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Sunday, May 23, 2010

G20: 624674 & 624675

624674. Lord Lucas de Poynings & 624675. Isabel de Saint John

Magna Carta Ancestry: A Study in Coloncial And Medieval Families (Royal Ancestry)

~1325, Luke born in England, s/o 1249348. Thomas de Poynings & 1249349. Agnes de Rokesley.

1333, Isabel born in England, d/o 1249350. Hugh de Saint John & 1249351. Mirabel Wake.

Bef. 10/25/1335, Isabel’s father died; her brother Edmund the heir.

1347, Isabel age 14, heir to her brother Edmund, 3rd Lord Basing.

Bef. 8/1347, Isabel married Henry de Burghersh, s/o Elizabeth de Verdun, d/o 2498690. Thebaud de Verdun & 2498691. Elizabeth de Clare.

11/1348, Henry died [no children.]

Bef. 1/29/1349, Luke married Isabel; by right of his wife of Basing, Hampshire, Halnaker, Sussex, …

Luke, Keeper of Pamper Forest, Hampshire.

6/26/1355, Enrolment of partition of the reversions of the lands which belonged to Hugh de Sancto Johanne, tenant in chief, between John de Sancto Philberto and Margaret his wife, eldest sister and heir, Luke de Ponyngges and Isabel his wife, second sister and heir of Edmund, Hugh’s son and heir, who died a minor in the king’s wardship, … The manors of Chauton and Lydshute, which Thomas de Aspale and Mirabilla his wife hold as Mirabilla’s dower of that inheritance, of the gift of Hugh de Sancto Johanne, formerly her husband, father of Margaret and Isabel. (S) CCRs, V33.

1358, Luke preparing to travel abroad.

1361, Isabel heir to her nephew John de St. John, s/o her sister Margaret.

1367-75, “Luce de Ponynges” summoned to parliament, 4th Lord Saint John of Basing.

1369, Luke held ½ fee of Compton manor in right of his wife, heir to Henry de Burghersh.

1370, Luke took 10 men overseas in military service.

6/1376, Luke died; buried at Warnford, Hampshire.

4/23/1377, “Debtor: Isabel Poynings, lady of St John, formerly the wife of Luke de Poynings, knight, …, executors of Luke de Poynings. Amount: £460.” (S) UKNA.

Isabel married Thomas Worting.

6/16/1390, Whereas … and also to Thomas Wortyng, knight, and Isabella his wife, daughter and heir of Hugh de Sancto Johanne, knight, late lord of Basyng, … (S) CPRs.

10/16/1393, Isabel died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P647.

Children of Luke and Isabel:

i. Thomas Poynings, born ? in England.
Thomas married Joan le Strange.
Thomas married 2nd Philippe Mortimer [her 3rd], d/o 7605294. Earl Edmund de Mortimer & 7605295. Philippe of Clarence.
3/7/1428, Thomas, 5th Lord St. John of Basing, died.

ii. Joan de Poynings (312337), born ~1355 in England.

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