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Monday, May 24, 2010

738576 Paston-Staleham

738576. William Paston & 738577. Elizabeth Staleham

~1300, William born in England, 1477152. Clement de Paston & 1477153. Cecily le Leche.

Elizabeth born in England, d/o §Nicholas Staleham.

1/28/1327, “Petitioners: Henry de Percy, son and heir of Henry de Percy; William de Paston and Robert de Seint Howayn (St Owen), executors …” (S) UKNA.

5/1332, a Chancery writ ordered the Exchequer to pay wages to William de Paston, “controller of our customs”. (S) The English Customs Service, 1307-1343, Baker, 1961.

6/12/1344, William de Paston listed on a Commission of oyer and terminer. (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

11/20/1348, “Agreement between Clement de Paston and William his son that although William is bound to Clement in £40, he should pay but 40 marks, within a year.” (S) UKNA.

1362, William died.

(S) Norfolk Archaeology, V4, 1855, P13. (S) The Visitations of Norfolk, 1891, P215.

Child of William and Elizabeth:

i. Clement Paston (369288), born ~1335 in England.