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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

738718 Berkeley-Lisle

738718. Lord Thomas Berkeley & 738719. Margaret Lisle

1/5/1353, Thomas born in Berkeley castle, Gloucestershire, England, s/o 1477436. Maurice de Berkeley & 1477437. Elizabeth le Despenser.

1360, Margaret born in England, heir & d/o 1477438. Warin de Lisle & 1477439. Margaret Pipard.

11/1367 at Wingrave, Buckinghamshire, Thomas married Margaret.

6/8/1368, Sir Thomas named as 5th Lord Berkeley.

1/1375, Thomas made an agreement with his step-grandmother Katherine to cut and sell timber from the manor of Wotton to raise 400 marks.

1378-85, Thomas served in the wars in France, Spain, Brittany, Scotland for Richard II.

Aft. 1/1380, Gerard Lisle, brother of Margaret, died.

11/1381, Father-in-law Warin and Thomas came to an agreement allowing Margaret to inherit Warin’s lands.

1381-1415, Thomas summoned to parliament.

1382, Margaret, age 22 at the death of her father, became his heiress to estates worth an estimated £600 a year. The Lisle estate consisted of numerous manors and other holdings scattered all over the south of England, but lying principally in 2 groups, the smaller one of 7 manors in Devon and Cornwall, the larger based on 7 Berkshire manors with 4 in Wiltshire, 3 in Oxfordshire, 3 in Northamptonshire, and one each in Buckinghamshire and Middlesex. [About half was held in dower.]

1383, Thomas bought lands in Bancombe, in Charlton (Som.). (S) UKNA.

1385, Thomas heir to his step-grandmother. [Thomas’ step-grandmother and mother held over half of his inheritance.] (S) UKNA.

1386, Thomas hosted King Richard II at Berkeley castle.

1387, Thomas’ chaplain and secretary John Trevisa translated into English Higden’s Polychronicon. With Thomas as his patron, he later translated other works concerning world history and government and made them available to the average layperson.

Margaret was active as a literary patron. She is believed to be the “Margaret” in Thomas Usk’s “Testament of Love”. [Usk was executed in 1388.]

7/1389, Thomas heir to his mother.

3/20/1391, Margaret died.

1392, Thomas commissioned a brass as a joint memorial. (S) [The brass was bejeweled at the time.]

1392, Thomas heir to the lands held in dower by his step-mother Joan. [A few lands were still held in dower by Margaret’s sister-in-law Amy.] (S) UKNA.

2/16/1396, Thomas granted a fair at Berkeley, Gloucestershire. (S) Gazetteer.

1397, Thomas bought a large holding in Kingston Lisle, Fawler, Baulking and Uffington (Berks.). (S) UKNA.

9/30/1399, Thomas a commissioner for the deposition of King Richard II, was a supporter of Bolingbroke’s invasion.

1403, Thomas appointed Admiral of the South and West by King Henry IV, to serve with 300 men-at-arms upon the sea for one quarter year with 11 knights, 285 squires, 600 archers, 7 ships, 7 barges, and 7 ballingers; having command to sail to Bordeaux.

1404, Thomas made one of his few sales, the estate of Wenden, to raise £1000 for the King. (S) UKNA. [This estate, held in the family for 150 years, was not co-located with his other family estates and acquisitions.]

4/8/1406, Thomas granted a market and fair at Penzance, Cornwall. (S) Gazetteer.

1412, Thomas acquired the advowsons of Portishead and Walton-in-Gordano. (S) UKNA.

1414, Thomas bought a holding in Charlton, in Hungerford (Berks.). (S) UKNA.

2/1415, Thomas wrote his will: To his Daughter, the Countess of Warick, he thereby gave his best pair of Mattins, as also one gilt Cup with twenty pound contained therein.

4/1416, Thomas named a Regent of the Kingdom.

7/13/1417, Thomas died; both buried at Wotton-under-edge, Gloucestershire. [Leaving no male heirs, the inheritance would involve lawsuits for 2 centuries. The estate was divided between his daughter and his nephew James Berkeley.]

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P73.

Child of Thomas and Margaret:

i. Elizabeth Berkeley (369359), born ~1386 in England. [Heir]