st part; Isabella, widow of Sir Henry de Ferrers, lord of Groby of the 2nd and William Porter of the 3rd: [land granted by Henry de Ferrers in 1331] to be taken care of by the said Prior till the coming-of-age of William de Ferrers, son and heir of Sir Henry on condition that if the said William de Ferrers confirms within one year of his majority, the warranty ... (S) UKNA.

6/1349, The Plague reached Dorset, and had spread across England by the end of 1349.

10/22/1349, Grant during his nonage to William de Ferariis, son and heir of Henry de Ferariis, tenant in chief, in lieu of the 50£ yearly for his sustenance lately granted to him by the king, of the manors of Stoke upon Tirne, and a moiety of the town of Lodelowe, co. Salop, and the manors of Wotton, co. Stafford, and Hethe, co. Oxford, which Isabel late the wife of the same Henry, his mother, now deceased, held of his inheritance. (S) CPRs.

1349-51, William knighted.

5/6/1351, William de Ferrers, ‘chilvaler,’ for a sum in hand paid, all the lands of his inheritance, late of his father Henry de Ferrers, which by reason of his nonage are in the queen’s hands, … to hold throughout his nonage, … (S) CPRs.

3/13/1353–4/6/1369, William summoned to Parliament.

1355, William accompanied the Prince of Wales to Gascony.

9/19/1356, William at the Battle of Poitiers in France. Edward, the Black Prince, defeated a larger French and allied army led by King John II of France, leading to the capture of the king, his son, and much of the French nobility.

6/1/1357, David de Strabolgy, earl of Athol, acknowledges that he owes to William de Ferrers, lord of Groby, £400. (S) CCRs.

5/14/1358, William de Ferrariis granted his moiety share of the manor and village of Ludlow, Shropshire to his cousin Roger de Mortimer, 2nd Earl of March in exchange for Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire. (S) CPRs.

10/1359, William accompanied the King on the invasion of France. King Edward marched from Calais. The French were unwilling to meet Edward in battle, his sieges of Reims and Paris were unsuccessful.

7/12/1360, William le Ferriers of Groby to John de Bukyngham archdeacon of Norhampton, …, executors of the will of Guy de Warrewyk. Recognisance for £253 4s. 6d. payable by instalments; to be levied etc. in Leycestershire. (S) CCRs.

11/6/1360, IPM of Elizabeth de Burgo (2498691, William’s maternal grandmother). Lincoln: Cathorp. The manor … She died on 4 November, 34 Edward III. … Warwick: … Fleckenho. The manor, … reversion belongs to William de Ferariis (grandson, 624672), kinsman and one of the heirs of Theobald de Verdon, aged 24 years and more. … (S) CIsPM.

1361, 2 hides in Ashow “assigned to William de Ferrers, son of Isabel wife of Henry de Ferrers, daughter and co-heir of the last Theobald de Verdon.” (S) Parishes: Ashow, A Hist. of the County of Warwick: V6.

2/12/1362, William de Ferrers, … justices of oyer and terminer in the county of Leicester, … (S) CPRs.

1/1363, Writing of Thomas de Mandeville knight, being a quitclaim to Sir William de Ferrariis lord of Groby, his heirs and assignes, of the manors of Stebbyngg, Wodham Ferreres and Feyrstede co. Essex. (S) CCRs.

2/20/1363 at London, Debtor: John le Blount, of Essex. Creditor: Sir William de Ferrers, knight, lord of Groby [Leics.] Amount 1000m. (S) UKNA.

5/5/1365, Indenture witnessing that brother Richard de Plesye prior of Donmowe and the convent have given with warranty to Sir William de Ferers knight lord of Groby, John Bataille son and heir of John Bataille, … (S) CCRs.

2/5/1366, Licence … Bartholomew de Burgherssh, … to grant to William de Ferrariis, knight, … advowson of the church of Stoke upon Tyern, co. Salop … (S) CPRs.

5/19/1366, Writing indented of William de Ferers lord of Groby, giving to John de Arderne of Lancashire and Joan his wife for their lives a yearly rent of £20 to be taken of his manors of Groby and Lutterworth. (S) CCRs.

Bef. 1368, Margaret de Ufford died.


Bef. 5/25/1368, William, 3rd Lord Ferrers of Groby, married widow Margaret de Percy (d.9/5/1375), d/o Henry de Percy & Eleanor Fitz Alan.

6/1/1368, William wrote his will; proved 7/19/1372.

7/10/1368, Commission of peace … John, duke of Lancaster, William de Ferrariis, … Simon Pakeman, … Leciester … (S) CPRs.                                                                                                    

1/8/1371, William, 3rd Lord Ferrers of Groby, Leicestershire; Knt.; died at Stebbing, Essex.

1/13/1371, Writ for IPM of William de Ferrariis of Groby, knight. Essex: Wodeham Ferrers. The manor … He died in the night of Wednesday after the Epiphany, 44 Edward III. Henry his son, aged 15 years on 16 April next, is his heir. Stebbyng. The manor … Cambridge: Troumpington. The manor … William died on 8 January last. Heir as above, aged 15 years and more … Buckingham: Crondon. A third part of the manor … Oxford: … Lincoln: Stalyngburgh. The manor … Gilbert de Umframvill, earl of Angos, gave the manor (except the sheepfolds and 300a. salt meadow therein) to Robert his son and Margaret daughter of Henry de Percy, to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies. Robert died without heir of himself, and after his death the said William de Ferrariis married the said Margaret, who survives. … York: Hesill. … Leicester: Groby. The manor … by gift of the lady Margaret de Ferrariis, sometime countess of Derby, to William de Ferrariis, her son, great-grandfather of the deceased, his heir. … the manor of Lutterworth … Lancaster: Leylondshire … Northampton: … Salop: … Warwick … (S) CIsPM.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P388.

Children of William and Margaret:

i. Margaret Ferrers (738717), born ~1350 in England.  

ii. Henry de Ferrers (312336), born 4/16/1355 in England.   

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