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Monday, May 24, 2010

738578 John de Somerton

738578. John de Somerton

1327, John born in England.

1356, Peter Cubeworth quit-claimed to John de Somerton, Ralph de Acton, …, all their rights to the manor of Haselbury, Bream, Dorset, which they had by feoffment of John de Somerton.

1/12/1357, “Lease for term of lives … called Duchacre and the other Bottokesacre, … Warranty.

John de Somerton, Nicholas de Somerton, …” (S) UKNA.

11/4/1360, “Debtor: John de Somerton of Oxon. Creditor: William Hayle of Deddington [Oxon] and Walter de Somerton. Amount: £150.” (S) UKNA.

1374-75, “… John de Somerton, and Geoffrey de Somerton to grant messuages and land in Bacton, Keswick [in Bacton], Witton, and Worstead (Norfolk), …”. (S) UKNA.

1377, John of Somerton, “qwhos trew sernome ys Goneld”, died.

(S) Norfolk Archaeology, V4, 1855.

Children of John and ?:

i. Geoffrey de Somerton, born ? in England.
Geoffrey “Goneld” a well-to-do Yarmouth attorney.

ii. Beatrice Goneld de Somerton (369289), born ~1350 in England.